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Found 64 results

  1. It would be nice to be able to click on sound icons to play a sound in the Assets tab in the editor.
  2. Sky boxes and sprites are invisible in textures only mode:
  3. In the perspective view, i could move in my scene and rotate the camera by holding the right mouse button but it doesn't work anymore, i see the mouse cursor disappear when trying to rotate but no rotation. I couldn't find any options that would affect this, should i re-install?
  4. When Im in the leadwerks gameengine and I want to edit a model and or material, I try and right click on the subject(material/ or model) and click edit, but nothing happens.
  5. Playing around with a script that allows the user to pick a color from the object panel to be used with a shader. Setting the initial value of the color works as expected and fills out the property panel correctly: Script.MyColor = Vec4(1,0,0,1)--Color "MyColor" But if the color property is modified via the panel, then it will return a number based on the 0-255 scale which will fail in the shader. In an attempt to work around this, I changed my initial value to: Script.MyColor = Vec4(255,0,0,255)--Color "MyColor" which results in this: which gives weird property panel results and still would be unuseable in my shader without dividing each component by 255. Since I have no viable method to determine if the color is being set by default or by the color picker, the returned color needs to be on a 0-1 scale to work properly. example script: Script.MyColor = Vec4(1,0,0,1)--Color "MyColor" function Script:Start() local color = self.MyColor System:Print(color.r..", "..color.g..", "..color.b..", "..color.a) self.entity:SetColor(color) end
  6. Default filters are not available when switching between projects. To create them you how to manually select New Map menu option. To reproduce: 1) Start LE, 2) Change to a different project, 3) Filters are not set, 4) Click New Map, 5) Filters appear.
  7. This script will crash the editor (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) if attached to a pivot and dragged into the Flowgraph. TriggerDelayMapLoad.lua
  8. Carving does not work with multiple objects. Essentially it's 1 to 1 operation. You create one box and carve another box with it. If you create 10 boxes and group them together and try to carve 1 box with it then individual brushes are treated separately thus resulting in mangled results.
  9. It would be nice to have a visual hint that certain objects are grouped. There is no way to tell if something is grouped unless you select it in the perspective view. I suggest creating automatic filter in the scene tree with a unique group name e.g. "group243" whenever a new group is assigned. Along with selection of all objects under a single filter it would make the system more intuitive.
  10. Perhaps this is more like a request. Scene filters are visually grouping objects and your post announcing the new functionality said the pivots can now be replaced with filters. This is however a little awkward since selecting the filter will not select its children (both in the scene tree and the perspective view). Additionally all parent/child hierarchy is stripped when objects are placed under a filter.
  11. Grouped object are not behaving consistently in terms of how they are selected. If this is supposed to be the classic grouping mechanism then, once grouped, individual objects shouldn't be accessible unless the group is dismantled. In current beta, LE will select the whole group in perspective viewport but selects individual objects in orthographic views. Kind of negates the purpose of grouping. [Edit] Moreover the individual objects in a group can be selected in the scene panel and moved thus breaking the alignment with the rest of the group.
  12. I wish there was a pivot button on the left toolbar. Because I have begun to use pivots in the editor as placement markers for objects and other kinds of stuff made in C++, and I find it cumbersome to add pivots by "Object->Misc..->Pivots". If this button exist I would not have to leave the Scene tab as I am interested in add a pivot then immediately start naming it.
  13. Hello, Ive been working off and on on learning the in and out of Leadwerks but I am running into a problem when it comes to scripting in lua. You see while I understand the basic syntax of the language I am having trouble using the built in editor due to the fact that I am having trouble with the technical command terms. I have a hard time with spelling some of these terms like transform and others I simply cant remember if they even exist without combing through the wiki. So does the built in editor have a option to bring up a list of suggested commands like if one types in a "t" it will bring up a list of all commands that begin with the letter t. Or is there another editor all together exist that will do this? Basically I need this to be idiot proofed, thanks.
  14. if u cut/copy paste a folded function it paste only the first row. then it look chaos. it happens as i want cut copy/paste the start function to the top. in other editors i can copy/paste folded rows.
  15. this part is not stable, the editor exit after ok.
  16. So after a day of having the Indie version I took the plunge and took the cash from my rent money and upgraded to the standard edition (via steam).. so I opened the App.cpp in V studio compiled it and opened the LeadWerks editor to throw a floor and some walls down.. I noticed I had to save the map as start.map manually and when I tried to run the project I get a failed to launch error the .exe file. The only way I can run the file is through the debug command in the Leadwerks editor program and none of my changes can be seen. When I use the debug command in the LeadWerks editor I get this warning Lua sandboxing disabled. I was hoping that I could drag and drop assets on to the map with the leadwerks editor and then do what ever coding i need to in lua and C++ like I have seen stated around here somewhere. At the moment the only way I can see that I can put assets on a map is to hard code them in C++ myself... I only upgraded because I thought that I would be able to drag drop assets and to code the stuff I want to in C++ etc etc.. Is this an error or is C++ for hard coding only?
  17. Is there a way when you hit F5/F6 to debug/run the game while in the editor for it to not override the initial scene load? I only just noticed this as I am trying to debug an issue with the function hook with Map:Load that I'm having. Considering once running you can change scene readily enough I'd assume its simple enough to do except I just don't know how. I'd rather not keep reloading different maps in the editor as it would slow down my work flow considerably. edit: I think there may also be an error in the Map:Load docs too though probably unrelated to what I'm doing. I think where it says hookname it is actually referring to extra
  18. In the Leadwerks editor it use to have the bottom console visible by default or hidden if you hide it. Now its always hidden when you load the editor regardless of what you set it at previously. Many times I start the editor and load my map and miss all the red text telling me things are potentially wrong. I would request an option or the ability to keep the position of the editor console constant between sessions.
  19. hello, it seems the nav mesh is not generated at my stair modells , this models using a polymesh collision. (the ai can not find me.)
  20. at rendermode textured in 3d view the skybox show random merterials if the camera rotate at yaw.
  21. hello, is there a way to group models in the scene tab tree view in a folder?
  22. Hello Everyone! I recently purchased the Indie Edition of Leadwerks off of Steam, and have been enjoying it. I noticed that I can't orbit / look around in the perspective editor, unlike the documentation says. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks. Edit: I also forgot to mention that when I try to use "Debug" mode, I only get the script editor window, and no game appears. Anyone else?
  23. I have a Lua script that has the following exposed property. Script.pawns = nil --entity "Pawns" The Pawns entity is a pivot used as a parent to several other entities. Inside the script, I use this reference to iterate through the children. childCount = self.pawns:CountChildren() for i=0, i<childCount-1, 1 do --Some action end This normally works great, but I've had three occurances of this reference suddenly reading as nil when no change occurred in the script, and the UI for the exposed property still shows the Pawns entity being linked. Once this nil error occurs, nothing short of deleting the Pawns pivot, creating a new pivot and re-parenting all my child entities, and re-linking the Pawns property corrects the problem. I have tried un-linking and re-linking the reference, removing and re-adding the script, nothing else seems to work, and I've made no change to warrent reference failure.
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