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  1. Hey, I am currently working on my AI, and I wonder what would be a good way, to make my NPC hold a specific distance to the player. In my case I need it for my AI behavior when it is using range weapons. I think a nice idea is to let the AI find a random point, which keeps a few conditions like, 10 units away from player, not outside of the map, not inside another object. But how to realise that. I would be very thankful if you can give me ideas, examples, descriptions etc.
  2. Hey guys, Besides the YouTube videos from the Leadwerks Channel, anyone know of some good LUA tutorials for Leadwerks? Any help appreciated! Thanks
  3. Restarted my networking framework yet again. This time I gave it a new name 'Hexe'. The old name was 'Overwatch'. It was named long before the Overwatch game came out. It was based off the Half-Life Overwatch. It oversaw the players, ai spawning, contained a secondary path-finding system, but had no networking as it was not native to the LUA side of Leadwerks. 'Hexe' is German for 'witch'. I don't really know why I chose the name but I have the feeling I will be able to put it to good use. Maybe I'll even mix in some Anglish into it. This restart occurred because the framework became too
  4. Seems that scripts cannot be attached to objects, while using Linux Mint 18.2. In the following video an attempt to attach the Spectator.lua script to a camera results in failure. This was also applied to a CSG and the TriggerChangeMap.lua, ending with the same results. https://youtu.be/ucTMUP8cZSg Edit: This morning the Leadwerks contents were verified through Steam and everything checked out. Also, started a new Leadwerks configuration directory, and project, ending with the same results. Scripts are not attachable. @Josh
  5. Hello again, I finally got footsteps sounds to work properly on the correct material using triggers. But I have been unable to get a sound to be played at the correct time when the player jumps and lands on a material. How would I implement such a feature using a trigger? EDIT: I manged to work this out in the end. I did this by making global variables of both the players jump status with the GetAirborne command and the players current speed using GetVelocity():Length command. I then made a jump trigger box combined with the necessary commands for collision detection. Upon player col
  6. I've spent the last few days creating a simple self contained server browser. It will list all the servers of a specific game, allow the user to select a server and send a callback with the selected info. Requirements: The script from this topic placed in a file here: Scripts/Functions/eventqueuemanager.lua The Script: A simple example: It will create a server and open a server browser window. + Starts the move mode, click to exit it. X closes the window. import("Scripts/Functions/eventqueuemanager.lua") import("Scripts/serverbrowser.lua") local window = W
  7. [I had text here but in the edit it dissapeared ] I found that there can only be one instance of the EventQueue. This meant that all the widget events need to be handled in a single location leading to possible complications in code and lowering the possibility to dynamic things. This script allows the developer to subscribe to an eventqueue manager and get their event safely, without usurping all gui controls. The script will automatically create an EventQueueManager variable that all other scripts can expect. To use it from a script not attached to an entity use: EventQueu
  8. I am trying to have a generic gui class and I realized that there can be only 1 EventQueue. This means that all widgets must be managed from a single area. This means that I can't create a gui class that handles its own events without using some creative methods that have some serious edge cases. I would like to specify my own function/callback/eventqueue to call for each widget item. It would allow people to create safe, shareable scripts. I would like to create a widget and pass it a local eventqueue such as this one and handle all the events locally.
  9. I discovered that there can only be one eventqueue in leadwerks. I wanted local eventqueue instances, so I created a lua based version of EventQueue called EventQueueEx It is initialized as such: MyQueue = EventQueueEx:Create() It is used EXACTLY the same as the Leadwerks version.
  10. Hi, pretty simple question. Is there a way to get the files/filenames of all files within an folder. Could not find something like that in the API. I used the lua io.popen function and it works ok, but seems to open up an cmd window for a second, which does not look good. However any ideas?
  11. I don't recall and Window doc doesn't seem to show this, but was there a way to get what key was hit vs having to loop over them all to check KeyDown()? This is handy for allowing uses to type in a textbox.
  12. Hi I have a small problem. I think the pictures should explain it pretty good With font size of 12 see the terrible cut on the top?: With font size 20 it is a little bit better but somehow not as sharp as it should be; This is how I would expect it to look like: I am rendering the text with the default arial.ttf font, I render the following color Vec4(0, 0, 0, 255) and with blendmode Blend.Alpha. So whats the problem? I remember the text rendered sharper another time, but I dont know what I am doing wrong atm? Any suggestions?
  13. When I use Server:Broadcast it does not send the message, it just sends nil. I am sending text to all the clients.
  14. Hi Simple question, I cannot find a GetAnimation and GetAnimationFrame function in the API. I realised those functions in my own AnimationManager script manually, but since there is the "new" entity:PlayAnimation function how to get access to this functions? Any ideas or suggestion? EDIT: Would also be good to know how to get animation index by name and the other way around. Something like: self.entity:GetAnimationName(0) or self.entity:GetAnimationIndex("Idle"))
  15. For this Zero project I have a need to call C++ classes from LUA. I have gone the same way as Josh has and used 'tolua++' for this. This works like this 1 - Create PKG For each class you need to export you have to write a corresponding 'pkg' file which is a version of the C++ header file suitable for the 'tolua++' program. 2 - Use 'tolua++' Then send the 'pkg' file to 'tolua++' which then will generate a source file with the LUA-export version of the class and a header file which defines the function to call in order to export the class. 3 - Add & Compile The two generated f
  16. Is there a way to get the Terrain height in Lua? I don't see any Terrain specific stuff on the API Reference page.
  17. Hi This is probably a noob question regarding the IDE. I had been able to open Lua scripts in the editor in the past; however, a source code window is not available. What am I missing? TIA J
  18. Is it possible to load external modules such as MQTT? If so, is there any documentation on how this can be done? I have a good amount of programming background but haven't done much scripting with Lua until recently. I've read something regarding Lua Rocks; however, the tool is looking for a lua.exe binary. Thanks!
  19. I wrote a script that processed all top level entities. When rearranging the scene hierarchy and running the game again WITHOUT hitting the map save button it gives the wrong result. It fixes itself when you explicitly click the map save button. Video: http://einlander.duckdns.org:8000/f/32c4297246924043960b/
  20. Welcome to the Sixth Monthly Script Challenge Each Month I will set a challenge for gifted Leadwerkers to solve. Once you have perfected your script post your map to this thread. At the end of the month I will go through all the entries and judge the winner. I will then place the winning map on the Workshop so others can learn from them. Rules. Entries must be your own work. Entries must be submitted before the end of the month ( June ). Any assets you use must be your own or Royalty free. The map that you submit can be used by others for comm
  21. Hi, I pretty often encounter the followning problem: I need something to be called before, or after the Start function of an script. My actual problem is that I have an NPC and his "Load" function (I wrote by myself) is called before the script actually is initiated. The problem is, in the load function some values are set (like npc health) but then the script gets initiated and the script uses the default script value of 100% health and the loading does not work. A workaround I found is to use the first step of the update function but I find this not very smart. Here an example:
  22. Hi, I have a general inventory script attached to every object, which should have an inventory. In the script settings of the inventory script I put an "firstSlotOffset" value, to adjust where the inventory starts to render its slots. In code this looks like that: Script.firstSlotOffset = Vec2(0, 0) --Vec2 "Slot Offs." In the start function I do some calculation: self.firstSlotOffset.x = self.firstSlotOffset.x * context:GetWidth() self.firstSlotOffset.y = self.firstSlotOffset.y * context:GetHeight() The problem is if I load to another map and back to some other map the self.
  23. I started playing around with the networking in Leadwerks and found that I needed enums. So I wrote a function that will allow you to enumerate a table. function enumerate(array,indexstart) -- indexstart is optional if array == nil then return nil end local array2 = {} local count = tonumber(indexstart) ~= nil and tonumber(indexstart) or 0 for key,value in pairs(array) do array2[value] = count count = count + 1 end return array2 end This will take an array of strings and output a named table array. enum_netchat = enumerate({ "client", "team", "all",
  24. With the last update the new default main.lua causes crashes when run. The old main.lua still works though. --edit-- Simply commenting out all the gui related related lines causes the game to 'Assert Failed' at world:Render()
  25. EDIT: Just found out that the error was somewhere else ^^. The below code just works fine. Anyway thank you for the help :). Hi there, I faced some weird behavior, testing and debugging my project. The following shows the structure of my code, it would be very kind of you, if you could tell me if you can find any error, because I dont. Maybe I messed around with global/local/script variables, which I know, often cause such errors. Explanation: Of course this script makes no sense, but it should only representate the structure, because it would be way to complicated to
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