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Found 29 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm trying to get the shader for adjusting plane clipping values at runtime. When I do: Material* Mat = terrain->GetMaterial(); I get a null reference What's the correct way of doing that? Also, adding the terrain object to the documentation would be awesome
  2. Hi, I'm new to Leadwerks 3 and I would like to get some help with Terrain painting. My problem is that, when I select the painting tool in terrain editor and I click on a layer, nothing happens, can't paint the terrain. The only thing I can do is to select minimum and maximum slope and height for every layer (texture) and when I sculpt the terrain it change the layer (texture) at some point, but as there is a painting tool to choose I think we can paint the selected texture on the terrain somehow but I don't know how and also can't find tutorials. The only tutorial I find is for Leadwerks 2.x but the terrain painting just don't work that way in v3.2 as I can't choose (assign) layer to paint. Anybody could help me please? Thanks.
  3. Hello all guys! I have created the largest terrain possible in LE which is 4096x4096x10m (in fact, by modifying sbx with notepad, u can make it even larger). On distant locations (relative to origin), I see artifacts on shadow maps and UV assignments as well as geometry degredation which I believe all due to floating point precision loss. Here is the related video, although you can check it out yourself by creating a terrain in Editor. Parts of terrain at locations (0,0,0), (7500,0,7500), (15000,0,15000), (20480,0,20480). : user : katron pass : katron2012 file : "LE 4096x10m map precision problem - DIVX.avi" What are your comments on this issue ? (One possible dirty solution : I can move the terrain and objects on it instead of moving the cam ) PS: I encountered precision problem on my previous job, where we were implementing a google earth clone 3D app. We were visualising the whole earth along with a tiny house or road sign in the same scene. We solved the issue by utilizing "camera relative rendering" & "using double precision math on vector calculations taking place on cpu" & "enabling consistent floating point mode on direct3D".
  4. How do you assign the terrain base texture via code? Is it part of the terrain alpha map? Or is there an undocumented command that sets this?
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