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Found 9 results

  1. Been delving more into the leadwerks editor lately, been working on some scifi materials made from some work I did as part of a texture pack I made quite a while ago. Currently compiling a texture material pack of these for leadwerks which will be available on the steam workshop for an affordable price. Just wanted to post a some screenshots of a cool scene I made with them! I also uploaded them to the leadwerks steam page. let me know what you all think! I am still fairly new to the editor and my laptop computer is not that great (scene ran slow) but I am saving up for a new workstation machine to do more 3d asset work and top-notch game creation on (I am a broke senior engineering college student, haha). Thanks guys and have a good day. P.S. I also have a turbosquid page (most of my products are free now), the link is: https://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/PancakeMan96 Not all of them are of the greatest quality, lol. I started 3d modeling quite some time ago as a hobby and picked up many skills over time. The first application I ever started out with was Milkshape 3d!
  2. Can anyone explain or provide an example of a material using the transparent shader and any key things you need to do or set. Thanks
  3. I am having some problems with scaling my material. Whenever I type in values for material scale nothing seems to happen. My material doesn't change at all. Is this is a bug of some kind?
  4. SlipperyBrick

    So Shiny!

    Hi Guys, I am trying out the new Environment Probes but I am getting some issues. My material seems to look incredibly shiney when I place an Environment Probe into my scene. The bounding box for the Environment Probe is wall to wall and floor to ceiling just on the interior faces of the walls. Here is a shot without the Environment Probe, the material looks much less shiny, it behaves as I intended. I'm not to sure what the problem is. I thought the new Environment Probes were just for Global Illumination and not reflections, which is what it seems to be doing. Am I going wrong somewhere? Thanks
  5. Dear all, On the 3th of July, I bought the workshop items 'Scifi materials 1' and 'Scifi materials 5'. However, when I clicked 'install', I got the following Leadwerks Editor message: "Failed to download workshop item". So, naturally I restarted the Leadwerks engine, it didn't help. So I then restarted my computer, didn't help either. Then I began looking for a solution online. I googled the error message and found various topics on this problem on these forums. Still, every single one solution didn't work out for me. These include clearing out the workshop subscribers list, deleting some leadwerks output files and finally, logging out on steam and logging back in. I have tried every possible solution that can be found online and the ones that I had on my mind. Still though, 3 days later I got the same problem. I am out of ideas. Any help whatsoever will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Martijn.
  6. It would seem that when using code that materials are not being loaded for cylinders and cones: function App:Start() --Create a window self.window = Window:Create() self.context = Context:Create(self.window) self.world = World:Create() self.camera = Camera:Create() self.camera:SetRotation(35,0,0) self.camera:Move(0,0,-1.2) local light = DirectionalLight:Create() light:SetRotation(35,35,0) material = Material:Load("Materials/Developer/bluegrid.mat") box = Model:Box() box:SetMaterial(material) box:SetScale(0.1,0.1,0.1) box:SetPosition(0,0.55,-0.8) sphere = Model:Sphere() sphere:SetMaterial(material) sphere:SetScale(0.1,0.1,0.1) sphere:SetPosition(0.15,0.55,-0.8) --materials not loading for Cylinder or Cone cylinder = Model:Cylinder() cylinder:SetMaterial(material) cylinder:SetScale(0.15,0.65,0.15) cylinder:SetPosition(-0.6,0,0) cone = Model:Cone() cone:SetMaterial(material) cone:SetScale(0.15,0.65,0.15) cone:SetPosition(-1,0,0) return true end function App:Loop() if self.window:Closed() or self.window:KeyHit(Key.Escape) then return false end Time:Update() self.world:Update() self.world:Render() self.context:Sync() return true end
  7. Created a script this morning to load a cylinder with an attached script, however the material does not seem to load for the cylinder, or a cone, shaped CSG. Spheres and boxes load without issue. Not really sure why the materials are not loading, but I am hoping someone could clear this up. function Script:Use(entity) local bottle = Model:Cylinder() local material = Material:Load("Materials/Developer/bluegrid.mat") bottle:SetMaterial(material) bottle:SetScale(0.15,0.65,0.15) bottle:SetPosition(-4.4,1.6,1.9) local shape = Shape:Cylinder() bottle:SetShape(shape) bottle:SetMass(1) bottle:SetScript("Scripts/Functions/PickupHealth.lua") end
  8. Now that I have some new models to use, I am having a lot of difficulties with materials on models. Even when using the animation shaders, there are missing patches of the material on the model. If the regular shaders are used, the materials work as expected, but, as predicted, the materials do not "sick" to the model. When importing new models, what are the configurations and settings for the textures and materials? I have been spinning my wheels for hours and end up with the same results. Attached is an image to help.
  9. Hello! I have familiarised myself with the basics of leadwerks and started my first scene. Now, I noticed that I have all my materials in the (model) folders. Yet when I want to select one it goes in a specific (materials) category. I prefer my materials with my models... does this cause complications later on or does the engine not care? I don't want to redo all my materials once I'm ready to publish the game! -Wolf
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