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  1. I am not 100% sure if this is a bug, but the Transform:Point() function has a weird behavior for me. If it is my mistake then I am sorry and would also be glad if it can be sovled easily. This is the code I have: local direction = Transform:Point(0, 0, 10, self.entity:FindChild(0), nil) I use it for an NPC, that he is able to pick objects in the world. But my code didnt work so I tried to find the problem. After placing a small box at the "direction" vector I found out that it isnt at the transformed point, other than this it remains at the entity it should be transformed to
  2. Hi community, I would like to talk about how to create a minimap. I made myself some thoughts latley how to realise a minimap. And I would like to collect some useful toughts here. I actually found a solution, so tell me what you think of it. It currently just works as a normal map, not as a minimap... Maybe it is very complicated what I do but thats why I created this post. Ok so I will start explaining. First of all I took a screenshot from the topview of my map. Out of this I made a simple Map, by exporting the shot to gimp or something similar. The important thing is that the m
  3. Goodday everyone! I have this random question which i have been wondering for a while now. Considering next week is my exams which i'll proudly show my created small game made with leadwerks Now the question, i noticed as soon as it gets standalone exported, it opens a console screen with the game. Now this isn't a huge problem.. But i think it'll look neater without I have tried to follow up this post a bit: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/6445-le3-hide-dos-screen/ However, i got a bit confused and it doesn't seem to work (Perhaps because it was le3 and not le4?)
  4. Hi there, I was wondering how I can do animated sprite sheets for explosions, fx effecs and waterfalls? Have searched around the forums and haven't found anything. Thanks in common. Dennis
  5. I'm having a problem getting the Cos of an angle. My code is local tum = Cos(Angle) And I get the error "attempt to call global 'Cos' (a nil value)" Things I have tried: - Lower case c for cos - Brackets around Cos(Angle) - Same error occurs if I use Sin or Tan etc - Used a script variable ie Self.tum instead of local What am I doing wrong?
  6. At first thought this was an issue with mono vs stereo sounds, but tracked down the issue to Source:SetRange(). Whenever the range of a mono sound is set to 1.0 or below, it will play at full volume no matter how far away the source is from the listener. Using a slightly modified version of the Source:SetRange lua example, the sound will play when the range is greater than 2 (which is the distance from source to listener) and when the range is equal or less than 1.0: function App:Start() self.window = Window:Create("Source SetRange Issue",0,0,400,300) self.context = Context:Cr
  7. I'm in the process of making my first game, so i went to Leadwerks and started creating things. The problem comes when I want to make that a door opens when 2 pressure plates are activated. So, i wrote this code to create a "switch" that requires 2 inputs to output a signal to the door (in the flowgraph editor), but it doesn't work... function Script:Start() bool1 = false bool2 = false end function Script:Input1() --in bool1 = true end function Script:Input2() --in bool2 = true end if (bool1 == true and bool2 == true) then self.component:CallOutputs("Output
  8. SpEcIeS


    This morning I started up a fresh "Advanced First-Person Shooter" project. After the "07-AI and Events.map" was loaded and then ran, immediately an error was generated: Script Error error in function 'SetCollisionType'. argument #3 is 'boolean'; '[no object]' expected. Line 90 Is anyone else producing this error?
  9. I've been staring at this code for way too long and now I need different brains to look at it. This is the beginnings of a 3rd person character controller. I am now working at adding mouse look features but there seems to be a bug when the camera is at specific angles, notable y45 and y270. At those specific locations the camera glitches out. I will give it another try tomorrow, and no I don't want to create a pivot and anchor the camera to it and spin that --[[ Title: Third Person Controller Author: Einlander Start Date: 1-30-2016 Version:
  10. I'm inflicting damage the player and I find the "Hurt" script in the fpsplayer script. The first variable is "Damage" which will reduced the players health by that amount. The second is called "distributorOfPain". Does anyone know what this does? Also whats the difference between the "Hurt Script" and the "Take Damage Script". I know that using the "Take Damage Script" doesn't enact the dying script but I don't know why. If you use the take Damage Script the game continues but the player can no longer move.
  11. I'm in the process of debugging a loop which is supposed to vertically scroll some text contained in a table. My loop is verified as looping over the keys in order (ipairs(array) vs pairs(array)) but in the debugger (pictured) the keys appear out of order once we get to "k=10", where it appears after the first index. It's a small thing, but it confused me for a minute before I double-checked the loop again and verified that it is in fact iterating in the correct order. This is literally just a display issue in the debugger. Here's the screenshot of what I'm talking about (nevermind my
  12. When I use Leadwerks I normally have my game run at desktop resolution windowed. Sometimes I want to see the performance difference in full screen (it's always better). To do this I would normally need to edit main.lua. After a bit of thinking and experimenting I made a short 'hack' that will allow you to hold f5 of f6 to run in full screen instead of windowed. tempwindow=Window:Create("key capture",0,0,1,1,1) context=Context:Create(tempwindow,0) if (tempwindow:KeyDown(Key.F5) or tempwindow:KeyDown(Key.F6))== true then windowstyle=windowstyle+window.FullScreen end Place th
  13. I highly encourage some one who wants to make a bit of extra money on the side to spend some time creating a course for Leadwerks on www.udemy.com I am sure that every single one of the people who buy this engine would love a full blown course for the engine as well, to make sure they get the most out of their learning experience. I know I would. So please consider it, I would be the first one to purchase it. Teach LUA scripting and the over all API of Leadwerks in general in the course, that would be fantastic!
  14. I cannot find a way to 'autoscroll' the debug window text. It would be nice if it was possible to set it to 'autoscroll on ouput', so that you can easily see the latest messages that get's printed out. (Running on ubuntu, guessing it's the same on windows, but I have not tested on windows because I do not have that). It's not easy to debug when you debug 'blind' and then have to scroll down and read the output afterwards. Makes it very tricky. Also - the output window on the main editor screen - would be nice if that one also could show the same text as what the output\debug window i
  15. It looks like DrawText doesn't like multi-line string literals, it's reading them in as one long line that ends up mostly off of the screen and doesn't respond to escape characters (such as "\n") embedded in the multi-line string in order to try and simulate "wrapping". Either I'm missing some undocumented param or DrawText was only meant to draw a single line of text at a time. Of course, I can write a loop for this, but that incurs a performance penalty, especially with longer bits of text and seems to be a needlessly complex solution. My suggestion is to allow DrawText the abili
  16. I think I posted this module on the forums in order to help someone a few weeks ago, but I thought It'd get more use if I created a blog post so it doesn't get diluted down in the forums. I've written this event module to make it easy to add keyboard and mouse button binds and it's come in handy to me for quite a few little scripts. Once again excuse the poor spacing as copy and paste here seems to remove my tabs. event.lua -- Event module written by Averice event = {} event.inputBinds = {} event.mouseBinds = {} function event.CheckInput() local succ, err; for key,tab in pair
  17. Hello, I would like to take a JSON file and read its content into a normal Lua string. Even better, I would like to put a JSON text into a Lua table directly, if it's possible. So far, I've found this Lua lib for converting a JSON string into a Lua table and vice versa. However, I don't see how to read a whole file as a string. Thank you in advance! P.S. I know how to read an individual line with this function.
  18. About: This is a short series for the Leadwerks community on the process of creating a simple game using procedural content. This week we implement the map creation process discussed in part 02 then add the mesh generation and a controller to fly around our level. Then we'll have the first iteration of our procedurally generated map. Part 01 Part 02 Starting with the Map class. Map:Create Function...first iteration, no corridors. Simple nested for-loop to generate a room for each cell. Each room is stored in the table Map.Room[] with dimensions, a counter for referen
  19. I was messing around one day and wanted to have certain objects be weightless. So I came up with this simple code. function Script:UpdatePhysics() self.entity:AddForce(0,self.entity:GetMass()*-world:GetGravity().y,0,true) end Just wanted to share it. You can can control the amount of weightlessness by controlling the amount (%) of gravity used in the calcualtion
  20. What's the difference between Hide and release. I know you can get a hidden entity back with show and you can get a released entity with instance are there any advantages to using either?
  21. Good evening, As Mentioned in the caption - is there a possibility to link Notepad++ to Leadwerks engine so that if I press F5 it "compiles" ? Would be super Awesome! yours Max Aigner
  22. Hello everyone, I know I ask quite some questions the last days - it's just that I have only three days a week to develop my customers needs.. I need a possibility to convert PNG files to TEX files. Because my software will include the customers PNG files in the 3d Scene. Is there a sourcecode for saving in the TEX file format? (or a simple file description of TEX files...?) thank you in advance! - yours Max
  23. hi everyone, I have just tried to implement an DLL into lua with the loadlib command. http://www.lua.org/pil/8.2.html#C-packages they say it should work but it does not Main.lua path = "c:\\windows\\system32\\user32.dll" local GetSystemMetrics = assert(loadlib(path, "GetSystemMetrics")) Error: "Script Error: Attempt to call global 'loadlib' (a nil value) Is there a way of enabling this? It would increase the possibilities of Leadwerks and Lua a Lot and it would allow us to make better leadwerks projects so that leadwerks can get more famous and bought more
  24. Hello! So something weird have started happening in the later updates. It now instantly crashes on local mousePos = App.window:GetMousePosition() With the error MainMenu.lua" : 2 : attempt to index field 'window' (a nil value) To try, I tried creating the window with self.window = Window:Create("Window", 10, 10, 1280, 720, window.Titlebar) Which results in the same error. Suggestions? Thanks!
  25. Can self.component:CallOutput( "something" ) give a return value ? Means that the in-function returns a value that is passed to the CallOutput return Lua1.lua -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function Script:func() local retval = self.component:CallOutput( "something" ) System:Print( retval ) -- prints "Hello" ? end Lua2.lua --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function Script:something()--in return "Hello" end
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