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Found 362 results

  1. Maybe a bug or behavior by design? If you have a CGS object with a child object. In the editor the child will rotate along with the parent object when the parent is rotated. That's Ok and expected behavior. However if you rotate the parent object by a script (simple Turn command) the child does not rotate, only the parent. Tested same thing with two mesh objects (fbx) and in that case both rotates as expected when parent is rotated (both by script and in the editor)
  2. Coming from the pure C++ world I have a question for you who used LUA for a while.In C++ I'm quite used to make classes of most things to keep things apart. Now I wonder if this approach will hold in LUA also considering speed. Or in an other way. Is there high speed penalties for accessing external class methods in Lua compared to simple functions or is the difference negligible
  3. Hello, lxFirebal69xl pointed out that the loadfile() function i used in the Notes.lua crashes the application. I tested it and it looks like loadfile can only load files that are placed normally in the game directory and not inside a zip-file. is this a bug or a feature?
  4. Is there anyone using another LUA IDE than the built in. Nothing wrong with that one but its a bit limited. I'm not to familiar with what's out there and what suites Leadwerks nicely. Any suggestions? /Windows/
  5. I was updating a pain trigger and noticed that in the fpsplayer.lua file that the functions: Script:Hurt(damage,distributorOfPain) and Script:TakeDamage(damage) Script:Hurt will lower your health and when dead initiate the death sequence by calling Script:Kill(), BUT it will NOT set the players self.alive to false, call Script:OnHit() or Script:OnDead() Script:TakeDamage will lower your health, set your self.alive to false, call the self:OnHit() and self:OnDead() outputs but will not start the death sequence by calling Script:Kill() Fixed functions: function Script:Hurt(damage,distributorOfPain) if self.health>0 then self.sound.damage[math.random(#self.sound.damage)]:Play() self.health = self.health - damage self.hurtoffset = Vec3(math.random(-1,1),math.random(-1,1),0):Normalize()*30 local blood = {} local n=1 blood.texture=self.image.blood[math.random(1,4)] blood.intensity=1 table.insert(self.bloodoverlay,blood) if self.bloodindex>4 then self.bloodindex=1 end self:OnHit() if self.health<=0 then self.alive = false self:Kill() self:OnDead() end end end function Script:TakeDamage(damage) -- Decrease health self.health = self.health - damage; -- Call OnHit output self:OnHit() -- If health lower or equal to zero, the player is dead if self.health <= 0 then self.alive = false -- Call the OnDead output self:OnDead() self:Kill() end end
  6. I've been making a AI spawning system and I'm finding that there are situations where the spawn location ends up in another entity. I would like to be able to programmatically detect this and move the spawn location. How would I go about this?
  7. Hey! During the time of me playing around to get controllers to work in Leadwerks, I came across SDL bindings for Lua. So I compiled and tried it and it worked fine without problems. But, when I later try to require it from Leadwerks, I get the following error: "error loading module 'SDL' from file './SDL.so'" : 0 : undefined symbol When running outside of Leadwerks, I'm running it with Lua 5.1, which afaik, is what Leadwerks uses. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks! Regards, Krax
  8. 5 years ago I wanted to learn programming. Still don't know how they make a script for a game. I mean i know how to make make up a website with HTML and CSS. But i guess that is something totally different. A lot of people say that programming is pretty easy once you know the basics. Like Variables Loops and something new I've learned Tables. i mean u can tell me what a Loop is but i will never shake this out of my head >>> --Create a window window = Window:Create() --Create a rendering context context = Context:Create(window) --While loop while window:KeyHit(Key.Escape)==false do --Set the drawing color and clear the screen context:SetColor(0,0,0) context:Clear() --Set the drawing color and blend mode context:SetColor(1,1,1) context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) --Draw some text onscreen context:DrawText("PRESS ESCAPE TO END THE PROGRAM.",2,2) --Update the screen context:Sync() end So my point is. Are there any specific ways to learn programming or replace programming in some way for people that are struggling with this problem. This is something that should not make someone give up their idea because he or she can not write a code. thanks for reading, Jefferey Oertel 2D/3D Artist
  9. I am making a contraption that is sort of like pistons, and know how to make everything except a timer to keep them moving. I was thinking I could create a pivot to have an output (that I could manage in the FlowGraph editor), and just have it loop the output with a delay of about a second before it loops again. To quickly summarize How to program an output that will be displayed in the FlowGraph editor How to loop it with a delay between outputs How to have it not stop until I want it to. Thank you
  10. Hi. I installed a Leadwerks on a Linux Mint 17.1 Cinamon and my game didn't run. Leadwerks don't showing any errors. The console log: Executing "\media\thekkubas\Dev2\Leadwerks\Jube\Jube"... Process Complete. Nothing more. I don't know what can I do. I tried open an app on wine. It runned.
  11. When I started the engine I thought I should combine the Lua and C++. For example scripts to do on Lua ,game logic and mechanics on C++. But everything you can write in C++, you can also write and Lua and I thought - does it make sense to combine Lua and C++? Are there any advantages in the combination of two languages?
  12. Hi! I noticed a while ago that the Leadworks editor prints the following Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 251810 Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID: Caching Steam ID: 76561198024704964 [API loaded no] Is there actually any way to make use of this? Like, load the ID into a variable or use the API in any other way since it says "API loaded no"? I know that Steamworks is probably impossible, since it's for C++, but yea... Thanks, KraXarN
  13. Hi. i'm new to Leadwerks and I started scrpiting in lua. When i try to make basic controller i discovered that bug (or my mistake). Here is one of scripts which i (try to) make. Script.player = "" --entity "Player" function Script:Start() end function Script:Update() if window:KeyDown(Key.D) then print("D Pressed") right() end end function Script:right() ppos = self.player:GetPosition() self.player:SetPosition(ppos+Vec3(3,0,0)) end When it launched i didn't get any console replys about pressed D and my character didn't move. At the end sorry for my English. That text could have errors.
  14. I have been getting into some frustration with the car script: This is a video of what happens when I make everything right. I have installed the prefab car and made everything just like in the car, tire 0,1,,2,3 at the right positions and name, physics are all the same . When I make the physics shape a box, the tires just disappear and nothing happens :I In the Video the physics shape is a polyhedron, I havent even started the engine and that happens. Also I have tryed all other physics shape but none worked. rover_mesh.fbx
  15. 1. I have been searching in the Internet and found a Rover model: http://opengameart.org/content/mars-rover When I open it up in Blender, it says the rotation is 000, as well as the location. But when I import it inside Leadwerks, it says that the rotation is 90,0,0 (it is rotated right, but it should be 0,0,0). That is why there are some problems with the car script. 2 The car script does not work on the rover, even if all physics are adjusted as same as the prefab car, the rover tires have some weird position and only the starting sound appears to work. 3. So now I taught I will make it like this : SetParent the rover to the car and put an invisible material on the car(also scale it so it handles more realistic). This has workend in parts, when I have no physics on the rover. Now the problem is , when I make this the rotation is 0,0,0 and not 90,0,0 ,so the rover is not rotated correct. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=345315752&searchtext=car Also something else, that is probably caused by the settings file: I cannot select a box (or else shape) for the physics inside the editor. I only see the following: physics mode, collision type, Mass, character angle, swept collision, nav obstacle.
  16. Ive had some problems with Aggros health Bar script. It seems that the Set Color command is no longer scaler. ie a value between 0 and 1 but now takes values between 0 and 255. Is this right?
  17. I have the Lua Version (Indie), and compiled games show an unnecessary DOS Window which the user really doesn't want to read. How to disable it? It gives a bad impression.
  18. Hello My problem is that I have an Pivot which has the platform.lua script attached. when I test it out and select it to be enabled at the program start, everything works just fine. The pivot with all the atttached models are moving right where I want them and at the right speed. But when I select it to be disabled at the start of the program, it just keeps locked. I am pretty sure when you are ingame you cant make it change or just start inside the game. I tested it inside flowgraph editor with multiple ways : collision, pushbotton (none of them work) It am very confused about that since the most part of the script is in update...() functions. So how do you can make it change (via flowgraph) ?
  19. I'm running into a huge issue, I can't wrap my head around it. Whenever I compile the Lua interpreter (Visual Studio Express 2013, Release mode, Windows-32 bit), I get back an exe about 5.5 MB large. The Lua interpreter that comes in each project is only 4.5 MB large. This fact alone wouldn't be a huge issue, but I have a feeling that it is contributing to perfomance issues. Here's the problem: If I create a map with too many entities, my compiled interpreter will exponentially decrease it's framerate until the game basically freezes. The same map used on the Lua interpreted version does not lead to that (the game runs fine at a constant framerate). I don't think it is a memory leak because if I remove instance of the same mesh, the problem goes away (which means it doesn't have to do with batches either, since that is constant). I've even loaded the map without Lua scripts and I still get the same issue. It sounds like some sort of thrashing is going on due to less memory being allocated, but I'm not sure. I'm also only using 2 lights, and about 120k polys (with a similar amount of shadowed polygons). I think I was using between 400 MB and 700 MB of VRAM, but none of these should be the issue here either as I have 2 GB or VRAM. Anyway, any possible solutions or compiler settings/flags that I might be missing here?
  20. Can someone send me or post a .lua script for the FPSCharacter controller that allows me to crouch? Thanks.
  21. I'm trying to recreate portals Areial Faith Plate. The faith plate has a constant velocity even with gravity in effect. In Leadwerks on the character controller there is allways drag unless you counteract it. So here is my question, How would I go about creating a launcher that would throw the player in a set arc at a constant velocity?
  22. Howdy! Since it looks like I can't create threads using Lua, how would I go about creating an animated loading screen during a map change using Lua? The program seems to freeze during this process, and I wish to display images, text, etc and update these of their own accord while loading the next map. For example, I wish to display: an animated loading icon, and displaying an image slideshow. Many thanks in advance!
  23. So i was starting a new project and modeled an Player with some bones. It is in a third person view and the problem is that you cant see where the player looks (to pick up objects). So I just started to Insert the camrotation on the x axis inro a SetRotation function. 1. function Script:UpdateWorld() 2. self.entity:SetRotation(Math:self.camRotation.x,0,0) 3. 4. end I get the error: function arguments exspected near "." , (in the 2. line) The herarchy looks sth like this : Player(fpsPlayer) SantaModel ->arms ... -> Head (right here is the Script attached) Camera(this has no script but is attached to Player) I dont know wheres the problem , it is probably some newbie mistake. To make sure, the camRotation.x is in an other script.
  24. So i was starting a new project and modeled an Player with some bones. It is in a third person view and the problem is that you cant see where the player looks (to pick up objects). So I just started to Insert the camrotation on the x axis inro a SetRotation function. 1. function Script:UpdateWorld() 2. self.entity:SetRotation(Math:self.camRotation.x,0,0) 3. 4. end I get the error: function arguments exspected near "." , (in the 2. line) The herarchy looks sth like this : Player(fpsPlayer) SantaModel ->arms ... -> Head (right here is the Script attached) Camera(this has no script but is attached to Player) I dont know wheres the problem , it is probably some newbie mistake. To make sure, the camRotation.x is in an other script.
  25. Platform: Windows. Downloads: FPS Player scenario (Preconfigured scenario ready to play Updated 08/may/2015) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107114506/Leadwerks/LUA%20XBOX%20360%20controller%20FPS%20Template.rar Marble game ball (Preconfigured scenario ready to play Updated 03/may/2015) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107114506/Leadwerks/Marblegame%20XBOX360%20controller%20template.rar Only DLL: (Updated 08/may/2015) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107114506/Leadwerks/SDL2.dll%20and%20LuaGamePad.dll.zip Note: - You must have connected the XBOX 360 controller to work. - If you want put the code in you proyect, copy and paste the "LuaGamePad.dll" and "SDL2.dll" in your project folder. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New update!! Data: 08/May2015 Working hard on my free time, I developed the LUA FPS XBOX 360 controller. What's new: - The movement is now analog (Left stick). - The view is now analog (Right stick). - The sprint is now analog (Right Trigger). - The sound of the steps are automatically adjusted to the speed of the player, also considers the sprint. It is fully preconfigured and is 100% functional, I've tested with the FPS Weapons Pack and works fine. If you find a bug please send me a report. Open the project and open the "07-AI and Events.map" The "FPSPlayer XBOX360 controller adapted.lua" is in the same folder that "FPSPlayer.lua" The empty template XBOX 360 controller is in the "Scrips / objects / XBOX 360 controller" folder. Controller mapping: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Data: 03/May2015 Hello everyone! I work hard to create a Lua XBOX 360 controller template. (Based on the work of Skrakle). http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/12476-lua-lib-game-controller-support/ Upgrade Author: Daniel0213 What's new: DRIVER: I have expanded the functions and recompile the driver. I added: - The right analog stick is now functional. - The left and right trigger just happen to be digital to be analog + digital. SCRIPT: - The script is not oriented to App.lua, now is oriented to the object you want to control, the player. (You must insert the script on the object that you want to control). - I created a template fully explained with comments. - I've written and adapted the formulas needed to converter from analog value to Leadwerks. Not any knowledge of analog sensors are required to write your own program. The code gives you automatically a converted analog value. - To change analog values you do not need to enter the code can be changed quickly from outside. - Reduced the death zone of analogue sensors, but can be changed easily. The instruction have a comment. - I separate all the buttons to make it easier to interpret the code. - You can choose externally the number of controller you want to use. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I inserted the code in the template marble game, for a practical example of the operation display. Within the project it is the empty template XBOX controller and inserted into the ballplayer template for a practical example. (I have asked permission to Josh to do this) The empty template XBOX 360 controller is in the "Scrips / objects / XBOX 360 controller" folder. The "ballplayer" script has been modified to insert the sample code. Changed the name to "ballplayer Adapted to XBOX 360 controller." I'm using the Leadwerks version 3.5 Beta. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW INSTALL: Very simple. 1. Unzip the .rar file. 2. Copy the "XBOX360controllertemplate" folder in your Leadwerks project folder. 3. Open leadwerks, go to "project manager" Push "import" enter to "XBOX360controllertemplate" folder and select the "XBOX 360 controller template.werk" file. 4. Select the project and press "OK". You must disable the sandbox lua libraries to work xbox 360 controller. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How analog sensors work: Put the desired maximum values. In this case, when the left stick reaches its peak (up direction), the analog value which will be 15. Decreasing this value progressively until it reaches 0, when you reach the death zone. Don't touch the formula. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A bit of theory: The Analog converted formula. (Don't worry, you don't have to create, it is already written in the template code.) ENJOY!!! Future upgrades: - Add left and right vibration. - Linux support. Note: If you want put the code in you proyect, copy and paste the "LuaGamePad.dll" and "SDL2.dll" in your project folder.
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