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Found 314 results

  1. to go into but more explanation of what question I am asking is, why does &World::Clear; work instead of World::Clear; Intelleasense said to put a & in front but why does it not work without a & symbol?
  2. Please add in the next update - opportunity to get a type from the file material. I think it will be very comfortable and functional. You can make a return type int... int Material::GetType(); //Returns the type of material "Metal, Concrete, Wood, Water, Flesh, Grass etc.." Example of use: --FPSPlayer Footsteps Get type function Script:Collision(entity,position,normal,speed) if speed>20 then self:Hurt(100) end if entity:GetMaterial():GetType() ~! nil then if entity:GetMaterial():GetType() == Material:Type:Concrete then self.sound.footsteps.type = 1 end if entity:GetMaterial():GetType() == Material:Type:Metal then self.sound.footsteps.type = 2 end --etc end end Useful for the sound of footsteps, traces of bullets, particles etc.
  3. Error tends to occur when loading "terraintool.shader." Specs are as follow: AMD FX-8350 XFX R9 280x 8gb of Kingston HyperX @ 1600Mhz (And that's all that's important.) This error started happening when I bought my 280x. The engine ran fine on my 660 ti. My friend with a 280x also has this exact same error. Any ideas? Am I simply missing an install, or need a re-install due to a GPU change?
  4. I can't compile any project in C++ due to a log with a bunch of errors, all related to Steam. Full log: This is a recent bug because some time ago I could compile without seeing any of this errors.
  5. xtreampb


    Hey everyone i'm planning on starting to develop my GUI for my game and I'm not sure where to start. Does anyone have any advice or can point me in the proper direction?
  6. While trying to getting a camera present in a Map from the C++ side, I found there is 2 cameras (according to world->cameras.size(). What is the second camera ? How leadweaks choose the camera to render the scene ?
  7. So after a day of having the Indie version I took the plunge and took the cash from my rent money and upgraded to the standard edition (via steam).. so I opened the App.cpp in V studio compiled it and opened the LeadWerks editor to throw a floor and some walls down.. I noticed I had to save the map as start.map manually and when I tried to run the project I get a failed to launch error the .exe file. The only way I can run the file is through the debug command in the Leadwerks editor program and none of my changes can be seen. When I use the debug command in the LeadWerks editor I get this warning Lua sandboxing disabled. I was hoping that I could drag and drop assets on to the map with the leadwerks editor and then do what ever coding i need to in lua and C++ like I have seen stated around here somewhere. At the moment the only way I can see that I can put assets on a map is to hard code them in C++ myself... I only upgraded because I thought that I would be able to drag drop assets and to code the stuff I want to in C++ etc etc.. Is this an error or is C++ for hard coding only?
  8. Hi, I should have an error in my lua script but, because my C++ application crash right after launching it, I can't see any error. The console log also disappear. The crash is produced by the Map::load() function. Is there any solution to make the content on the log windows appear in Visual Studio Express?
  9. When creating a brand new c++ project in the project manager and then opening the solution and hitting debug that the debugging session ends almost straight away. Tracing the console and debugging the (Default) application i can see that i fail on the second call to "world->Render();" The console reports GL_INVALID_OPERATION Note that no changes have been made to the default startup project. I am using visual studio 2013 Professional
  10. Hello! How to started with Visual Express 2010 and Leadwerks 3.3? Received more than 950+ errors.
  11. Hello everyone, I am creating a game where the player has to use physics to navigate the level, such as stacking objects to create stairs to get to a point, etc. In said game, the player can accidently drop objects off the level or get them destroyed by other forces. I would like to implement a feature where the player can hit a key and the level and all scripts, lighting, etc. is reloaded. This code must be in C++. How can I do this? Please help. Thanks.
  12. I have placed the FPS Player prefab in my scene but when I run the game I'm in freelook mode. How do I fix this?
  13. Is there any official way to find an entity in a loaded map using C++.
  14. Intro This is a hard post for me to make, I really dislike releasing code that isn't done and polished ( as people will inevitable judge your ability by the code ) on the other hand I've had to realize that if I do not then this will be another entry on my dead project pile - and I do believe that the community could benefit from it.. once it's in a more presentable shape at any rate. For some time now I've been working on porting myGUI to Leadwerks, or well honestly "working" is a bit of a misnomer as according to my version software I've not done anything use full for 5 weeks As somebody ( i forget who ) once said; The hardest part of a any project is finishing it. And that's very much the issue here, I've done all the challenging/fun bits and now there is "just" the finishing it left, so what needs to be done? Current state of the UI The C++ binding is 90% there ​RTT is missing, but should be trivial resource paths from files specified in XML files works but needs more thought (current implementation is guessing where the files are) comments may in places be in Danish (woops) Input handling uses standard leadwerks key inputs, which is less that satisfactory leak detection, it's been a few years since I've last used c++ ( or any unmanaged language ) so I'm quite paranoid about leaks [*]Lua binding lacks real world test to see what is needed [*]Automatic event binding is not yet supporting all widget types ( bascially just a whole lot of typing ) [*]Text labels seems to bleed through overlapping windows ( apparently because your supposed to have them on different layers and the demo does not do this - myGUI is still new to me as well ) [*]Switching between mouse look and cursor mode needs to be standardized ( currently relying on a modified fpsplayer ) [*]Linux only everything *should* work cross-platform but I do not currently have a OpenGL 4 windows machine ( my old media center is a fusion e450 which should in theory be OpenGL 4 compatible - so I may install windows on that at some point ) if anyone want's to try it out on windows I can guide them through the cmake settings required. Why My GUI? The default skin looks nice It's still maintained It has an agreeable license The developers have made a host of tools to actually work with the gui - you can find pre-compiled binaries for windows here ( works well with wine, or you can compile them on linux ) ​Skin creation tool Layout tool Font map tool ( but you can also use true type font's directly ) Widget creation tool etc [*]It's well documented http://mygui.info/docs/index.html [*] What's required in order to participate? At least Leadwerks license and a willingness to contribute, beyond that experience with any of the following is a nice bonus C++ Mercurial Lua valgrind "distributed" collaboration bitbucket Goal The ultimate goal is to provide a royalty free, free to use UI library to any and all Leadwerks users Licensing and commercial use myGUI is licensed under MIT http://mygui.info/#ui-tabs-15 but some of the companion libs have additional licenses, none of which preclude commercial/closed source use. A attribution template that can be copy/pasted into your games 'credit' section is planned. How can I participate? Assuming that I at this point sold you on the idea, shoot me a pm or reply here introducing your self and I'll add you to the bitbucket repository and help you get it working on your machine. (I've no idea how to make a publicly readonly repo there, and I'd rather not enable everybody writing to it all willy nilly) Keep in mind that as a working family father I've only about 2-6 hours / week of 'me' time so there may be some lag in replies but I'll try to be as quick about it as possible
  15. Hello all. So like, I've tried Leadwerks. And I find it... interesting. My biggest setbacks is lack of good, high quality learning material (and I have searched hard for it). Maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places, I'm not sure. Another setback, for me at least, is that it crashes constantly on my system. And because I'm using Linux Mint, I cant report bugs. So my solution is this: Write my own game engine. I'm by no means an expert at software development, nor have I ever gone to school to learn software development. I'm an enthusiast/hobbyist programmer. I would like to adventure into game design and such. The requirements for this engine are as follows: -Must be 3D -Must use OpenGL -Must be easy to use with LOTS of documentation -Must be relatively powerful for someone of my experience level. -Single player for now. -Linux only for now (I have no Windows machines available to test on). I've used SDL, and find it fairly straight forward. OpenGL is a step up from SDL, but I doubt it will be that hard to learn. Now, my questions are as follows: -How hard would writing a game engine be? I'm expecting to have to do a LOT of work. I doubt it will be less than 300,000 lines of code. Not to mention all the dev tools I'd have to write as well. -What sorts of libraries exist to make the proccess easier? -Are there any good open source engines for Linux that I could use as a base? -How hard would physics be to implement? I want a moderate degree of physics. Like rag dolls, somewhat realistic object destruction and movement, stuff along those lines. No vehicles for now. -What sorts of file formats are easy to support and use? I'm thinking I would like to use something that blender can natively export, and targa or dds for image textures. -What sort of an environment should I be in? By environment I mean things like the OS, IDE, and other relevant things along those lines. For now I'm using Linux Mint and Code::Blocks. -What sorts of hardware would I need? I may be able to upgrade over christmas. For now I'm on a laptop with an AMD APU and Radeon HD 7420G. -What version of OpenGL would be good to use? I'm thinking OpenGL 4. Not sure if an older version would be better. I plan on spending the entire week gathering as much info as I can about the process of writing game engines. I am posting this in hopes that some experienced users can direct me in the right direction. All the best, JohnBobSmith
  16. I think Leadwerks should have a video player for the purpose to show intro video and game scenes. Yesterday I did make short intro video (6 sec, compressed AVI, ~2 MB) in Blender that was good but did not have an easy way to play this intro when game start. I suggest having a Cinema class that play a video in window/fullscreen with Play/Stop. Cinema* intro = new Cinema("Video/intro.avi"); if(intro->isLoaded()) intro->Play(); intro->Unload(); delete intro; As a temporary solution I made a cinema class and all works pretty well, except for that it takes about ~500 MB. And it uses *.tex files as each frame (0001.tex -> 0099.tex in my case). Cinema.txt
  17. So I reinstalled ubuntu to get rid of the Steam client, but now I'm getting an error when trying to compile the default C++ project. The log: I don't remember the Steam client was one of the system requirements, but could be wrong.
  18. Hi, When a source has finished playing it gets released every frame. This is a problem, if you want to find out, if it has finished playing, as you can't keep the source (even if you add n AddRefs() for the source, the source will be gone n frames after it finished playing). You can see this by adding a global static variable: [App.h add as class-member] static Source* src; [App.cpp] Source* App::src; [App.cpp: App::Start()] Sound* s = Sound::Load("Sound\\Footsteps\\jump.wav"); Entity* e = world->entities.front(); e->EmitSound(s); src = SoundDriver::GetCurrent()->sources.front(); src->AddRef(); src->AddRef(); src->AddRef(); src->AddRef(); [App.cpp: App::Loop()] printf("Time: %f, Refs: %i\n", src->GetTime(), src->GetRefCount()); Will lead to the following output: (...) Time: 0.074989, Refs: 5 (...) Time: 0.000000, Refs: 5 Time: 0.000000, Refs: 4 Time: 0.000000, Refs: 3 Time: 0.000000, Refs: 2 Time: 0.000000, Refs: 1 And an access violation after that, when accessing the GetTime()-method of the source. The expected behaviour would be, that the RefCount is decreased only once, so if I added Refs before, I have to release it myself. I even tried, setting "src->autorelease = false" but that didn't change anything.
  19. I'm trying to created a special move collision sphere for my game and when I create them in C++ with a code like this : //create the collision sphere for the model CollisionSphere = Model::Sphere(); CollisionSphere ->SetPosition(player->GetPosition()); CollisionSphere ->SetMaterial(invisiblityMat); CollisionSphere ->SetCollisionType(Collision::Character); later I add a CollisionHook and some code that will make it follow the player around. As I track the collision of this Sphere nothing happens. I later tried to make a prefab with all the settings and sill the same result. I decided to let the sphere there and see if it collides with the player and it didn't, but if I leave the prefab in the map it would collide with the player. I am a total loss here.
  20. During the summer I got more and more entangled game entity classes in my game project, and I really wish I had read this before I started on my journey. I recently stumbled on this article talking about why OOP is not really good for (larger) games to manage game entities, and that introduced me to a better approach. I have yet to test this out in Leadwerks as I am trying to learn more about this before taking a major overhaul. Anyway I hope this could help other people here that might struggle with this. Link to article: http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/game-programming/understanding-component-entity-systems-r3013
  21. I have been working on a simple laser deflection game that dynamically creates geometry-based beams that automatically calculate deflection, bounce angles, and allow the player to rotate deflectors to guide the beam to the goal. As I familiarize myself with the Leadwerks API, I thought I might share my experiences and code examples here if anyone is interested. Please let me know if this sounds interesting and I will continue.
  22. Hi! I am currently trying to make a laser beam in C++ but so far without success. Sure I could use a 2D-line but that I think is not the best way to do so. Could this made with shaders and if so how?
  23. I'm trying to tap the OpenAL raw audio data to see if it can be processed with an FFT window to build a live stream of the spectrum or amplitude of a playing audio file. This is quite simple in FMOD since it ships with a getSpectrum function. However, we are evaluating the feasibility of bringing our automated lip sync solution, originally built for Unity on top of FMOD, to Leadwerks, and after speaking with Josh, including FMOD as a built in option for Leadwerks users isn't an option at this time. Personally, we would love to see an asset store for Leadwerks as we think Unity has proven it's a good source of income for the host company, encourages developer involvement, and makes it easier for new developers. It is popular enough to convince Unreal Engine to get on board and open their own asset store. Josh informed me that the Bank class pointer references the raw data but I'm struggling to determine if the data in the bank->buf could be processed through an FFT window. Are there any OpenAL pro's here that know if this can be done, and might be will to share some expertise? In case anyone is interested or curious, here are some of our promotional videos for our solution on Unity. Thanks
  24. I get "Lua Error: error loading module 'plugin/libLua-test' from file './plugin/libLua-test.so':|dynamic libraries not enabled; check your Lua installation" When I try to load my own library. This thread http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/10566-require/page__hl__require suggests that turning off sandbox will do the trick - I've tried it both in the LE editor and in c++ neither makes any difference. Since he made it work I'm thinking this could be the linux version having different lua permissions? Or is removing the sandbox check mark and doing Interpreter::sandboxmode=false; in App::Start() before loading the map not enough to turn off sandbox?
  25. Is there something like glutReshapeFunc for leadwerks? That is a call back that can be registed to be notified when the user resizes the window.
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