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Found 64 results

  1. Just bought LW today. I'm going through tutorials and I'm trying to assign a script to an object (the fan tutorial). I click on an object and then I select my rotation script. Now if I try to run/debug the game, nothing happens. If I select a different object after assigning a script, and then select my fan again, then the script disappears. It's no longer assigned. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=Tutorials_Lua-Scripting_Introduction-to-Lua I'm on Debian 10. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?
  2. Hi, the scene browser does not display a horizontal scroll-bar when the hierarchy grows in width: Thank you
  3. Hi. I want to load the player entity position from an object in the editor. It works very well but; I want to spawn in the center of the scene when there is no object named "info_player_start". When I remove the comment lines, it always spawns at the center of the scene. I don't understand why. Here is my code... #include "Game.h" Game::Game() { loadMap(); loadEntities(); player = new Player(playerStartPosition); } Game::~Game() { delete player; } void Game::loadMap() { std::string mapname = System::GetProperty("map", "Maps/start.map"); if (!Map::Load(mapname)) Debug::Error("Failed to load map \"" + mapname + "\"."); } void Game::loadEntities() { for (const auto e : World::GetCurrent()->entities) { if (e->GetKeyValue("name") == "info_player_start") { playerStartPosition = e->GetPosition(); } /*else { playerStartPosition = Vec3(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f); }*/ } } void Game::Update() { player->Update(); }
  4. 1. Open Publish File dialog (latest beta) 2. Select the Update tab 3. EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (I do not have any previous uploads on workshop).
  5. Particle emitter pivot is invisible. It's very hard to select an emitter object unless you do it through the scene panel. However the pivot becomes visible once you delete the emitter and undo. Emitter will re-appear along with the pivot "cube".
  6. Hello. I have a big problem. When i create at my map some decals, set render view to "Textured" and try to load another some map, my editor can be crash with message "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION". I use leadwerks 4.6 beta 😐
  7. Hello, when i use Environmet Proble and place on the map Light with "volume effect" and "Cast shadows" i get next result when this light is in the frame If i set "Cast Shadows" to "None" or i set "Volume effect" to 0.0, this bug disappears
  8. Hello team. I have Professional Edition in Steam right! The Team Leadwerks have prevision at Editor Leadwerks Release Project for Professional Edition. For change and modify for us interessed ? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi I am currently working on a relativly huge project including about 1000 models and you can image that I dont want to adjust the model settings (like normal calculation, scale & physics shape) for every single one by hand, especially as they all need the same settings. It is very time consuming repetitive work. I know Leadwerks does not support such a thing, but maybe you have an idea or can help me working out something to do this. The only idea I had so far is copying the .meta file of a model I set up already and then overwrite all the other .meta files with this file, but this does not work unforunately.
  10. Turning/Moving the camera in the perspective viewport stopped working for some reason. It whas working fine yesterday. This is using leadwerks 4.4. The things that do work is: Panning/Zooming (scroll wheel). The things that dont work anymore: Moving (ASWD). Up/Down (QE). Panning (Arrow Keys). Is this a bug or did i accidentally change a option somewhere? (i've tried changing some options in config but no changes)
  11. Hi This is probably a noob question regarding the IDE. I had been able to open Lua scripts in the editor in the past; however, a source code window is not available. What am I missing? TIA J
  12. I have the basic scene up (just the ground (rectangular prism) and the cube). Added the character controller on. Its feet are level with the ground and I have not touched any of the player's settings. Cannot move when running the game. No errors or warnings in Debug menu either. What am I doing wrong. I tried lifting the player model above the ground and that didn't work either. Sorry I'm new.
  13. Something that at least would be useful for me is for the 'edit' button on an object's script property tab to also be able to create a new script or load a template if it is empty. I am constantly writing test code for objects and it requires me to either go back to the assets tab to create the new script or load an existing script and then save it as something else... then go back to the scene tab and that object's script tab to attach/edit the new script i just saved... etc... lots of unnecessary clicks.
  14. It would be nice to be able to dock the script editor within the main editor.
  15. I create material from water1_0.tex, i material editor i pick the water shader. After creation material, i create brush with material. i see artefact's on brush. Help!
  16. Having a key shortcut to Group and Ungroup selected CSG brushes and/or models in the editor would be a very useful feature to have. This would reduce the time spent selecting brushes that I am constantly tweaking and/or moving around especially when the map becomes more and more populated with entities. The possible key combinations would be CTRL+G for Group selected objects and CTRL+SHIFT+G to Ungroup selected group.
  17. If I sometimes work at line 494 in my script and want to create a new variable, i need to scroll to the top and then make a new one , then try to find the line 494 again, remember what I actually called the value (sometimes need to scroll up again ,ha) . I think one will know what I mean. What would be good Is a tool at the side of the script editor where you it generates values by selecting the data type, what its called and so on. Just a smaller change that I would add to all the changes that we await for the script editor.
  18. Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with the editor in general, it's insanely laggy, even when in demo mode. I'm not sure whats causing it, but any help would be appreciated.
  19. Hello, i have a problem with the physic shape i current beta. box shape is saved , polymesh not. see video at youtube the house you can find in workshop content Worn Cottages
  20. Hi, The font of the script editor is using a non-monospaced font which makes it difficult to write code. I cannot find an option anywhere to change the font, nor can I find a folder anywhere (e.g. in ~/.config) that contains configuration options. Can someone explain how to change the font? Thanks
  21. The ability to select, move, rotate, and scale vertices, faces, and edges of brushes would be a very handy tool to have in the editor. This will make creating and refining complex geometry a lot easier and intuitive than just doing (or attempting to do this) with only the carve tool. These features were in 3d World Studio, so I am hoping this feature is planned in a future update perhaps? If not, please consider. If I can create E1M1 from DOOM in the Leadwerks editor with no issues, then I will be happy, but right now, without the ability to move vertices, this task is quite hard to do with just the Carve tool.
  22. MarkusR


    today i had problems with wrong references from prefab to the model file (wrong path) from a workshop content. the model was visible at design time and invisible at runtime!? after start there was some error messages because file not found. means this workshop contents need some verify and/or reject install.
  23. I cannot move around in the scene by pressing the WASD or Arrow keys on the keyboard. I just installed Leadwerks on my laptop for the first time.
  24. Small suggestion to make workflow faster with the object editor. In perspective view I can't see a brush, or mesh's dimensions, switching to another view is required. I suggest you display the selected objects dimensions in the editor. My second suggestion would be to able to reset the selected object's scale back to 1 1 1, but keeping it's dimensions.
  25. Hi, i'm working on ubuntu 15.04 with leadwerks 3.5 lua,c++ . on linux i can't activate Single ViewPort (i don't have an entry in View menu) and i can't resize a certain viewport . why is that ?
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