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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, everybody. I have a small problem with my .fbx models in Leadwerks tree hierarchy. For general understanding. I create most of my models either with the program kHED or Milkshape, whereby I mostly add textures to the models created in Milkshape in kHED. I have the possibility to export .fbx models in kHED, but Leadwerks reports an "Unknown chunk in model file" error during import. Therefore I use Blender. In kHED I save the model as .obj file, import it into Blender and export it as .fbx file. Reading and further processing in Leadwerks is no problem. However, I noticed that the demo models / prefabs created by Leadwerks are only displayed as single files in the overview (for example "control panel"). However, the .fbx models imported by me are displayed in the tree hierarchy for example (even with simple boxes) as + box_first_help -- box_first_help Can any of you help me out and tell me where my mistake is? Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator ;)
  2. I modelled a gun with basic animations in blender, and i want to put the gun with its animations into leadwerks, but when i export it as an fbx, no matter what export settings i pick, the animations for the .mdl (in the model editor) show nothing, its just empty, any ideas how to fix this? im kind of new to both programs.
  3. I have been making a bunch of models in blender with Leadwerks that have animation, and I export them as .FBX and then use drag and drop to import then and it all works perfectly fine, no errors, i can open them up and look at them (after scaling them down) and it's fine, except the animation isn't included. I already made sure in the export options in blender that the "include animation" box was checked and the animation still does not show up. It says it has no animation at all. Help is appreciated very much and thank you.
  4. Hello Friends I am encountering problems in applying the script " MonsterAI.lua " My character has 4 basic animations, I followed exactly all settings using the models Leadwerks " crawler " , however my character does not run animations , performing only 2, Stopped and Killed when I throw it. I searched the forum some solutions and have not had success , if someone can help me I thank you ! attached photo of my model and the settings I'm doing
  5. I looked in the previous post a solution to this , but not found . My problem is this , I created a simple model in Autodesk 3dsmax it contains a simple animation , saved as FBX animation , however this animation is not loaded in Leadwerks , what is happening ? The link to solution of the problem leads to import and animation of a model with a larger sequence of animation. My model is simple and Leadwerks model editor does not appear the animation created in 3dsmax . Excuse my English , use the Google translator, thank you! vento_animated.FBX
  6. Hello people, First sorry if the topic this duplicated, but sought some help and found , modeled some models in 3D, i created ZIP and tried to charge for Steam Workshop , but gave the following error. " Error : m_SubmitItemUpdateResult = 8" What am I doing wrong?? Thank you!
  7. I did a search could not find anything close or I may be using the wrong search terms. I read Leadwerks only uses FBX Import is that correct or is there also a obj or model format pipeline? I'm currently using Maya Lt. Thanks!
  8. I have been hanging on this bug for some time, but now I found it. Basically its when you pick a box that is originally imported as a child from an fbx object, it wont be pickable. I have made a short video on this: https://youtu.be/Pn5is60p8rI
  9. (I already created a discussion in Steam about that and there they asked me to create a thread in this forum including the files so everybody could try at their own.) Hey People, after a few days I run into something that didnt work as I wanted. My problem: I created some models (not a simple cube) in Blender/Cinema4D and painted them (via unwarp in Blender/via 3D-Bodypaint in C4D). I saved the models as .FBX and the textures as .JPG. When I imported them into Leadwerks everything was fine but as I tryied to texture my own objects with my own textures the textures were comletly streched and rescaled above the object. The top was somewhere at the left. The lower site was painted with parts of the left and right site. My question: Is it possible to fix that? Is it possible that Leadwerks uses the textures "the same way" than Blender and C4D do? (Or is there a way to import a file that already includes the textures so I could convert the .C4D file?) Or do I have to make every object I want as a extra model with its own texture? I am just creating something big, something very big with many details. Thats why I am asking. Hoping for some helpful answers Poly Here are some pictures I made: Here is the picture of the object and the UV map I created in Blender http://i.imgur.com/GGgJYWn.png?1 This is what I ended up with after importing and texturing. The selected texture at the menu is the texture I added on my object. It is not caused by the missing name, I already added the texture to an other object and it worked (of course not in the right scaling) http://i.imgur.com/qY3m3Gp.png?1 If there is any request please just ask!!!
  10. Well, I've bought the model, but animations did by myself. I think I cannot just post this model on forums. I'm gonna try to say what's wrong. I have a model. Here: As you can see - all vertex are assigned and animations works fine: File is in .fbx format: After importing fbx again in my editor (MilkShape 3D 1.8.5 beta2) - Everything is fine. LeadWerks automatically see .fbx file as .mdl Here we go to Edit mode in Leadwerks. As you can see - editor can see there are 17 frames. I'd made "Extract" Run animation to see if it helps - but no. Always I use "play" button - there are 1 frame animation that doesn't change, even if number of animation goes forward. Any ideas?
  11. Hi. I want to know if it's possible to get leadwerks to do this automatically when an fbx is imported: look for embedded or referenced materials/textures (does not seem to work by default) set scaling for the model to 1.01 units to 10.1 cm show up correctly when inspected in preview tool I'm using autocad 2015 to make the models and materialize/texture them but it's awkward to import them. Thanks in advance.
  12. I am not able to import the the attached sample model with two animation (named MoveIt and MoveItAgain). Other engines i have tried do not have any proble with the file. The FBX format isa 2013 but i have tried it with all version down to 2009. The model and the animations were made and exported with Modo 901 Indie. Any ideas what the problem is? Any help is appreciated! test_7.fbx
  13. Hello! I have created animation in cinema 4d. Then i have inported id into fbxm and put this into Leadwerks. But when i opened animation into leadwerks it doesnt woked, i saw only model. How can i fix that?
  14. Hi, I'm in the process of importing a bunch of .fbx models into Leadwerks, and while almost all the models imported just fine, there are a set of .fbx models that import as black models (in the asset window), and have no preview image when I actually open up the model editor. I've tried changing the .mat on the model to different (working) .mats with no changes. I've tried re-exporting the fbx's from Maya with nothing attached, and still no luck. Has anyone else run into this problem?
  15. Hello Leadwerks Forum, I'm new here and I am aware that animations in fbx have been discussed ( a lot ) before in several threads but all the topics I found are not directly related to my problem. Trying and testing around for two days now makes me feel that I won't find an answer by myself. I am using Softimage 2015 to create rigs and animations for models that I want to import to Leadwerks (3.4 Indie Version) . First I create a rig with bones for animating my mesh. Then I create a shadow rig (just null objects) and then envelope and weight the mesh to this shadow rig. After animating the bones I plot all transforms on the shadow rig (Every null has now a key with SRT on every Frame), remove my constrains and delete the original bones. The animation still works, the mesh follows the shadow rig. If I export this and open it in Modo or again in XSI, everything works just fine. However, when I import it to Leadwerks and open the model editor, I see the timeline and the hierarchy, but no animation is showing up. Here the FBX Export Settings. Is there a preferred Version or is the actual 7.4 okay? Does anyone have a clue whats going on? Am I missing something? I tried all versions and all kinds of different settings, nothing seems to work. There is always just the mdl with no applied transformations in the editor. I will appreciate any help. Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone, I've got a problem using a Mixamo animated model in Leadwerks. The model is correctly exported in FBX and after imported in Leadwerks, however the engine can't find the textures and the animations don't work.. I'm using a TPS template and the character stays still in T position, even if it is correctly moving forward and backword on my key input. How can I activate the animations using key input? Thank you !
  17. Hello! I am new to Leadwerks, but not new to the world of enthusiast game development. Leadwerks has caught my attention, and I have purchased the indie edition and hope to start developing games soon! That said, I have some questions I would like help with. 1) Whats the best way to export from Blender 2.69 to Leadwerks? Using OBJ to GMF, or using FBX? I will eventually need animation (and possibly physics) data for some items, and OBJ can't do that as far as I know. 2) How can one resize GUI elements inside the Leadwerks editor? I can't seem to resize anything inside the editor. 3) How does one add arms and a weapon to a first person player controller? A tutorial would be nice, I will continue hunting for one myself too. 4) How does one add a player model that will be displayed ingame? Like, if I'm looking at an enemy, I need to be able to change that player model. I'm running Linux Mint 17 (which is based off of Ubuntu 14.04) so I have no problems running the editor or any bugs at this time. Sorry for the somewhat noob questions. All help is appreciated though! All the best, JohnBobSmith
  18. Hi Folks, I have set up a very basic animated model in C4D (R15 in my case) and exported to fbx. It is just a cube spinning on a platform (no rigging or whatnot). Upon LW import, the animation does not show up, tho. It imports well into UU3D and others. The fbx can be found here: http://www.mikoweb.eu/tmp/LW_Testmodel.zip Anyone got such animation into LW directly from C4D (R15 in my case)? (I know I could/should try using e.g. UU3D or Blender as "middleware", but would love to get it in directly...) Thanks for your comments.
  19. Hello there, I'm working with Leadwerks in these days and I think it's a really good game engine. However - as I've seen in other post here - there are some problems not importing the fbx files but apply them the collision physics. For example, I've created a house in 3ds max, I've exported it in FBX then I imported in Leadwerks in Prefab directory. Then I used collision type Scene and checked Nav obstacle. The problem is that the collision take a great area, more than the real size of the house. In addition, I can't give to the model a selective collision type (e.g. windows vs walls). When I apply the collision it affects the whole model. Anyone can help me ? Thank you and have a nice day !
  20. Hi. I would like to suggest to ship an x/dbo to fbx converter with Leadwerks out of the box. This way, Leadwerks users could easily import FPS Creator models to use them in Leadwerks. TGC has released tons of 3D models to use with FPS Creator and more and better quality is coming with Reloaded . I think an officially supported converter can be useful. We can already easily convert FPSC models to use them in Leadwerks 3 by using Ultimate Unwrap 3D but it cost money, and also no guarantee it going to be developed and going to convert FPSC models to fbx with no glitches forever. So, I think an officially supported and maintained converter/importer could benefit Leadwerks and it users.
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