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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm finding problems in my model "Crane", initially it was physical, now they are normal faces. I tried using the "Normal Average" setting and the model seems to be made of plush ... When I configure the template with "Normal Threshhold" my template is completely bugged, as the images follow. I refitted the model obeying all topology of polygons. Please if anyone can help me solve this problem thank you. Thank you!
  2. I'm trying to make a cel shaded shader and am working on the outline part. Everything seems to work well except for this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=603858840 It seems to me like the normals past a certain depth are not uniform and I'm not really sure why. Or is this just Nyquist-like effect? If so, what would be the best way to handle this? This is the shader I wrote (there's a simple lua script that binds the diffuse, depth and normal textures): #version 400 uniform sampler2D texture1; //diffuse uniform sampler2DMS texture2; //depth uniform sampler2DMS texture3; //normal uniform vec2 camerarange; uniform bool isbackbuffer; uniform vec2 buffersize; out vec4 fragData0; #define width 2 float DepthToZPosition(in float depth) { return camerarange.x / (camerarange.y - depth * (camerarange.y - camerarange.x)) * camerarange.y; } void main(void) { vec2 texcoord = gl_FragCoord.xy/buffersize + 0.5/(buffersize*0.5); if (isbackbuffer) texcoord.y = 1.0 - texcoord.y; vec4 c = texture(texture1, texcoord); //Line Detection bool edge = false; float depth = DepthToZPosition(texelFetch(texture2,ivec2(texcoord*buffersize),0).x); float depth_temp = 0; vec3 normal = texelFetch(texture3,ivec2(texcoord*buffersize),0).xyz; normal=normal/length(normal); vec3 normal_temp = vec3(0); // Check adjacent pixels for (int x=-1; x<2; x+=2) for (int y=-1; y<2; y+=2) { depth_temp = DepthToZPosition(texelFetch(texture2,ivec2(texcoord*buffersize)+ivec2(x*width,y*width),0).x); normal_temp = texelFetch(texture3,ivec2(texcoord*buffersize)+ivec2(x*width,y*width),0).xyz; normal_temp = normal_temp/length(normal_temp); if ((abs(dot(normal_temp,normal)) < 1) && (abs(depth_temp-depth) > .1)) { edge = true; } } fragData0 = c; if (edge) { fragData0 = vec4(0,0,0,c.a); } }
  3. Forgive me if this is a silly question, but my previous experience with collision normals is as follows: collision on X should return Vec3(1,0,0) collision on -X should return Vec3(-1,0,0) collision on Y should return Vec3(0,1,0) collision on -Y should return Vec3(0,-1,0) collision on Z should return Vec3(0,0,1) collision on -Z should return Vec3(0,0,-1) Leadwerks pickinfo.normal returns a fraction depending on where on a face the collision occurs. Is pickinfo.face the "normal" function I'm used to, and maybe pickinfo.normal is describing the hit point? If this is the case, how do you use pickinfo.face, I couldn't find much documentation on it? Thanks!
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