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Found 4 results

  1. Well met, everyone! I am a new Leadwerker, only having purchased the engine about three days ago. I went running with guns up, opting directly for the Standard Edition on Steam. I am currently a 30 year old college student who is studying in the last semester of computer science. I am currently enrolled in a Unity course. My grades are fine, but I played with Leadwerks for about an hour and was already able to do more and have better productivity with absolutely no instruction than I am half a semester into Unity. Please note, I do not even know either LUA or C++. C# is as close as I get. So yes, I was immediately converted into a Leadwerker based on sheer usability alone. Now that introductions are out of the way, onto the meat and potatoes: I have made those Google goblins earn their keep the past day and half burning up their engine with queries regarding cutscenes, animation methods and techniques, main menu design, UI development, etc. I have ran across some useful information but I am here because I am seeking further clarification (read: I am not trolling). UI/UX/Main Menu: I ran into Aggror's FlowGUI after watching a few of his excellent tutorials on YouTube and nabbed that as fast as I could. It is awesome, easy to set up, and easy to use. So that settled an issue I was having altogether. However, I am also eager to flex my artistic muscles and was wondering if there were a way (hack, file, script, or anything) which would allow me to make a really "artsy" UI system and/or main menu (I am seeing animated smoke, menus popping in and out, and the like). This has been treated, but I am using LE3.4 and most of what I ran into was LE2.x. Keep in mind that Aggror's awesome tool provides a really solid backbone to my efforts. Cutscenes:After furiously Googling for the better part of a couple hours, I ran across suggestions such as LETheora(which is apparently deprecated now). That solution is fine (especially since I really love using opensource tools) but, as stated, seems to be non-functional. I am not well-versed enough in either LUA or C++ to give it CPR, I have additionally encountered posts from this thread and this one which solves the problem programmatically and via toolkit (respectively) in a roundabout fashion. However, they too are old and out of date.I have run into Rick's posts all over these forums, so if you see this Rick, any further advice/suggestion would be MOST welcome! So I wonder if anyone either a.) currently implements cutscenes or b.) has a way to implement cutscenes or c.) would be willing to work with me to find a way to GET cutscenes. Animation: This topic is related to the above. I was going to get the new FaceRig app (a toy, I know) and it caused me to wonder if importing animations into LE was doable in reasonable fashion and if so how it is done most commonly in LE3.4. Apologies for the lengthy post, but I feel that this will provide the most information needful to get the answers I can't seem to discover on my own. Thank you all for your time. Happy Leadwerking!
  2. Guys, the tool of choice for making LW dev videos is Fraps, right? Or is there something else you would recommend (also, something for post-editing)? Thanks
  3. I think Leadwerks should have a video player for the purpose to show intro video and game scenes. Yesterday I did make short intro video (6 sec, compressed AVI, ~2 MB) in Blender that was good but did not have an easy way to play this intro when game start. I suggest having a Cinema class that play a video in window/fullscreen with Play/Stop. Cinema* intro = new Cinema("Video/intro.avi"); if(intro->isLoaded()) intro->Play(); intro->Unload(); delete intro; As a temporary solution I made a cinema class and all works pretty well, except for that it takes about ~500 MB. And it uses *.tex files as each frame (0001.tex -> 0099.tex in my case). Cinema.txt
  4. Vulcan


    I want to share with the community a video player that I have been tinkering with lately. Hopefully this will be useful for someone. I wish I could have got the audio streaming to work because the ogg-file has both video and audio data. But instead I made it load a wav-file. Issues I know about: Memory leak (please help with this issue) No sound streaming (must have separate wav-file) Not yet tested if transparency works Note: Click on the upper-middle button to download zip-file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1zs1aY8SN3nSm9ObjFaSmtCX28/edit?usp=sharing Does anyone know if this could use lua bindings to make it work with lua too?
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