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Found 14 results

  1. Camera:SetDebugPhysicsMode() not documented in online help. Going to probably post some further similar posts for undocumented functions and examples.
  2. I just realised a downside of the new API reference. I wanted to show a user a specific page (Camera:SetFOV) Go to Learn Click Api reference Go to camera Got to SetFOV now how do I share this link on the forum? I would have to right click on SetFOV and select 'Copy link' which gives you the page link but it is without any headers: https://www.leadwerks.com/docs?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_Camera_SetFOV
  3. These guys are not documented
  4. Hello, There are tutorials with examples for shader ? I want to understand quite deep how it works on Leadwerks. Thanks !
  5. Is there a way to get an offline version of the API reference (html or pdf)? When I am on the road, it is sometimes difficult to get internet access, and not having the API reference makes it impossible to program Leadwerks. I found a pdf that was generated in 2010 in the forum, but I do not know if contains the reference from the latest version of LW. E.
  6. Hi, If you purchase leadwerks indie edition and standard edition on steam are their any additional steps you need to take to access the documentation on this site. A few external websites link to documentation here but when I try to access them I get permission denied. I suspect they are either expired links or I missed a step in setting up my account but couldn't find anything related on the forms
  7. Ma-Shell points out the syntax is listing the position and normal parameters as floats instead of Vec3's. So does the function actually have 9 parameters or is the syntax correctly listing position and normal as floats.
  8. To keep the documentation and LE syntax theme aligned, the light quality functions should have constants assigned to represent the integer values as returned/used in the World:GetLightQuality() and World:SetLightQuality() commands. Something like: World.LowLightQuality = 0 World.MedLightQuality = 1 World.HighLightQuality = 2
  9. The lua example script used for Camera:GetProjectionMode() and Camera:SetProjectionMode() will cause an error since the variables 'Camera.Perspective' and 'Camera.Orthographic' are nil.
  10. I think it would be beneficial to allow users to add comments in the Documentation. Sometimes I feel that important points aren't always covered by the descriptions.
  11. The doc description says This function gets entity's velocity, in global or local space. should say This function gets the passed entity's distance from this entity. Distance should replace velocity and references to global or local space are not required.
  12. FYI, Math:Abs() is not listed in the command reference. It's available, and works as expected, just not documented. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/documentation/_/command-reference/math/
  13. I've gotten render to texture working using this code http://leadwerks.wikidot.com/wiki:render-to-texture-security-cam but the Buffer functions are nowhere to be found in the current documentation. Unless I missed it, in which case please point it out Buffer isn't even highlighted in the script editor. I wasn't sure whether to post this in Bug Reports as it's not to do with the program itself...
  14. I just tried using Math:Lerp for the first time and get the error: attempt to call method 'Lerp' (a nil value) This is how I am calling it, I have also tried Math.Lerp and just Lerp, they don't work either. local R = Math:Lerp(self.DayAmbient.x,self.NightAmbient.x,Intense) As as a test I did I for k,v in pairs(Math) do print(k,v) end and I couldn't see Lerp anywhere in the output I understand how Lerp works and can write the function myself to get around this, I just didn't know if the documentation is wrong or I am having some kind of bug or what.
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