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Found 7 results

  1. http://pastebin.com/gpEi39ab this script will make a level with boxes, and spawns a camera with : http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/14615-spectator-camera/ this script attached. When you press the E key, it will generate a new level Everything should make no error, but there is a problem. The "player" spawns in the middle of the level , (most of the time) and once I even had some blocks with no colission at all. The level is generated towards any directiom (-x,x,y,-y...) but mostly not in the direction the player is facing, which makes even more problems. I have no idea at all why these things happen. Maybe the solution is easy but I dont see it.
  2. Hi everyone. This is my first attempt at making a level. I know it's just a simple map, and I don't plan on using it to make a real game, but it's just to practice my new skills. Anyway, I started an "Advanced First-Person Shooter" project using that template, and it automatically created two boxes, a floor and a block. I've programmed for years, but I've never been serious about game design until about 2 weeks ago. I decided to give Leadwerks a try after a website listed it as a decent game engine ( --- that also runs on Linux --- ) emphasis added. I have a few questions: 1. Do you suggest I leave the "floor" box at that elevation? It looks like its top side's y coordinate is at 0, if I'm assuming the correct coordinate system. I can see the grid on the top face of the floor, which looks bad. 2. Should I leave the thickness of the floor alone? It looks like it protrudes below the grid plane a ways. Are there good reasons for this? 3. When I have multiple projects, do I have to install addons for each project? That would waste a lot of storage. Is it possible to leave these models/materials/prefab/etc. in a higher parent directory, so that they can use them without wasting unnecessary storage capacity? Thanks, looks awesome so far.
  3. Hi! This is my first post to this forum and at very first I must say I really like Leadwerks. I have very little programming knowledge, but have made some scripting and 2d game making with Game Studio. Leadwerks feels very familiar, it is like Game Studio in 3d, combined with similar designing interface I used ages ago for Quake 1 levels. Just awesome. Though, I have few questions. I learned very early that grouping objects, brushes etc. is not possible yet. That leads to a problem. I made simple peace of corridor for testing and was planning to make few more peaces, like straight, curve, room, T- section etc. And then use those prebuilt corridorpeaces for full level. Using scene folders to duplicate and group items was more tedious than I thought and abandoned the idea, maybe I was doing something wrong... I'm using mainly primitives at this point plus some materials and assets from scifi dlc (which is quite nice for the prize). Shot of the corridor. I can relatively easy duplicate this to make it longer for example, but is there a way to rotate all objects at once, so I wouldn't have to build another identical corridor, but just 90 degree angle? I would need some tips for proper workflow while designing levels, handling lots of objects effectively etc. maybe if someone could point general tutorial for level designing, video maybe... I'm really a noob with this kind of stuff, any help is appreciated! I know this is a broad subject...
  4. I need any tips or what ever you know about A good map / level design. -> picture related
  5. DreamEater Alpha 0.1 unfinished level DreamEater its to be a psycological/Horror game. This is an unclear path but I will add more events and triggers to make it more creepy, one can say that this is a test track of what you are able to do;) it's a little beginner with lua scripts and stuff.
  6. One of my levels crashes without warning when I try to test it. It was working fine not even 2 weeks ago. I have added nothing new to the level, and have since actually removed things from it thinking maybe it was over loaded. I'm not sure if its the editor, the game, or my machine (though I don't think it would be the machine if it ran fine before). I have a link here to the files for the map to see what is going wrong with it. http://www.mediafire.com/download/k61ercnrbmagitq/MyGame.zip
  7. Hi I'm trying to set the camera to one I have in the scene Currently I'm using one that is created, but I would like to switch to one that already is in the scene/level/map. I'm curious as to how to do this? Thank you for your time and replies AZ
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