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Found 28 results

  1. Terrain uses more than 1700mb GRAM I have such a problem! I create an empty scene, create a player and a flat terrain without any textures, save, turn off the engine for freeing resources, launch it, and see that this scene uses more than 1700 MB of graphics memory. Can anyone say how this can be, how does a flat terrain without so much texture use so much memory? System: Dell t5500 Xeon X5650 6/12 24 GB RAM Radeon R9 270x 2gb GRAM Everything is on the SSD of Windows 8.1
  2. Voxel terrain is a fantastic way to create caves, overhangs, cliffs and entire procedural games in some instances. Look at products like VoxelFarm, which can be implemented at an extra cost for various games engines and has a SDK. I would love to see Voxel Terrain implemented in Leadwerks.] Mike
  3. Hello, i need some help with the next issue: I have a flying machine, helycopter, and i want to launch a missile(obuz in my script), with physics to hit terrain. All working fine, but i cant figure this things: I want to respawn the missile(obuz) back on helycopter I want to make a big explosion hitting terrain. Emiter should be child of missile ???How to do that in collosion function and where?? I created a pivot child to helycopter, also the missile, created in Leadwerks, as child of pivot, not sure what kind of physics collision to set, prop, trigger,... I made a script combined from few others, such us respawnpoint, deadtrigger, collision function, but ....no more ideas....anybody can help??? here is the script, attached to my missile: Script.respawnPoint = "" -- entity "Respawn Point" Script.soundfile1=""--path "Sound 1" "Wac file (*.wav):wav|Sound" Script.soundfile2=""--path "Sound 2" "Wac file (*.wav):wav|Sound" Script.soundfile3=""--path "Sound 3" "Wac file (*.wav):wav|Sound" Script.soundfile4=""--path "Sound 4" "Wac file (*.wav):wav|Sound" Script.threshhold=2--float "Threshhold" Script.maxfrequency=300--minimum delay between sound plays Script.range=200--float "Range" Script.window = Window:GetCurrent() ImpactNoiseLastSoundTime=0-- This will be shared among all instances of this script and ensure we don't play too many sounds function Script:Start() self.sound={} for n=1,4 do local filepath = self["soundfile"..tostring(n)] if filepath~="" then local noise = Sound:Load(filepath) if noise~=nil then table.insert(self.sound,noise) --self.sound[#self.sound+1]=noise end end end end function Script:Collision(entity, position, normal, speed) if speed>self.threshhold then if #self.sound>0 then local collisiontype = entity:GetCollisionType() if collisiontype==Collision.Prop or collisiontype==Collision.Scene then local t = Time:GetCurrent() if t-ImpactNoiseLastSoundTime>self.maxfrequency then ImpactNoiseLastSoundTime=t local n=math.random(#self.sound) local noise = self.sound[n] self.entity:EmitSound(noise,self.range) --if (entity:GetKeyValue("name") == "obuz") then -- spawnPos = self.respawnPoint:GetPosition() -- entity:SetPosition (spawnPos) --end end end end end end function Script:UpdatePhysics() self.move = Vec3(0,0,0) if (self.window:KeyDown(Key.B)) then self.entity:SetMass(1) self.entity:SetParent(nil) self.entity:AddForce(0,0,200, false) end end
  4. I noticed that just recently (4.4) the engine supports terrains as big as 8192x8192 if you Set exterrain=1 in the Leadwerks.cfg Awesome! Im just curious if this affects the terrain detail? Does it simply double the scale of the terrain and therefore reduce the detail by half, or does the resolution remain the same? Also, I read that the engine has not supported terrain shadows since about LE2.5, is this true? Not having terrain shadows is kind of a deal breaker for me, is there any chance this will return in the future? Thank you!
  5. Still plans for a road tool? SetLayerAlpha/GetLayerAlpha appear to be broken so it can't be done that way.
  6. As large maps can suffer from floating point accuracy problems, are there any plans to add some sort of streaming system to terrain maps, where the world origin is reset to zero when the player enters a new section/zone, as in Unreal Engine 4? CryEngine was also going to have a similar feature added (called segmented worlds), but I'm not sure if that ever happened for public releases. Populating such large areas should be much easier - even for smaller teams - with Leadwerk's procedural vegetation system.
  7. Hi, I have not found this option on the terrain tool. That's why I'm asking if that could be implemented in future Leadwerks version. Currently the vegetation tool for terrain is really awesome, but for rocks or other objects that are not trees, it would be desirable to have the object line up with the terrain surface. Here is a screen showing some rocks on a hill. With a checkbox to align the object with the surface of the terrain, it would look better:
  8. I'm doing a fps game and for optimisation (entering into a building), I need to hide the terrain entirely with a script. How to do that ? Can't find a 'terrain' object I can manipulate.
  9. SpEcIeS

    Height Maps

    Not sure if you all are aware of this site, but I found this is super cool for generating real world height maps: https://terrain.party/
  10. I have two questions regarding terrain: 1) How can I access a terrain made in the editor from Lua script? Secondly, is there any way to create it programmatically / procedurally, ie. via scripting and not in the editor? 2) I see that a terrain is shaded, which is fine. However, I notice that it does not cast shadows, which is very unrealistic. Is there a way to make it cast shadows. Thank you!
  11. Hi all, i've noticed this strange thing time ago, but, because has not ben resolved, now want to discuss with you about it. I'va attached a very simple map, that everyone can create by itself. When map is loaded pay attention to sun rotation and the trees shadows: There shouldn't be a big mountain shadow that cover all the area?? There is also a spotlight pointed on a mountain but the same problem appears, no terrain shadow is drawn. Shouldn't be a sort of bug this?? Shadow_bug.rar
  12. Hello, I´m new to Leadwerks and its really great. In return for all the fun I have, I want to share this page with you. http://terrain.party/ You can download height-maps from around the globe and load it into your terrain editor. Maybe you have to adjust it a bit. Really crazy stuff for example the "sedan crater". Enjoy and post some fixes or creations. Greetings.
  13. Allow for custom shapes defined by a heightmap other than circle for all deformation actions in the terrain editor. Provide some default heightmap brushes based on common patterns generated by programs such as L3DT.
  14. I want to create a terrain, which will be loaded when player to be in it. How I can do it? Be desirable, if you can give me example on c++ code. Thanks in advance.
  15. I need any tips or what ever you know about A good map / level design. -> picture related
  16. Will GeoVox work with Leadwerks?
  17. Place a decal (10x10x10, wound,mat) on a terrain slope (08-Terrain.map) and you will get holes in the decal.
  18. I understand that in Leadwerks 3 a distance blurring system was added to allow for more textures to be used on terrains. This has become quite noticable in my project. It's not too bad for the level terrain when at ground height, but for something like a mountain it becomes very obvious. You can quite clearly see the line where it blurs and where it doesn't. I have Googled for an answer for a few days now and have only really been able to find the blog article talking about the new terrain system (which seemed to mention that there would be a way for the dev to adjust the blur distance), and not a lot else. I have tried messing with a few settings in the terrain shaders (e.g. TERRAIN_LOW_FREQUENCY_BLEND which was mentioned in one forum response, but setting that to 0 as recommended just made the texture low resolution until you got up way too close to it). Can anyone point me in the right direction? On a mostly unrelated topic, is there any way to increase the draw distance in the Leadwerks editor?
  19. I've only tested using the largest terrain size. Water covers most but not all of the map. Just make a new project using terrain size 4096 and turn on water.
  20. why did the min height not allowed negative values? can not make a hole in my current level for the new water plane.
  21. I got excited when I saw there was a terrain road feature but then realized it was in an older version. Any idea when this feature might be added back into version 3?
  22. I have downloaded the roads texture pack from the downloads section on the site and noticed when I add for example road_base1.tex to a layer the image thumbnail nor name are displayed in the editor which makes it hard to tell what layer they are on. The actual texture does seem to paint on fine but I noticed if I change the scale it's ignored. For example I tried to adjust the scale to make the white line in the road bigger and smaller and although the change is reflected in the editor when I run the game it seems to just use the same default scale. Ok I just tried saving and restarting the editor and now the thumbnail and name are showing on layer fields. Scale doesn't seem to be working when changed during a session but if I change the scale then save and reload the editor and map the new scale is used when I run the game. Strange, probably a bug? Edit: so the terrain painting issues I mentioned above aren't happening now, maybe another restart or something sorted it out. But now I have a player object in the scene that I can move around in the editor but it doesn't seem to be working when run game and I couldn't delete it by pressing delete key or by context menu in the scene tree. Save map, restart/reload and it's gone now.
  23. Hi again, when attempting to paint my terrain (having a different texture in layer 2) it doesn't do anything. I have tried changing the min and max slope to see if that would interfere with anything and all the other settings. I have tried finding other posts and I found one but it didn't seem to fix the issue (he explained that it had to do with the slope or something), if I have miss interpreted it you can read it yourself here: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/10110-how-to-paint-terrain-in-leadwerks-32/ Thanks for reading (and I apologise if this is the wrong forum for this!). P.S I have looked into Aggror's tutorial on it (unfortunately it is on Leadwerks 2).
  24. When I walk on terrain with a Character Controller my memory usage consistently goes up. I tested this by using the Terrain map in the MyGame project with a Character Controller using the FPSplayer.script. I also put a check for memory usage and collectgarbage() in my main App Loop. Further details can be found in the video I made-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj0brR8_7eQ&feature=youtu.be
  25. Hey guys, I'm trying to get the shader for adjusting plane clipping values at runtime. When I do: Material* Mat = terrain->GetMaterial(); I get a null reference What's the correct way of doing that? Also, adding the terrain object to the documentation would be awesome
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