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Found 4 results

  1. xana

    random map

    Bonjour, c'est encore moi le nul en ce logiciel. Bref en essayant de créer des map Random ne sachant pas si c'était possible je me suis dit autant faire beaucoup de portes en formes de mur qui en commencant la partie s'active ou non j'ai voulue reprendre le code de BushBoutton.lua mais sa ne semble pas fonctionner. Merci pour vos aide, si il existe des façon de générer des map je suis preuneur un peut comme Monstrum désoler pour la pub. Hello, it's me again a draw in software. In short, trying to create Random map not knowing if it was possible I thought as do many doors wall shapes that starting the game is activated or not I wanted to resume code BushBoutton.lua but its not working. Thank you for your help, if there is way to generate a map I can preuneur as Monstrum grieve for the pub. Script.enabled=true--bool "Enabled" Script.soundfile=""--path "Sound" "Wav Files (*.wav):wav" v = math.random(1,2) function Script:Start() if self.soundfile then self.sound = Sound:Load(self.soundfile) end end if (v = 1;){ function Script:Use() if self.enabled then if self.sound then self.entity:EmitSound(self.sound) end self.component:CallOutputs("Use") end end } if (v = 2;){ function Script:Use() if self.enabled then if self.sound then self.entity:EmitSound(self.sound) end self.component:CallOutputs("Use2") end end } function Script:Enable()--in if self.enabled==false then self.enabled=true self.component:CallOutputs("Enable") self.health=1 end end function Script:Disable()--in if self.enabled then self.enabled=false self.component:CallOutputs("Disable") self.health=0 end end function Script:Release() if self.sound then self.sound:Release() end end
  2. Good evening all, i have a question. How is a simple way to use procedural generation to create Voxels that are encompassed by an smooth iso surface. That i generate those in a kind of "blocky" form and just readjust the shape to be smooth. Maybe with ussage of the marching cubes algorithm. But if the User manipulates it it has to recalculate the shape again to keep the smotthness even with the adding or substraction of some voxels. Maybe the "Terrain" asset may be usefull for this ? I dont have much experience in Leadwerks and just started using it. Before it i used Unity a lot. Is something like this even possible in Leadwerks ? Would be great if you could help me out. Best Regards HAL
  3. Hey there! Not entirely sure if this is just on my side, so feel free to delete this if I'm wrong. I'm using Math:Random for my everyday needs in random numbers but it seems like I'm getting the same numbers every time. z = Math:Random(-10,10) So even after restarting my project a few times, z always gets the same value. The info-page states that LUA uses Math:Rnd instead but that just throws an error. Sorry for the inconvenience if I'm just using it wrong but I can't find any other way so far. Greets
  4. So I am rather new to c++ and lua programming. I understand the basics of what the code I want is, just not how to express them. I want to choose between a number of things to randomly spawn in specific locations (like have one location but every time you return it is a diffrent item). I have the prefabs set up in the engine, and I want to assosiate those prefabs in the code with a number, and have the random number generator (which I have and it works) pick a number and then after that number is picked, spawn the item. I understand that for each piece I would have to do an If() statment, but don't understand how to make it spawn on the axis I set up in the map. Also The code I tried (but deleted because of it making leadwerks crash when it activated) would choose the number, but not be able to read what the number was supposed to be assosiated with. Any help, even just points in the right direction, would be very appreciated. #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<stdlib.h> void main() { //clear the screen. clrscr(); //declare variables as int. int high,low,random; //get the data. cout<<"Enter higher limit:"; cin>>high; cout<<"Enter lower limit:"; cin>>low; //generate random number random = (rand() % (high-low+1) + low); //print the numbers cout<<random<<endl; //get character getch(); } that is my random number generator code (that I use to choose the items( I use the code several diffrent time for diffrent items))
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