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  1. So i was starting a new project and modeled an Player with some bones. It is in a third person view and the problem is that you cant see where the player looks (to pick up objects). So I just started to Insert the camrotation on the x axis inro a SetRotation function. 1. function Script:UpdateWorld() 2. self.entity:SetRotation(Math:self.camRotation.x,0,0) 3. 4. end I get the error: function arguments exspected near "." , (in the 2. line) The herarchy looks sth like this : Player(fpsPlayer) SantaModel ->arms ... -> Head (right here is the Script
  2. Platform: Windows. Downloads: FPS Player scenario (Preconfigured scenario ready to play Updated 08/may/2015) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107114506/Leadwerks/LUA%20XBOX%20360%20controller%20FPS%20Template.rar Marble game ball (Preconfigured scenario ready to play Updated 03/may/2015) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107114506/Leadwerks/Marblegame%20XBOX360%20controller%20template.rar Only DLL: (Updated 08/may/2015) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107114506/Leadwerks/SDL2.dll%20and%20LuaGamePad.dll.zip Note: - You must have connected the XBOX 360 control
  3. The lua example script used for Camera:GetProjectionMode() and Camera:SetProjectionMode() will cause an error since the variables 'Camera.Perspective' and 'Camera.Orthographic' are nil.
  4. Here's a new lib that i just finished that will allow game controller support for Lua fans! EDIT: Source: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=1653f4923c37f970!278&authkey=!ABW8a3PdvzR_8cE&ithint=file%2czip Binaries (dll & so): https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=1653f4923c37f970!284&authkey=!AM0p2lTBH1mMSzk&ithint=file%2czip A lua example is provided, you can simply overwrite your existing App.lua with mine on a new test project. * Note: Lua sandbox must be disabled to use libs. Unfortunately i don't have linux installed so i couldn't compile it fo
  5. Hello, guys. I'm coming from Unity and having played around with the Steam demo of Leadwerks 3, I'm very curious about how you normally go about composing your game objects. In Unity, you create components (scripts) where each component adds some kind of functionality to any game object you add it to. I read on a blog about how the devs of Leadwerks want to compatrmentalize logic in small chunks (much like Unity does it I guess), but in the example maps I see no such thing. You have an object (say, a CSG primitive) and you can add a single Lua script to it. So how do I add multip
  6. I'm looking to see if there is a way to detect if the game is running in the lua sandbox (example: in the game player) or as a standalone game? I would like to detect this so I can use IO to read and write settings in standalone and load the defaults with the sandbox enabled.
  7. Hi! So, I have been looking around for a way to make a controller or gamepad work in Leadwerks, but most of the posts here seems to be outdated... Have anyone actually got this working right? Thanks! Regards, KraXarN
  8. When you create a Lua project, there are two C++ files listed under the Source folder. Suppose I want to recompile these. Does anyone know how I would go about doing this with VS 2013 (like step-by-step)? (I'm new to C++ for Windows, I primarily worked with C++ on Linux )
  9. The thing is: how can I use a variable in one script stated on other script in lua? On example: I have 2 scripts: fps_gun.lua with a variable of ammo_count and a script App.lua with a variable named ammo_ammount. How can I use a ammo_count in App.lua(4example ammo_ammount=ammo_count) Thanks beforehand!
  10. While programming it became an increasing hassle to key track of what variable was a mouse button and what command was from the keyboard. So I wrote a function that will treat the mouse and the keyboard as the same input. -- This creates a function that is capable of handeling both keyboard and mouse input function InputHit(keycode) local window = Window:GetCurrent() local context=Context:GetCurrent() if keycode == Key.LButton then return window:MouseHit(Key.LButton) end if keycode == Key.RButton then return window:MouseHit(Key.RButton) end if keycode == Key.MButton then return w
  11. This is my code: DeathTrigger.lua (attached to a box) Script.respawnPoint = "" --Entity "respawn point" function Script:Collision(entity, position, normal, speed) if(entity:GetKeyValue("name") == "Player") then spawnPos = self.respawnPoint:GetPosition() --entity:SetPosition(spawnPos) entity:Respawn(spawnPos) end end and FPSPlayer.lua (attached to the player) function Script:Respawn(spawnPos) self.entity:SetPosition(spawnPos) end When they collision I get this error: I have a Pivot indicating the respawn point: Line 65 is this from DeathTrigger.lua:
  12. Hai! I have a function for changing the music track in my game and it works fine and all, but I also want it to get the total length of the track... Here is my function I'm currently using: function App:SwitchMusic(name) App.source:Stop() local sound = Sound:Load("Sound/BGM/" .. name .. ".wav") App.source:SetSound(sound) App.source:Play() end I tried adding something like App.tracklength = Math:Round(self.name:GetLength()) But it only returns in an error, since I guess it's trying to find a loaded sound with the name "name" and not from the variable. Do anyone ha
  13. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/documentation/_/command-reference/context/contextsetscale-r728 I wanted to scale my GUI using the setscale command and found some of the drawing commands do not function correctly. The drawrect command works properly. The plot command does not scale at all. The line command does not work properly in straight lines horizontally or vertically, but it does diagonally. Hear is code to test and explain: --This function will be called once when the program starts function App:Start() --Initialize Steamworks (optional) --Steamworks:In
  14. Hello everyone, I am trying to get a count of how many crates i have but am having a hard time figuring out how to refer to them directly to get a proper count. I want to do this to be able to track crates as i get rid of them and to add in new ones as they are generated. Thanks for any help!
  15. I'm creating a FPS game but I've run into a problem with the Pistol prefab. I have a health bar for the player ( from Aggrors video tutorials) and every time I fire the pistol the health bar flashes simultaneously with the muzzle flash. Any help would be appriciated.
  16. Hello! I wanted to make some sort of message box to pop up for the player if for example an error occurred and I wanted it to show a popup box instead of just logging it into a console. Is this possible? If not, is there a module or something to add the ability to do this? Thanks, KraXarN
  17. A simple example of a multiple text. function App:Start() self.maxTextWidth = 128 self.sourceText = "Text" self.tempText = "" self.text={} self.lineCount = 0 for w in string.gmatch(self.sourceText, "[%p%a%d]+") do if defaultfont:GetTextWidth(self.tempText) < self.maxTextWidth then self.tempText = self.tempText.." "..w else --We need to find the last word, learn length, and delete it. local temp1 = string.reverse(self.tempText) local temp2 = string.sub(temp1, 1, string.find(temp1," ")) temp2 = string.reverse(temp2)
  18. A post here about theora made me remember the previous LE2.31 implementation done by community member Niosop, who graciously provided a route for us to put *.ogg videos into LE via entity scripts. After updating his scripts to LE3.2 Indie scripts, I was able to get it working. I had planned on posting it via the workshop but I had a number of issues with it. One of the issues was that I couldn't get it to expose the script variables in the properties dialog when you attached the needed workshop script - so no easy way to select the video you wanted to play. In any case until t
  19. Hi! I cannot understand how to use your font for button. And then use a standard font. --Font local context = Context:GetCurrent() button.font = Font:Load("Fonts/Test.ttf",32) --Custom button.defaultfont = context:GetFont() --Arial button.color = Vec4(1.0) Pay attention! I do not release fonts from memory. function Button:Draw() local context = Context:GetCurrent() local window = Window:GetCurrent() if self.enable then if self.visible then context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) --Set user font if self.font then context:SetFont(self.font) el
  20. I have standard edition of Leadwerks and I'm working in beta branch now (Leadwerks 3.5). After last update I have noticed a problem with flowgraph editor. My function: function Script:EnterType()--arg return self.collidedEntityType end is not reflected in the flowgraph and therefore I cannot trasmit this agrument to the input function (with --in) Only output and input methods are showed in the graph. Arguments are not. (Windows 8.1, GeForce GTX 460)
  21. Hello! So I had an old post and find the real problem, so I made another post... Whenever I publish my game from the project manager Steamworks always fails to load, even with Sandboxing enabled or disabled. The code I used to load Steamworks is: if not Steamworks:Initialize() then Debug:Error("Failed to load Steam") end Whenever I have sandboxing enabled or not, it always works when in the editor and when just running the .exe file from the folder, Steamworks loads and everything is fine. It really feels like I'm missing something :/ Thanks, KraXarN EDIT: Forgot to
  22. Line 10 Script.playerHeight = 1.8 --float "Player Height" Line 86 --local playerTempHeight = ((self:IsCrouched() == 1) and crouchHeight or playerHeight)
  23. Playing around with a script that allows the user to pick a color from the object panel to be used with a shader. Setting the initial value of the color works as expected and fills out the property panel correctly: Script.MyColor = Vec4(1,0,0,1)--Color "MyColor" But if the color property is modified via the panel, then it will return a number based on the 0-255 scale which will fail in the shader. In an attempt to work around this, I changed my initial value to: Script.MyColor = Vec4(255,0,0,255)--Color "MyColor" which results in this: which gives weird property panel r
  24. This script will crash the editor (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) if attached to a pivot and dragged into the Flowgraph. TriggerDelayMapLoad.lua
  25. Hello, can anyone give me a hint or a link that explains how to create Lua classes similar to those built into Leadwerks? For example, Leadwerks has a Model class, and you can do a Model:Create() in order to create a new model. I would like to have my custom classes, eg. Block, with a method Block:Create(). I know that Lua classes are, in fact, made in C++ and disposed via Lua interface. I have a Leadwerks standard edition, but would prefer not to fiddle at this point with C++ (which I've, BTW, learned, so I can use it). But if it's necessary, I would gladly ask for some hint/advice where
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