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Found 26 results

  1. Hello, when i use Environmet Proble and place on the map Light with "volume effect" and "Cast shadows" i get next result when this light is in the frame If i set "Cast Shadows" to "None" or i set "Volume effect" to 0.0, this bug disappears
  2. With the last update the new default main.lua causes crashes when run. The old main.lua still works though. --edit-- Simply commenting out all the gui related related lines causes the game to 'Assert Failed' at world:Render()
  3. Not to be a pest, but the workshop, using Leadwerks 4.4 beta, no longer allows installation of purchased packages with the GNU/Linux.
  4. When attempting to compile a project with Codeblocks, using Leadwerks 4.4 beta, an error was produced indicating that the Classes/LinkedList.h could not be found. The file is located in the directory, however it was named Classes/LinkedList.H. A simple renaming of the file corrected the problem.
  5. Operating system or device - Leadwerks Version: Windows 7 Pro x64 Leadwerks 4.2 Beta BuildID:1737986 Issue description (what happened, and what was expected): Issue Models with physics that drop onto the character controller will bounce higher [*]What was expected The model to hit the top of the character controller then fall off. Steps to reproduce Load the fps AI and events map Pick up any entity Look directly up Drop it Link to minimal example project No project just a video
  6. After this last update on 1-6-17 the drag/rotate/shear arrows do not show up in the perspective view
  7. When I start Leadwerks and open the script editor, the title area is off the screen:
  8. In the most recent beta if you create a vegetation layer and have water in your scene the water reflections will be distorted. I took before and after screenshots to show what "distorted" means. Before (Without Vegetation) - After (With Vegetation) -
  9. When you create a material in the editor, changing the scale does not update the material editor or anything in editor that uses the material. Windows, Beta version
  10. I am using the latest beta build, but this issue occurs on the stable release as well. I am completely unable to drag and drop assets of any kind into my projects. This is only a minor issue, as I can still open the folders and/or use the "Import" option to successfully bring in assets. It is only a convenience issue and thus not a high priority if it's something more than an easily-resolved bug. While I'm here, I am also unable to delete assets from anywhere but the scene explorer. I have to right click and choose "Delete." I am no longer able to simple press my "Delete" key, nor is there a right-click context menu option within the viewport windows to permit deletion. This might be intentional, not sure. A temporary workaround is to use the cut shortcut (CTL+X) to pseudo-delete. This works well enough for now. See attached screenshot for image of current right click context menu.
  11. In the editor if you were to move an entity for a large distance, say from <0,0,0> to <8700,0,0> you start getting decimals on your positions even with the grid snap on. You can make it occur with a shorter move if you go into the z axis. There also is almost a hard limit as to where the drifting occurs. I know for certian as you approach 8600 - 8900 in the +x axis the smaller the move is to begin drifting.
  12. Using non-beta everything was fine until I updated to beta version to resolve a publishing issue. Now when z-sort is enabled my materials don't react to light. Something changed again. Ideas? Pics attached. First is from non-beta when it was working fine. Second and third are beta with and without z-sort and the last two without and with z-sort.
  13. With today's beta update i get constant driver resets with my amd gfx card. I can't give much info on whats causing it to crash nor can I record it since it crashes the video recording software too. The fastest way i know to make it crash is to fly around the level in the perspective view. I can get ti to crash withn 5 seconds. Specs: Card: dual R9 270x 3GB CPU : AMD FX- 8350 4.00GHZ Ram: 12GB OS: Windows 7 Pro 64 Driver Version: 15.6 (I had 15.4 where it crashed, 15.6 crashes also) Map that causes the crash.
  14. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/documentation/_/command-reference/context/contextsetscale-r728 I wanted to scale my GUI using the setscale command and found some of the drawing commands do not function correctly. The drawrect command works properly. The plot command does not scale at all. The line command does not work properly in straight lines horizontally or vertically, but it does diagonally. Hear is code to test and explain: --This function will be called once when the program starts function App:Start() --Initialize Steamworks (optional) --Steamworks:Initialize() --Set the application title self.title="MyGame" --Create a window local windowstyle = window.Titlebar if System:GetProperty("fullscreen")=="1" then windowstyle=windowstyle+window.FullScreen end self.window=Window:Create(self.title,0,0,System:GetProperty("screenwidth","1024"),System:GetProperty("screenheight","768"),windowstyle) --Create the graphics context self.context=Context:Create(self.window,0) if self.context==nil then return false end return true end --This is our main program loop and will be called continuously until the program ends function App:Loop() --If window has been closed, end the program if self.window:Closed() or self.window:KeyDown(Key.Escape) then return false end --Update the app timing Time:Update() self.context:SetScale(2,2) -- everything should be twice as big self.context:SetColor(self:rgbatovec4scalar({255,255,255},255)) self.context:DrawRect(0,0,200,200) -- This is the size the line squares should be at self.context:SetColor(self:rgbatovec4scalar({100,100,100},255)) for y = 1 , 200 do -- this should make a solid square, not rectangle self.context:DrawLine(5, y , 205, y ) -- draw square at an offset so you can see its dimensions in a relative manner end self.context:SetColor(self:rgbatovec4scalar({80,100,100},10)) for x = 5 , 205 do -- this should make a solid square also self.context:DrawLine(x, 5 , x, 205 ) -- draw square at an offset so you can see its dimensions in a relative manner end self.context:SetColor(self:rgbatovec4scalar({255,0,0},255)) self.context:DrawLine(0,0,200,200) -- the line is off from actuall 0,0 by a few pixels but it is the size self.context:SetColor(self:rgbatovec4scalar({0,255,0},255)) self.context:Plot(200,200) -- this should actually be at the edge of the white box but its at real cordinates 100,100 --Refresh the screen self.context:Sync(true) --Returning true tells the main program to keep looping return true end function App:rgbatovec4scalar(rgb,a) return Vec4(rgb[1]/256,rgb[2]/256,rgb[3]/256,a/256) end As long as this is does not function as intended, my gui will have to be put on the backburner.
  15. If you have your Model Editor window open AND the Material window open, and change somthing in the Model editor, it moves the model from the perspective view to the material view.
  16. As the title says searching for any string in the asset browser that includes a \ will crash to desktop. How to reproduce: type / in the search box and hit enter.
  17. When using the glass material, I assume Leadwerks continues to cull the objects behind the object. This leads to views where most of your level is simply missing. This does not happen in the editor. I have a map uploaded to demonstrate the bug. When you load the map in the editor you will see there are 3 colored boxes at the end of a path. When you start the map BEFORE you start to move, you will only see the blue box. Walk backwards and all the boxes appear. Walk back up to the glass. Strafe left or right. As you get to the edge of the glass the box in that direction appears. You can also make it happen by standing close to the glass and looking left or right. Also is there way in lua to simply disable culling totally in the game? I have other issues with the way Leadwerks culls objects. If not, can I designate an object as something that should not be put in the culling list? trasnparency_bug.zip
  18. arrgg, after i open the flow graph and want drag a struct to the middle i got exeption once and the editor closed. maybe my mouse raise some unwanted events in a row.
  19. MarkusR

    beta water

    water disappear. maybe the water mesh need to divide more.
  20. hello, i got 15-20 frames if u have 5 zombies in front !? my questions is why? my card can render millions of polys per frame, so seems this is a script issue? where is the do nothing loop? or black polyhole i used sync(false) i expect much more of frames per second. crysis 3 runs fine on my maschine.
  21. I think it was already mentioned somewhere but there definitely seems to be something wrong with cylinder physics shapes in the beta. I'm using a slightly customized version of the AI and events tutorial map, that has a magazine prefab in it which uses a cylinder as part of it. In one spot it basically bounces away from its original spawn in a way that seems impossible given how close I have placed it to the ground. When I enter the elevator room my fps tank (don't know if that's related but it didn't do that before and that's the room where the barrels are.) And if I throw one or both of the extra barrels onto the elevator so that they are laying on their sides and ride the elevator downwards the elevator will suddenly enter a free fall. You could always speed up the elevator by pushing a physics prop you are holding down onto the platform but it would never do that with stuff just lying on top of it and just having all four barrels on it used to work ok.
  22. Calling it with no parameters it writes to the %appdata% (on windows) folder with a default filename, and this works fine when ran from the editor. When called from a published project it creates the file ok, but then crashes. To test just add something like this in App:Loop() if self.window:KeyHit(Key.F5) then self.context:Screenshot() end Output from running in editor: Executing "F:\LeadwerksProjects\BugTest_ScreenshotCrash\BugTest_ScreenshotCrash.exe"... Initializing Lua... Executing file "F:/LeadwerksProjects/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/Scripts/Error.lua" Executing file "F:/LeadwerksProjects/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/Scripts/App.lua" Initializing OpenGL4 graphics driver... OpenGL version 441 GLSL version 430 Device: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series Loading map "F:/LeadwerksProjects/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/Maps/temp.map"... Loading material "F:/LeadwerksProjects/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/materials/developer/bluegrid.mat"... Loading texture "F:/LeadwerksProjects/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/materials/developer/BlueGrid.tex"... Loading shader "F:/LeadwerksProjects/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/Shaders/Model/diffuse.shader"... Loading material "F:/LeadwerksProjects/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/materials/developer/orangegrid.mat"... Loading texture "F:/LeadwerksProjects/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/materials/developer/orangegrid.tex"... Loading texture "F:/LeadwerksProjects/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/Materials/Common/bfn.tex"... Loading shader "F:/LeadwerksProjects/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/Shaders/Misc/occlusionquery.shader"... Loading shader "F:/LeadwerksProjects/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/Shaders/Model/Shadow/shadow.shader"... Loading shader "F:/LeadwerksProjects/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/Shaders/Lighting/directionallight.shader"... Writing screenshot "C:\Users\Ben\AppData\Local/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/Screenshots/screenshot1.tga"... Saved screenshot "C:\Users\Ben\AppData\Local/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/Screenshots/screenshot1.tga". Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 251810 Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID: Caching Steam ID: 76561198056655896 [API loaded no] Process Complete. Output from running published project (tried both encrypted and unencrypted): Initializing Lua... Warning: Lua sandboxing disabled. Executing file "C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash_unencrypted/Scripts/Error.lua" Executing file "C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash_unencrypted/Scripts/App.lua" Initializing OpenGL4 graphics driver... OpenGL version 441 GLSL version 430 Device: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series Loading map "C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash_unencrypted/Maps/start.map"... Loading material "C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash_unencrypted/materials/developer/bluegrid.mat"... Loading texture "C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash_unencrypted/materials/developer/BlueGrid.tex"... Loading shader "C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash_unencrypted/Shaders/Model/diffuse.shader"... Loading material "C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash_unencrypted/materials/developer/orangegrid.mat"... Loading texture "C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash_unencrypted/materials/developer/orangegrid.tex"... Loading texture "C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash_unencrypted/Materials/Common/bfn.tex"... Loading shader "C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash_unencrypted/Shaders/Misc/occlusionquery.shader"... Loading shader "C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash_unencrypted/Shaders/Model/Shadow/shadow.shader"... Loading shader "C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash_unencrypted/Shaders/Lighting/directionallight.shader"... Writing screenshot "C:\Users\Ben\AppData\Local/BugTest_ScreenshotCrash/Screenshots/screenshot3.tga"... It stops there and pops up with The screenshot file is created ok but the program stops running. In the attached project press F5 and it should trigger it. EDIT: Just changed back to the non-beta branch and it is the same, crashes for me but the screenshot is written ok. BugTest_ScreenshotCrash_published.zip
  23. The latest Beta build (labeled as 'Beta - latest build for testing') will crash the editor with an 'Assert failed' error message if I delete an existing object from my scene. To reproduce just open an existing tutorial map and delete an object. It will cause a consistent crash with the 'Moving Platforms' tutorial map but yet doesn't seem to effect the 'terrain' tutorial.
  24. If you select swept collision for an object, then select a different object then come back to the object with swept collision, it returns to the unchecked state.
  25. I just found that if you rotate a box csg, the shadow continues to use a backface culled version instead of updating it.
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