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Found 57 results

  1. After playing around in Blender and importing some creations into Leadwerks I noticed I was getting some really bad scaling issues. I like working on the grid when creating my game art and I also like predictable results when exporting models from my 3D package over to a game engine, scale is important! I have adjusted my settings in Blender to work with Leadwerks and now when I import my models they are the correct size and scale and there is no messing around with getting the right size in Leadwerks. I would like to share my Blender settings to other users who want to model in Leadwerks units inside Blender to make sure they get predictable results when importing game art in to the engine. Blender Startup & Prefs.rar Once you have downloaded these settings I would recommend you to go to File > Save Startup File. This will make sure that each time you load up Blender you don't have to load the start up file in the above zipped folder. Once you have loaded the startup file the grid in Blender will be the exact same size as the grid in Leadwerks. This is great for snapping and will give you very predictable results. The measurements in the startup file are also the same exact measurements Leadwerks uses so a 256 x 256 cm CSG cube in Leadwerks will be the same size as a 256 x 256 cm cube model in Blender. I use the Leadwerks Exporter for Blender when exporting my models. You can find this here: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/10246-official-leadwerks-exporter-for-blender/ I would recommend before exporting your models from Blender to select whatever model you are exporting and press CTRL + A and choose 'Rotation & Scale' and CRTL + A again to choose 'Location'. This will zero out those transforms of your model. If you have models with specific rotations or scale that you would want to keep then don't do this, same applies for animated models. I hope you find this useful. It should help get predictable results and stop any nasty surprises when you bring in your model from Blender to Leadwerks and see it is super huge or really small. I will do a short video soon showing how this all works
  2. Hello. I have a big problem. When i create at my map some decals, set render view to "Textured" and try to load another some map, my editor can be crash with message "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION". I use leadwerks 4.6 beta šŸ˜
  3. Hello, when i use ReleaseTableObjects function in my project and change map, console in the editor show message "Possible reference count error for asset" for all objects in table. For example, this are textures,sound and etc. I create new project and test it. This happened in new project. šŸ˜©
  4. Hello. I found a bug in the skybox.Fog and other shaders overlap on the skybox. šŸ˜©
  5. Been working on a couple projects lately, This is from one of our older RPG's. Credits to Rick on coaching us for inventory (over a year ago), and Jorn for always answering our questions as well and his tutorials, especially on youtube, and Josh as well, and many others around the forums and private chat. -- Inventory System, 90% functioning. Diablo2-style (items can be moved, created--pickedup--, released--dropped--) - just need to work on stacking, and overlap issues. -- Fully Functioning HUD including working scripts for, just took off some image overlay temporary for redesign: Health Bars Mana Bars Thirst, Hunger, Sleep, Temperature, and even Mood/Karma system EXP Bars, level display -- Fully Functioning Level System, including stats, primary/secondary skills, that control everything from skills for items, stats, and every value possible. All stat allocations for leveling up works perfectly, just need to duplicate the text and button scripts for overlay. (codes all finished finally, but many weeks of work left for graphics and proper text - overlay work - ), but it fully works. Also about 20% done the character tab, one of the next things we'll be working on is putting this together along side the inventory system. We're also dabbing into scripted quests with NPC's, so far so good, had to abandon the Flowgraph editor after it couldn't hold more than 1/10th of a quest.
  6. The Open Leadwerks Examples and Demo's (OLED) project is a community tutorial project for the Leadwerks Game Engine. The public repository contains all source code, materials, textures, models and sounds that are used and/or created in accompanying video tutorials. The repository also contains a wiki that keeps track of all the tutorials. There won't be a single script out there that does not have a good tutorial available for it. Tutorials The tutorials that will be recorded are divided in to the following categories: Editor usage Lua scripting Asset importing Youtube playlists Video tutorials will be posted on a regular basis right after I am done editing. There is no fixed date for new tutorials. Sometimes there will be severall a week, other times a week or 2 passes without any updates. : Repository The repository will exclude the default assets that come with a blank Leadwerks project. https://bitbucket.org/Aggror/projectoled Wiki The wiki contains a list of categories and recorded tutorials. https://bitbucket.org/Aggror/projectoled/wiki
  7. Hello, i can't rotate camera by hold right mouse button in Leadwerks Editor Window. Please, help me
  8. I wrote a helper program that will assist in importing 3ds, obj, dae, and dxf files. It uses part of the Autodesk FBX converter. It watches for when you save, change or rename a file in your leadwerks project folder. Leadwerks Model Importer.zip
  9. The problem is that I can't create a new game. I think that when I installed Leadwerks it didn't create a folder in the documents directory.
  10. Hey guys, Besides the YouTube videos from the Leadwerks Channel, anyone know of some good LUA tutorials for Leadwerks? Any help appreciated! Thanks
  11. Every time I try start Leadwerks it opens fine. I can mess with my projects and drag stuff around, create shapes, etc. But, whenever I try to do ANYTHING with the sidebar, such as changing texture or importing a model, it crashes instantly with "Bank Resize Error." I've already googled this and tried every solution I found, which included restarting your PC and uninstalling/reinstalling the game, to no avail.
  12. Not to be a pest, but the workshop, using Leadwerks 4.4 beta, no longer allows installation of purchased packages with the GNU/Linux.
  13. Operating system or device - Leadwerks Version: Windows 7 Pro x64 Leadwerks 4.2 Beta BuildID:1737986 Issue description (what happened, and what was expected): Issue Models with physics that drop onto the character controller will bounce higher [*]What was expected The model to hit the top of the character controller then fall off. Steps to reproduce Load the fps AI and events map Pick up any entity Look directly up Drop it Link to minimal example project No project just a video
  14. I create material from water1_0.tex, i material editor i pick the water shader. After creation material, i create brush with material. i see artefact's on brush. Help!
  15. First post here in a couple years... Unfortunately, not a good thing. I have an interest in Leadwerks again, but unfortunately, I no longer have access to the Steam account I purchased it with, or the email tied to that account. I've tried contacting Steam support and they have given me no response. So I'm asking you guys for help. Is there anything I can do about this? I've lost a $200 value (I had the Professional Edition DLC), and I really want to use Leadwerks for my next project. Anybody have any suggestions or ways to help? (JOSH READ THIS PART) I still have my original purchase receipt for both Leadwerks and the Professional Edition DLC. If there is any way you can get me a copy of Leadwerks if I show them to you, (or help at all), I'd be infinitely grateful. Thank you. I hope everyone has a great rest of their day.
  16. When I start Leadwerks and open the script editor, the title area is off the screen:
  17. **Operating system or device - Leadwerks Version:** Windows 7 Pro x64 Leadwerks 4.2 Beta BuildID:1479910 **Issue description** (what happened, and what was expected): -Issue: Models added to the terrain vegetation layer do not show up in game. The same model used for vegitation will reflect if manually dragged into the world. [*]-What was expected Models to show reflection in the water. **Steps to reproduce:** Create scene. Add terrain Add skybox Add models to vegetation layer Run Game **Link to minimal example project** No project just an images: **EDIT** So It seems that the game defaults to a medium water quality instead of high. :/
  18. Hi All I admit I am a newbie to Leadwerks so apologies if my question is trivial. I have tried searching the Forums for an answer. I have the Pro version of Leadwerks and am using it mostly as a learning tool. I do have some long term aspirations for a research project that may require the use of the engine. I have therefore only dabbled and am learning Lua script from a recently purchased book at the same time. I am finding the engine very versatile and great fun. I have been working through Jon Theunissen's excellent Youtube tutorials on Lua scripting. When I make a small map I want to drop the FPSPlayer into the scene to test it. I generally start a new project from the project manager. When I drop the FPSPlayer from the Assets/prefab/player folder onto the scene and press the Run button to test, I do get the walking sound but no movement. I have checked the FPSPlayer is present in the Scene/Models tab and the script is set to 'FPSPlayer.lua' Something is obviously working since I do get the walking sound but I cannot move or rotate the camera. What am I doing wrong?. Again apologies for such a trivial question but I am stuck. Thanks in advance
  19. Hi. Do you have plans to implement Matchmaking in Leadwerks Game Launcher? It would be great if we could publish small multiplayer games in the Workshop.
  20. Hello, I purchased leadwerks a while back and really enjoy using it. I was looking through the site and iā€™m not sure if there is still a non-steam version of leadwerks. I am working on a game for a school project and do not have access to steam at school. Is there a way I could obtain leadwerks without having steam installed?
  21. I dont have and huge amounths of LUA scripting knowlege, but i understand the basics, i read all the LUA tutorials on the leadworks site. What im trying to do is create a single base room where the player starts, there is one exit, and after that exit using prefabs to randomly generate the rest of the map. Is this possible? Ive read forums on it(on this website, couldnt find one that helped, at the end of this post ill link some of the forums i read, i read all the ocmments as well), i just cant seem to figure it out and its killing me, ive been working on it for 16 hours straight. So if anyone is willing to help me out i would appreciate it. I dont even know how to start other than making prefabs with clear entrances and exits. a:http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/blog/52/entry-882-lets-make-a-game-procedual-content-creation-part-01/ b:http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/12430-procedural-generation/ c:http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/12063-procedural-generated-levels-using-prefabs/ d:http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/8168-procedural-generation-possible/
  22. I downloaded the Saturn tutorial project yesterday to see how the project was holding up after all this time. After some bug fixing and adjusting some of the scenery ingame, I came to the conclusion I really liked the parcours part of the scene. So I thought lets just turn it in to a run and jump game real quick and add it to the winter games tournament. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/viewitem?fileid=616857680
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_sv3eim_cM In the above Youtube link you can see my Blog entry as a video. Its a Blender timelapse of an Ingame device that lets you travel quickly on long distances.
  24. When i try an publish a standalone or to steam i get (Windows exception access violation) any help anyone?
  25. When you create a material in the editor, changing the scale does not update the material editor or anything in editor that uses the material. Windows, Beta version
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