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Found 7 results

  1. Been working on a couple projects lately, This is from one of our older RPG's. Credits to Rick on coaching us for inventory (over a year ago), and Jorn for always answering our questions as well and his tutorials, especially on youtube, and Josh as well, and many others around the forums and private chat. -- Inventory System, 90% functioning. Diablo2-style (items can be moved, created--pickedup--, released--dropped--) - just need to work on stacking, and overlap issues. -- Fully Functioning HUD including working scripts for, just took off some image overlay temporary for redesign: Health Bars Mana Bars Thirst, Hunger, Sleep, Temperature, and even Mood/Karma system EXP Bars, level display -- Fully Functioning Level System, including stats, primary/secondary skills, that control everything from skills for items, stats, and every value possible. All stat allocations for leveling up works perfectly, just need to duplicate the text and button scripts for overlay. (codes all finished finally, but many weeks of work left for graphics and proper text - overlay work - ), but it fully works. Also about 20% done the character tab, one of the next things we'll be working on is putting this together along side the inventory system. We're also dabbing into scripted quests with NPC's, so far so good, had to abandon the Flowgraph editor after it couldn't hold more than 1/10th of a quest.
  2. I have done quite a bit of snooping about, on the forums and going through the tutorials on YouTube, the complete series done by Jorn Theunisen is old and I understand some parts are outdated. Keeping in mind I'm not a programmer though I can read it fairly well just cannot write it, has anyone developed a rpg style 3rd person camera script? Not sure what I'm referring to a example is, Skyrim or even WOW, where the camera follows and has collision detection so it does not drift through walls, and you can rotate around it with the right mouse button. I'm sure there are developers out there who know exactly what type of setup I'm referring to Any help would be appreciated.
  3. This is a rigged model without textures. In the next time I will texture it and make some basic animations for it. There is going to be a system in the game that lets you equip stuff , for example body armour
  4. "To give you an idea of the character interaction, this special feature will highlight a few parts of a minor subquest. [...] All of you who’ve played a role-playing game are familiar with the standard retrieve item-receive reward type of quest. There’s nothing wrong with those, and as a matter of fact, they are very useful for introducing a player into a universe. Unfortunately, typically those quests are implemented as “Hi how are you – if you get me this sword, I’ll give you 500 coins”, and that’s it. [...] " (not by me, credits go to larian studios) -> http://www.larian.com/Site/english/divinity/special_02.html That is what I have been thinking about, too . In my game which I have no name for at the moment I will implement very complex Interaction inside the world , and also with the Npcs . I know this might seem to be a huge project, but I am very into this so I am going to make a pre alpha in january 2016.
  5. Only rare 3D map and character moving (for now) Maybe I have started this blog too soon, but I want to share my ideas . (also I am a bit bored ) If you want to build something similar like this in your game, please do that . Whats inside the Screen (items with "+" are currently not in the game): The screen itself: The resolution can be changed in the options menu, There is a very smooth vintage and contrast shader to make it look better. Appearently it has a very good look now. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=408368927 The map: Some self made assets with the nobiax textures in the workshop* make a good look. There are walls, dead trees and a big stone. all of them have physics and it works quite well . This are low poly 3d models made in blender* . The character movement: (character model itself currently work in progress) It is like in L.o.L. , a top-down camera following the character smootlhly via thirdpersonfollow script. w-a-s-d keys move the character into the directions. The mouse is visible and is used for +spells and other things to interact with the 3D world. Very much work needs to be done in particular here. The +barrels and +chests: Unlike the chest, a barrel can be breaked by the player to see whats inside even when its locked. The chest can be opened if it is not locked and a window will appear showing you what`s inside. The +key: Any key that (wow just want to throw in that the site auto saved this at 12:22:22) is found on the map is for opening a +door or a +chest to explore the world. There is also a +key boundle that can open anything if you are skilled in this. +Npcs: They are a main part of the Game, like story and much amount of interacting with them on surprise or +trading. examples: guardian always watches you not stealing a item, or you will be put into jail. +buttons and +bars: On the screen there will be a health bar, a stamina bar and a mana amount bar. if one of them is empty you can think yourself what happens. The bars maximum amount can be increasid with potions for an amount of time or via skill tree. The health bar in particular can be filled with food, the mana bar with drinks, the stamina bar just with potions but it refills itself much faster if the character makes a short break from running. There will also be a combat switch button, when you are in combat, you need too pull out your weapon, when you are in a friendly surrounding with Npcs they want you to put it on your back. Much more buttons will be available like inventory or equip and much more things...
  6. Hi all, I haven't bought the engine yet, but I want to discover more about this software. I want to make my own games, expecially a Role Playing Game. I've read on the web that Leadwerks engine support Lua, a very easy-to-learn language. Is this engine suitable for a RPG? Does it support 2D graphic to display Health, Level, Armor and Inventory? Thank you
  7. Welcome to blog Number 2; There is not a lot to discuss here, but I wanted to post an update(mostly so I can track myself. lol) We are just about completed with the Log on server. This actually has nothing to do with LE on the server side. The SQL connection is good, and we are using an sql.lite file for the log on server info. We felt that this would secure it a little better than a standard .CFG or .TXT file for the server host. We will be running a test tonight from a dedicated server to our clients. The client will see the scene I posted in the gallery and the GUI for loging in to the server. Hopefully by next week I will have a short video to add of the end product for login... Then off to the world population. Blog #1 Blog #3
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