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  1. This is pretty strange. When this collection of barrels are all close together, they appear to be casting a tree-like shadow. To the left of the barrels you can see a single one I moved out of the group, which has the correct shadow. It has to be about that far away to not render the strange tree shadow. There is also a "shadow" line that intersects the entire scene at certain angles, visible in the lower-right. This is not cast by any visual object -- I have no idea where it comes from. I am sending Josh a SVN account on our server to check out the project as this will be much faster
  2. It would seem that when using code that materials are not being loaded for cylinders and cones: function App:Start() --Create a window self.window = Window:Create() self.context = Context:Create(self.window) self.world = World:Create() self.camera = Camera:Create() self.camera:SetRotation(35,0,0) self.camera:Move(0,0,-1.2) local light = DirectionalLight:Create() light:SetRotation(35,35,0) material = Material:Load("Materials/Developer/bluegrid.mat") box = Model:Box() box:SetMaterial(material) box:SetScale(0.1,0.1,0.1)
  3. I loaded up my demo map to add some decals, and I found out that my models with bones have shrunk down. Might be similar to this http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/12680-models-and-their-bones-slowly-rotate-with-each-saveload/ However, the rotation stayed the same indicating that fix is still working. As you can see, the scale is suppose to be 1.0, but here, it's 0.993 for X,Y, and Z. It also seems to be the root node that does this, the children don't scale down separately, only with the root. Oh, it's also not selected red because of a shader gotcha that I've made, that's somet
  4. I dont know what I am doing wrong, or if this is a bug. function Script:Start() end function Script:UpdatePhysics() self.entity:SetNavigationMode(true) self.entity:GoToPoint(100,0,100,1.4,1) end This script is attached to the prefab crawler. Inside the Game the crawler floats in mid air doing nothing, collision but no physics work. I have tried this in an other game with this, http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials_legacy/_/script/waypoints-and-simple-ai-r120 It is doing the same thing PS: the usual monstarAi script works fine
  5. Hello I have been experiencing an issue with running my game. I have attached both pictures of my issue and my pc specs. So I have no problem rendering the viewports in the editor but when I go to hit run or debug it comes up like the picture. Things I have tried: Restarting pc Updating drivers Rolling back drivers opting to beta branch on steam overwriting shader file as found in another post Can anyone help?
  6. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/_/scene-panel-r3 When I hold control down and left-click on the lights, it ignores either control key, and instead selects only the one that I just clicked on. If I continue to use this software, this will waste an enormous amount of time if it's not fixed. However, I can select multiple faces by holding the control key. (this is a major bug or logical error) When I click on an object that's already selected in the top-left viewport, it gets deselected in the scene panel. (just an annoyance, but it needs fixed) When I hit the delete key when
  7. When i load a sound properly and that is existed, it will make an error indexing nil. It happens recently with all sounds, the noise script makes no noise also. I have replaced the path with an existing file (in the fpsplayer th footstep ) and also tried it with the noise.lua
  8. I Bought Leadwerks and I started the tutorial map. I would be making something and it would say Exception_Access_Violation after I pressed ok it would crash on me and I would have to start over can any one explain to me how to fix this problem support (at) leadwerks (dor) com
  9. Hello I am having a Prob with Bleder and Leadwerks Aniamtions , When I import my character and apply a material with animation shader it looks like this: I have used Blender Rigify to make an advanced Rig. (the rigify "generate" button) In Blender it looks like this (the animations work in blender) : Also I have applied rotaton,scale etc. I have a walk animation, and I also rigged it and imported a new material to test that out, but it doesnt work either. I can post .blend file for private use only if needed.
  10. When loading a prefab that was save with the texture lock on, and loading the prefab with texture lock on, the first move of the object will shift the texture. Steps to reproduce: Turn texture lock on. Texture object Save as prefab Delete object from scene Load prefab Move Prefab Video:
  11. Hi everybody! So today i thought i would by the software from this company. but after i bought it it turned out i could not use it if i start is it just displays the loading on your cursor and then it vanishes. no message no pop up, nothing... Sooo... i thought maybe the forrum could help me? PLZ? Thanks!
  12. When you create a material in the editor, changing the scale does not update the material editor or anything in editor that uses the material. Windows, Beta version
  13. I have to upload two updates every time I update my workshop game because the first update uploads the previous build of my game. Should I just make a new workshop game and delete the current one or is anyone else experiencing the same issue?
  14. In the editor if you were to move an entity for a large distance, say from <0,0,0> to <8700,0,0> you start getting decimals on your positions even with the grid snap on. You can make it occur with a shorter move if you go into the z axis. There also is almost a hard limit as to where the drifting occurs. I know for certian as you approach 8600 - 8900 in the +x axis the smaller the move is to begin drifting.
  15. ... if Map:Load(mapfile)==false then return end zombiesleft= 0 zombieskilled = 0 roundssurvived = 0 zombiesextrahealth = 0 ... this is in the main.lua script function Script:NewRound() roundssurvived= roundssurvived +1 local a = (roundssurvived*.1) + roundssurvived self.maxEnemies= self.maxEnemies + Math:Round(a) end this is in an script attached to a pivot in the scene. The title is misleading in parts, i havent tried local variables yet but it would be nosense. "...: 41 : attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'currentround' (a nil value)" I get this error, am very confused
  16. while i was trying to load a tutorial map or add materials to a blank map in the demo version of leadwerks it crashes and says exception access violation how can i fix this and if this keeps happening again i my rethink about buying leadwerks for 100 bucks.
  17. I cannot move around in the scene by pressing the WASD or Arrow keys on the keyboard. I just installed Leadwerks on my laptop for the first time.
  18. Hi! When I used Entity:Move child entities of model wont work. 3D model is moving but Leadwerks stuff like pivots, cameras etc. won't move. I discovered it on that script: Script.object = "" --entity "Starship" Script.pivot = "" --entity "CameraPos" Script.uppoint = "" --entity "FowardPivot" Script.backpoint = "" --entity "BackPivot" Script.camera = "" --entity "Camera" function Script:Start() end function Script:UpdateWorld() objectrot = Vec3() if window:KeyDown(Key.W) then self.object:Move(self.uppoint:GetPosition()) end if window:KeyDown(Key.A) then local oldrotation = Vec3() local
  19. Hey guys I'm new to posting on the forum but I have looked everywhere for this issue and some people had this issue but their solutions didn't work. Anyway, anything that I add from the workshop is not working, I get the failed to download error. You can see in the attached file (background from one of the tutorials ) where the error happens. This does in fact happen with every DLC I have tried. I saw someone note that new addons are possibly zipped but cannot find said files. checked the addons folder and only has previous addons I had in the past (over a year ago) any help would be great! Yo
  20. I was updating a pain trigger and noticed that in the fpsplayer.lua file that the functions: Script:Hurt(damage,distributorOfPain) and Script:TakeDamage(damage) Script:Hurt will lower your health and when dead initiate the death sequence by calling Script:Kill(), BUT it will NOT set the players self.alive to false, call Script:OnHit() or Script:OnDead() Script:TakeDamage will lower your health, set your self.alive to false, call the self:OnHit() and self:OnDead() outputs but will not start the death sequence by calling Script:Kill() Fixed functions:
  21. Hi. I installed a Leadwerks on a Linux Mint 17.1 Cinamon and my game didn't run. Leadwerks don't showing any errors. The console log: Executing "\media\thekkubas\Dev2\Leadwerks\Jube\Jube"... Process Complete. Nothing more. I don't know what can I do. I tried open an app on wine. It runned.
  22. With today's beta update i get constant driver resets with my amd gfx card. I can't give much info on whats causing it to crash nor can I record it since it crashes the video recording software too. The fastest way i know to make it crash is to fly around the level in the perspective view. I can get ti to crash withn 5 seconds. Specs: Card: dual R9 270x 3GB CPU : AMD FX- 8350 4.00GHZ Ram: 12GB OS: Windows 7 Pro 64 Driver Version: 15.6 (I had 15.4 where it crashed, 15.6 crashes also) Map that causes the crash.
  23. I have been getting into some frustration with the car script: This is a video of what happens when I make everything right. I have installed the prefab car and made everything just like in the car, tire 0,1,,2,3 at the right positions and name, physics are all the same . When I make the physics shape a box, the tires just disappear and nothing happens :I In the Video the physics shape is a polyhedron, I havent even started the engine and that happens. Also I have tryed all other physics shape but none worked. rover_mesh.fbx
  24. Collisions in Leadwerks EXCEPT for character collisions will tend to ignore collision triggers unless swept collision is turned on. If you turn on swept collision, and programatically move the object, all collision types except for character will detect the first trigger, move to the second, fall and then detect that it is in a trigger. Sadly I don't have a map ready to test on. Video
  25. Help! My game won't launch. Whenever I launch it, a pop-up window appears and says "Failed to initialize sound device. Is OpenAL installed?" I've narrowed it down to two things. 1, OpenAL is installed and won't load the game, or B, OpenAL isn't installed. if option A, what do I do, and if option 2, what do I do BACKGROUND: I've been able to use this before (like a lot... more than I feel is good for me...). It never has had any problems. I've also downloaded games for leadwerks, where it makes me install OpenAL, and have installed OpenAL before. But I have a timeline and need to finis
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