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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I am currently working on a relativly huge project including about 1000 models and you can image that I dont want to adjust the model settings (like normal calculation, scale & physics shape) for every single one by hand, especially as they all need the same settings. It is very time consuming repetitive work. I know Leadwerks does not support such a thing, but maybe you have an idea or can help me working out something to do this. The only idea I had so far is copying the .meta file of a model I set up already and then overwrite all the other .meta files with this file, but this does not work unforunately.
  2. Hey guys, I just purchased the full version of Leadwerks cause it was on sale on Steam, however I am looking at the assets that the install came with and I can't shake the feeling that I am missing some? For instance, in the tutorial about modeling an animation, it shows a "Fan" asset that I am assuming is located somewhere in the model library which I cannot find. What is the standard asset library that is supposed to come with Leadwerks? And where can I find some of these "lost" models and prefabs? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, i have created a Project from the Marble Game Template for a Test in MS Visual C++ 2013, here my steps: main.cpp if (ext=="zip" || ext=="pak") { Leadwerks::Package::Load(file,"strongpassword"); } Ok after the changes in main.cpp i have compiled the solution and the Game runs in the Projectfolder, now i have create a folder "MarbleGame" with the MarbleGame.exe, lua51.dll and the steam_api.dll from the Projectfolder, the Assets are in seperated protected ZIP Archives like this: Fonts.zip Maps.zip Materials.zip Models.zip Scripts.zip Shaders.zip Sound.zip In the Archives are not the Basefolders (eg in Maps.zip is only the File "start.map" without any folders). And now the MarbleGame.exe doesnt run and output the Message: Whats wrong, please?
  4. Hi, I made some walls and published them to the steam workshop, I tested this by subscribing to them and restarting LeadWerks and it downloaded, installed with the Addon manager and I could see it under the assets tab. I have been talking to a person that is having problems installing the wall asset that I have made, it downloads (sync's) when he starts the engine but it does not show up in the Addon manager and he can not install it.. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=369360766 The above link shows the workshop item and part of the the discussion that we have had. Can you help please...
  5. http://opengameart.org/content/industrial-extension-pack-1-tanks found some good no license assets
  6. Good day everyone Say I have a common wall between two rooms and each corresponding face have a defferent texture. Is there a way to apply one texture to a face and another texture for the other face of a brush? Or I just make two brushes (one for each room) like i'm doing right now? Or should I model these two texture walls in Blender? I'm asking because I was thinking about the number of assets I putting in my game and trying to keep it low. Thanks Ok sorry, I've found my answer . I thinck it was too simple.
  7. Hi. I would like to suggest to ship an x/dbo to fbx converter with Leadwerks out of the box. This way, Leadwerks users could easily import FPS Creator models to use them in Leadwerks. TGC has released tons of 3D models to use with FPS Creator and more and better quality is coming with Reloaded . I think an officially supported converter can be useful. We can already easily convert FPSC models to use them in Leadwerks 3 by using Ultimate Unwrap 3D but it cost money, and also no guarantee it going to be developed and going to convert FPSC models to fbx with no glitches forever. So, I think an officially supported and maintained converter/importer could benefit Leadwerks and it users.
  8. Just a small update and an information why everything is progressing so slowly with my tools. Unfortunatly (well, not really) I'm currently full of work with my daytime job (project deadlines, new features, etc.) that I'm currently don't have much time to do some private programming. This weekend I have some freetime i will spend to fix some bugs with the batch texture converter and coninue with my work on the asset builder. Hopefully I'm able to post some progress soon.
  9. After uploading my first lua snippet i'm continuing my task to develope useful tools for Leadwerks Engine. What tools you may ask? The first, a batch texture converter is ready since a long time, but needs some tweaking here and there. A beta was previously published but i want to get this tool out of the beta and will release a finished version the next days. The next one is to finish my milkshape exporter (animations still doesn't work) but the rest is faster and less buggy. The main tool I'm currently developing is a small helper which i call "Asset Helper". What does this exactly mean? Well everyone who ever have bought a model pack from one of the modelshops around the web may know this problem. You download it and want to play with it in the Leadwerks Editor. Unfortunatly in most cases this doesn't work at first. You need to: -convert the model to the gmf format -create correct material files -create lua scripts -give proper names to have a good structures view in the Editor -and some things more / depends on the pack What does my tool do? In a first version of my tool I tried to do the above steps completely automatically with just a parameters given at startup, but this aproach fails as expected. It was working with some modelpacks but mostly it fails. So my new approach is a semi-automatic tool: First it will scan and analyse a given directory recursivly and collects all needed data like available models, are there already GMF models or do we need to convert from fbx. It collects every texture it found and like the GenMat tool it will try to find proper texture pairs to build material files. In a last prestep it will scan the converted meshes and get the needed materials or marks missing materials. The next step is done by the user: Choose which models to pack into the asset library. Assign missing textures, rename them etc. . You will also be able to choose a scale value for every single model or choose a scale for all models. The analyser will also attach a basic lua file to each model so you have proper dialogs in the editor. The last step will be to choose an asset name, a package name (optional) and a password (also optional). After a click on start the whole process will start and you will get a nice pak file or a directory structure which you only need to copy into your Game folder. I hope that I have a small Update next time, maybe a screenshot. See ya, klepto2
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