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Found 2 results

  1. I use Entity:GotoPoint() on my AI character. It moves perfectly from point A to point B If my player controller stands between A and B, this AI character will push it. If I set my character mass greater than AI's , AI character will be stuck a bit and take time to "slowly" move around my cylinder physic shape. How can I make my AI move around my player character properly when using GotoPoint ? I need him to avoid my player character's position. I am sure that I can't use world:BuildNavMesh() every frame for this kind of pathfinding...
  2. today i copy/paste scene elements to a pivot for better overview. but if my pickup truck belongs a pivot the "nav obstacle" flag is ignored, means there is no space in nav mesh. 2. if u click a object in 3d view the top level pivot with all sub object are selected, that is unwanted. 3. if monster belongs a pivot they run to player but not attack. they can't calculate distance or so. 4. the thing with a pivot group inherited the light shadow cast. ohh, please please please make a context menu over selected items "set group .." then a list appear with group names. in list u can add/remove group names. beside group name the sub object count stay in brackets. removing a group, content will goto root. all groups just listed in treeview.
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