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  1. In continuing of conversation about SetZipStreamPassword() in Lua... Can we hide a password in starting lua-script? I tried to obfuscate starting lua script and hide my password for pak-file. So if you are interested in, look at my starting lua-script and try to guess the password. If you could guess the password you'll get reward: obfuscating script which generated this starting lua script. So you can improve it with your knowledge about cracking it. Main quest is starting here... 1. Extract folder from archive to some place. 2. Copy to that folder "engine.exe" and "newton.dll
  2. I have the following code: [...] // Set graphics mode LEO::Engine engine(AppTitle,ScreenWidth,ScreenHeight); if( !engine.IsValid() ) { ErrOut( "Failed to set graphics mode."); return 1; } engine.AddAbstractPath( MediaDir ); // Create framework object and set it to a global object so other scripts can access it LEO::Framework fw; if(fw == NULL) { ErrOut("Failed to initialize engine."); return 1; } // Set Lua framework object engine.SetObject( "fw", fw ); // Set Lua framework variable LEO::Lua lua; lua.PushObject( fw ); lua.SetGlobal( "fw" ); lua.Pop( 1 ); LEO::Model skybox("abstract::
  3. Supposing you want to implement a quest system where each quest is a lua script. quest_101.lua quest_102.lua quest_103.lua ... In each quest script I want to call function "Update()" in a chain. Similar to how TModel LUA scripts are processed. Is it good practice to create a virtual machine for each script? Or use one VM and call the "Update()" function in each script? And if not, what is the correct way to index them and call the same function in each script? example source Local vm:Byte Ptr = luaL_newstate() luaL_openlibs(vm) lua_dofile(vm, AbstractPath("abstract::
  4. Since all the old tutorial pages are gone, here is a zip file containing all the PDF files and source code of the Lua tutorials. Download http://www.leadwerks...tutorial-files/ Youtube playlist http://www.youtube.c...eature=view_all Happy scripting!
  5. I use Leadwerks Engine 2.5 Evaluation, but in it there is one problem. In lua i use function of SetPositionf, but result not display. In what may be the problem?
  6. I was wondering how someone would go about packing things into password files. If I were to load all map files (models etc) into a packaged file would they still be able to access each other, and would I be able to put scripting in there and still have everything load perfectly? I am just not sure and want some clarification. Thanks in advance.
  7. Monster trucks that is, not the big teeth, flesh eating scaled skin variety. This started as a thought exercise and turned into the start of vehicle AI. The truck has auto steering which will steer the truck to a designated point, as demonstrated in the opening of the video. Currently the truck has no brakes an a far too high torque acceleration, but it was more fun. Eventually the nodes that are used for steer to points will become info nodes that will set things like braking distance and max speed amongst other things. This was recorded realtime in the Leadwerks 2.5 editor with th
  8. I have seen some posts about the lack of LUA support for syntax coloring in Visual Studio. Nothing could be less true. Of course there is LUA syntax coloring in Visual Studio. Here is how to. In VS open the extension manager and search for LUA, choose 'Lua Language' and install. There you are Edit: No Lua Intellisense though.
  9. Sometimes I run into situations where I don't really know how to structure things. I don't mind this, because it usually results in some really elegant design once I figure out what to do. I just play with ideas and try not to force anything, and when the right idea arises, I will recognize it. Explaining a problem to someone else can help facilitate that process. How many times have you solved a difficult problem right after you posted a description of it on a forum somewhere? The procedure of explaining it logically to someone else can help you think more clearly about it. And so, w
  10. To prevent non Leadwerks Engine specific/Related entries from my Blog being automatically published here via the Blog Feed, I have removed that functionality, and will simply add a new entry title and link here for all Leadwerks Engine specific/Related entries. Leadwerks Related Blog Entry. Meet The Flockers.
  11. Hi all little wip rollercoaster demo as i spent time in algos for my wip race car game, i discovered some code from "The Masked Coder" which displays some Bsplines in a little demo, as i liked it, i made it in 3D with Leadwerks 2.5 in Lua. hope you like it here link : ps: sorry for lags due to camstudio got always 60fps without it note: no sound
  12. Is there a way to free a material in lua? I've tried FreeMaterial(mat) and mat:Free() and both give me an error saying they don't exist.
  13. Hi guys, finally I have some more freetime back and have restarted developing with Leadwerks more intensively in C#. Currently I'm working on multiple extensions for the .NET Wrapper of Leadwerks and I'm also finishing / continuing developing my tools. Later I hope this will all fit in one easy to use framework. First here is a screen of new nightsky texture used in my lua daynight script (not completely correct scaled) : the texture was made by taking screenshots from the stellarium software ( http://www.stellarium.org ) and building a cubemap out of them. Also I have st
  14. After uploading my first lua snippet i'm continuing my task to develope useful tools for Leadwerks Engine. What tools you may ask? The first, a batch texture converter is ready since a long time, but needs some tweaking here and there. A beta was previously published but i want to get this tool out of the beta and will release a finished version the next days. The next one is to finish my milkshape exporter (animations still doesn't work) but the rest is faster and less buggy. The main tool I'm currently developing is a small helper which i call "Asset Helper". What
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