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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, I was searching the forums for a releated subject, but I couldnt find one, but I could imagine there is one, if so I am sorry to post the same topic again So I am currently trying to come up with a way to handle diffrent objects rendering in the right order. What solutions have you for this problem. For example: I have a trading menu, but my cursor is rendered behind the inventory slots and buttons rendered by the NPC Trader entity. (elements of my trading menu are rendered by two diffrent entities (Player and NPC Trader)) I was thinking about something where you can set a variable "renderPriority" which indicates in which order objects are rendered. So if render Priority is 1 those objects "PostRender" function is called before all the others, then come entities with priority 2,3 and so on. Thats the point I am stuck . How to make the other PostRender functions "wait" unitl the PostRender function of an specific entity is finished. This I a problem I occured pretty often and havent found a solution yet, I mean that you control the order entities call functions like UpdateWorld() or PostRender(). Would really appreciate if somebody can come up with an idea
  2. Hi, I was wondering that I couldn't find any tutorial about creating simple UI elements. I searched the web and the forum for a while, and because I couldnt find anything useful I started this thread. The problem is I dont get how to check whether my mouse cursor is hovering over an element or not. To give you an more exact example: I just finished a simple inventory generation system where you can choose how many columns and slots it has and some other stuff. This works very well. However now I want to implement that, if you click on one of the items collected and shown in the inventory, that they get used/activated. The method I know from previous game developing experience is that you cast a ray from your camera origin through the mouse position and grab the UI elements which get intersected. My questions so far: Info: I only code in LUA. - How to check if my mouse hovers an context object (for example an image drawn with context:DrawImage()) - How to unlock my mouse so that I can move it around freely You would do me a great favor, if you tell me how this works in Leadwerks. Phoenix
  3. I want to make a password pad to put in some numbers. The attached picture is what it looks now, at a resolution of 1080 p. (for 1920 p the green text fits in properly) But as you can see the text is not scaled with the window, so how do I make it right? I can get the top left and bottom right of the screen as x,y vectors, but how do i calculate that the text always is inside of it ?
  4. Currently moved to Linux mint for a while. I've noticed that in the assets and project manager, the text is white and unreadable. This also happens with the file manager (When you go to load a new map or something), and the material editor. However, in the scene tab, the highlighter is called and you can see all the entities selected or not. Also not sure if this is Mint exclusive, but I can say it's apparent using Linux Mint 17.1.
  5. Well met, everyone! I am a new Leadwerker, only having purchased the engine about three days ago. I went running with guns up, opting directly for the Standard Edition on Steam. I am currently a 30 year old college student who is studying in the last semester of computer science. I am currently enrolled in a Unity course. My grades are fine, but I played with Leadwerks for about an hour and was already able to do more and have better productivity with absolutely no instruction than I am half a semester into Unity. Please note, I do not even know either LUA or C++. C# is as close as I get. So yes, I was immediately converted into a Leadwerker based on sheer usability alone. Now that introductions are out of the way, onto the meat and potatoes: I have made those Google goblins earn their keep the past day and half burning up their engine with queries regarding cutscenes, animation methods and techniques, main menu design, UI development, etc. I have ran across some useful information but I am here because I am seeking further clarification (read: I am not trolling). UI/UX/Main Menu: I ran into Aggror's FlowGUI after watching a few of his excellent tutorials on YouTube and nabbed that as fast as I could. It is awesome, easy to set up, and easy to use. So that settled an issue I was having altogether. However, I am also eager to flex my artistic muscles and was wondering if there were a way (hack, file, script, or anything) which would allow me to make a really "artsy" UI system and/or main menu (I am seeing animated smoke, menus popping in and out, and the like). This has been treated, but I am using LE3.4 and most of what I ran into was LE2.x. Keep in mind that Aggror's awesome tool provides a really solid backbone to my efforts. Cutscenes:After furiously Googling for the better part of a couple hours, I ran across suggestions such as LETheora(which is apparently deprecated now). That solution is fine (especially since I really love using opensource tools) but, as stated, seems to be non-functional. I am not well-versed enough in either LUA or C++ to give it CPR, I have additionally encountered posts from this thread and this one which solves the problem programmatically and via toolkit (respectively) in a roundabout fashion. However, they too are old and out of date.I have run into Rick's posts all over these forums, so if you see this Rick, any further advice/suggestion would be MOST welcome! So I wonder if anyone either a.) currently implements cutscenes or b.) has a way to implement cutscenes or c.) would be willing to work with me to find a way to GET cutscenes. Animation: This topic is related to the above. I was going to get the new FaceRig app (a toy, I know) and it caused me to wonder if importing animations into LE was doable in reasonable fashion and if so how it is done most commonly in LE3.4. Apologies for the lengthy post, but I feel that this will provide the most information needful to get the answers I can't seem to discover on my own. Thank you all for your time. Happy Leadwerking!
  6. Hi, I have not been able to find tutorials on making GUI's, UI's and HUD's. I want to create a very simple GUI on the main menu for my game which some text you click on starts the game, goes to the options menu, credits, or exits the game. Also, for when you hover over the text it goes to for instance, the colour red (but not entirely needed, but would be great!). I hope someone can help me out here, it would make my day EDIT: This is what it should look like (just quickly done in paint):
  7. Intro This is a hard post for me to make, I really dislike releasing code that isn't done and polished ( as people will inevitable judge your ability by the code ) on the other hand I've had to realize that if I do not then this will be another entry on my dead project pile - and I do believe that the community could benefit from it.. once it's in a more presentable shape at any rate. For some time now I've been working on porting myGUI to Leadwerks, or well honestly "working" is a bit of a misnomer as according to my version software I've not done anything use full for 5 weeks As somebody ( i forget who ) once said; The hardest part of a any project is finishing it. And that's very much the issue here, I've done all the challenging/fun bits and now there is "just" the finishing it left, so what needs to be done? Current state of the UI The C++ binding is 90% there ​RTT is missing, but should be trivial resource paths from files specified in XML files works but needs more thought (current implementation is guessing where the files are) comments may in places be in Danish (woops) Input handling uses standard leadwerks key inputs, which is less that satisfactory leak detection, it's been a few years since I've last used c++ ( or any unmanaged language ) so I'm quite paranoid about leaks [*]Lua binding lacks real world test to see what is needed [*]Automatic event binding is not yet supporting all widget types ( bascially just a whole lot of typing ) [*]Text labels seems to bleed through overlapping windows ( apparently because your supposed to have them on different layers and the demo does not do this - myGUI is still new to me as well ) [*]Switching between mouse look and cursor mode needs to be standardized ( currently relying on a modified fpsplayer ) [*]Linux only everything *should* work cross-platform but I do not currently have a OpenGL 4 windows machine ( my old media center is a fusion e450 which should in theory be OpenGL 4 compatible - so I may install windows on that at some point ) if anyone want's to try it out on windows I can guide them through the cmake settings required. Why My GUI? The default skin looks nice It's still maintained It has an agreeable license The developers have made a host of tools to actually work with the gui - you can find pre-compiled binaries for windows here ( works well with wine, or you can compile them on linux ) ​Skin creation tool Layout tool Font map tool ( but you can also use true type font's directly ) Widget creation tool etc [*]It's well documented http://mygui.info/docs/index.html [*] What's required in order to participate? At least Leadwerks license and a willingness to contribute, beyond that experience with any of the following is a nice bonus C++ Mercurial Lua valgrind "distributed" collaboration bitbucket Goal The ultimate goal is to provide a royalty free, free to use UI library to any and all Leadwerks users Licensing and commercial use myGUI is licensed under MIT http://mygui.info/#ui-tabs-15 but some of the companion libs have additional licenses, none of which preclude commercial/closed source use. A attribution template that can be copy/pasted into your games 'credit' section is planned. How can I participate? Assuming that I at this point sold you on the idea, shoot me a pm or reply here introducing your self and I'll add you to the bitbucket repository and help you get it working on your machine. (I've no idea how to make a publicly readonly repo there, and I'd rather not enable everybody writing to it all willy nilly) Keep in mind that as a working family father I've only about 2-6 hours / week of 'me' time so there may be some lag in replies but I'll try to be as quick about it as possible
  8. I purchased the indie version earlier this week, fired it up and was able run the tutorial maps and generally have a look around. Yesterday I decided to grab the sci-fi DLC and fired it up to have a look. Steam told me it was downloading a new version of the software so I waited for that to go through. Fired it up, got the splash window and it said it was downloading the DLC, the splash then went but the editor window never appeared. In the stdout the synchronise with workshop all went through ok without errors. The Leadwerks process is running and consuming a little CPU, the window manager believes there is a Leadwerks window and jumps me to it but it is currently not rendering. Decided to purge the application from my machine and download again but I got the same results. My setup is Debian Jessie (testing), latest NVidia drivers, up to date Steam, other steam items are running ok. My experience with Steam and purchases under it so far has been "just use it" so I've not had to worry about doing any problem determination so far. Is there any standard debugging/logging options I can activate to help resolve this?
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