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Found 9 results

  1. Work is continuing on my upcoming scifi mega pack that is inching closer and closer to being released - today I decided to compile a few PBR materials that I created as some more tests in substance painter. The below images show a simple 3ds max scene that I blocked out in a few minutes as well as some renders from substance painter. Materials available in uncompressed PNG format and are 2k textures. They are also perfectly seamless and will tile in all directions. I am providing these free of charge to be used for shader testing in the new engine, your own projects, or for learning purposes. They are not set up for a legacy normal-specular workflow so if you want to use them in the current version of leadwerks, you will have to follow some tutorials online to generate a spec-gloss map using your preferred photo editor. Thanks for the continuing support in this huge undertaking, still a lot of work left to do but I am hoping for a release around the end of this year to the beginning of next year. If there are any questions about the pack or the files that I am giving away, please do not hesitate to ask here or in my work in progres thread: -TWahl PBR_scifi_test_materials_free.7z
  2. Hi I have a small problem. I think the pictures should explain it pretty good With font size of 12 see the terrible cut on the top?: With font size 20 it is a little bit better but somehow not as sharp as it should be; This is how I would expect it to look like: I am rendering the text with the default arial.ttf font, I render the following color Vec4(0, 0, 0, 255) and with blendmode Blend.Alpha. So whats the problem? I remember the text rendered sharper another time, but I dont know what I am doing wrong atm? Any suggestions?
  3. Not something I need but I mention it as it is something that is supposed to work well with deferred rendering engines.... This is something I came across while reading the docs for Decal Machine (https://machin3.io/DECALmachine/) a low cost Blender Addon that I think is gaining a lot of attention right now. From the Decal Machine docs https://machin3.io/DECALmachine/docs/installation/index.html#instructions Currently I am hoping that I can use Decal Machine to bake out normal maps and but I'm not sure it is supported yet (development is moving quite fast though). I think there is an imminent Unreal exporter but I'm not sure if that uses this geometry rendering for decals or not. Thought I'd mention it in case it is something that Leadwerks is suited to implementing fast (at some point in the future) if it suits the architecture well.
  4. Hey guys, I was searching the forums for a releated subject, but I couldnt find one, but I could imagine there is one, if so I am sorry to post the same topic again So I am currently trying to come up with a way to handle diffrent objects rendering in the right order. What solutions have you for this problem. For example: I have a trading menu, but my cursor is rendered behind the inventory slots and buttons rendered by the NPC Trader entity. (elements of my trading menu are rendered by two diffrent entities (Player and NPC Trader)) I was thinking about something where you can set a variable "renderPriority" which indicates in which order objects are rendered. So if render Priority is 1 those objects "PostRender" function is called before all the others, then come entities with priority 2,3 and so on. Thats the point I am stuck . How to make the other PostRender functions "wait" unitl the PostRender function of an specific entity is finished. This I a problem I occured pretty often and havent found a solution yet, I mean that you control the order entities call functions like UpdateWorld() or PostRender(). Would really appreciate if somebody can come up with an idea
  5. This is just the marble game example and it doesn't even render properly. This is both in the exported application version and the test run button within the studio or editor or what not. I just got this game engine and I am confused why this is happening.
  6. (Wait all day for a bus and two turn up at once) As part of my final year university work I’ve been looking into Physically Based Rendering(PBR) and its implementation. PBR is a method of generating images that takes physical values into account, this means lighting behaves much more predictably and accurately. This link https://www.fxguide.com/featured/game-environments-parta-remember-me-rendering/ gives a fantastic, and in depth look into how PBR works in Remember Me. Notably, PBR systems aren’t all the same, often times they use different algorithms to generate images, and there are many ways to generate reflections for them. This PBR uses a runtime rendered cubemap to generate reflections and ambient diffuse lighting on objects, nice for avoiding the flat lighting in shadowed areas problem. It then uses a physically based BRDF to generate specular highlights. Currently static models and animated models have shaders, there is also preliminary decal support. All light types are supported with shadowing. The materials use metalness/roughness maps. There are a number of example assets in the zip files. You’ll need the C++ version of Leadwerks for this one, the reflection generation code is written in C++ and relies on a number of OpenGL calls to function properly. This does mean however that you can generate a new reflection map at any point. I was aiming for a similar system to what was used in GTAV. For that game a low poly, diffuse only environment map is generated each frame in order to render reflections. However for my work the performance isn’t quite high enough to generate a reflection map per frame yet. Reflections are generated as cube maps, that map is then sampled with GL_SEAMLESS_CUBEMAPPING enabled, the lowest mipmap is used for diffuse lighting then higher mip values are used for the specular reflections. (If you are using the lua version, you may be able to use pre-blurred cube-maps and get acceptable results) Here’s an example of the shaders working on a complex PBR asset. Built by Andrew Maximov, http://polycount.com/discussion/130641/cerberus-ffvii-gun-next-gen-asset-giveaway Without-PBR With-PBR I’m looking for feedback on how robust the system is, so here is a download link, you're free to use this as you please. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23307723/Leadwerks_PBR.zip Issues I’ve had to use the alpha channel for gloss values so transparency is a bit borked. Decals suffer from the alpha problem as well. I’ve looked into binding reflection textures to the lighting shaders which would avoid the alpha hijacking. But it doesn’t seem to work if any post processing or water is used. If anyone can point me in the right direction here it would be appreciated. my implementation uses normalised Blinn-Phong for the distribution term, Schlick’s approximation for Fresnel, and Smith’s shadowing function for the geometry term.
  7. Place a decal (10x10x10, wound,mat) on a terrain slope (08-Terrain.map) and you will get holes in the decal.
  8. Hi, This open source project has managed to get a way to bake the global illumination into "light sampler" in their environment lighting. I think they use a deffered rendering system and their source is MIT so you can check if it's possible to have that in Leadwerks and you will not need to publish back the code. I don't know how they proceed, but the result is really impressive!! Check here.
  9. Hey community, I just want to ask if its possible to create two or more Rendering windows in LE? Im asking because it seems to be possible because i can create two windows via the api: self.window1 = Window:Create() self.window2 = Window:Create() ...
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