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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there team!! I have another programing/sintax question to answer... I want load and play a sound file by LUA pressing 3 keys on my keyboard (without using any PIVOT. Without using NOISE.LUA script. And without using the Flowgraph). Only executed from code of my MAIN.LUA on my project... I have write this, but i don't know if i need anything more, or the sintax is bad writen. The code doesn't give me any errors, but i can't ear anything: if window:KeyDown(Key.J) and window:KeyDown(Key.F) and window:KeyDown(Key.V) then local SonidoJFV = Sound:Load("Sound/MisSonidos/ValidarTICKET.wav") SonidoJFV.source=Source:Create() SonidoJFV.source:SetSound(sound) SonidoJFV.source:SetVolume(100) SonidoJFV.source:SetPitch(1) SonidoJFV.source:SetLoopMode(false) SonidoJFV.source:SetRange(900000) SonidoJFV.source:SetPosition(Vec3(0,0,0)) SonidoJFV.source:Play() --changemapname="1-Tutorial" end Any tip or answer that could help me? Thanks a lot!!
  2. Hello again, I finally got footsteps sounds to work properly on the correct material using triggers. But I have been unable to get a sound to be played at the correct time when the player jumps and lands on a material. How would I implement such a feature using a trigger? EDIT: I manged to work this out in the end. I did this by making global variables of both the players jump status with the GetAirborne command and the players current speed using GetVelocity():Length command. I then made a jump trigger box combined with the necessary commands for collision detection. Upon player collision, my jump trigger sets a global isJumping variable to false (isJumping is set to true when the player leaves the jump trigger). Finally I added an if statement to check if the player is airborne and moving, if this is true then I set the isJumping variable to true. (Making sure to make an if statement in the character controller to play the landing sounds when the isJumping variable = true). Not very efficient at all but it does as it is intended. As this is my first project and experience with LUA I feel I can get away with it until I can think of a better method. If anyone else is having this problem feel free to shoot me a message and I'll gladly tell you what I did and even share my code with you.
  3. aiaf

    pure data sounds

    Want to share this, for people needing sounds. Its a graphical programing environment for creating sound effects. It also has a library that can be linked and used from your program. Only downside i see is might take some time to learn lots of documentation. https://puredata.info/downloads/pure-data
  4. When i load a sound properly and that is existed, it will make an error indexing nil. It happens recently with all sounds, the noise script makes no noise also. I have replaced the path with an existing file (in the fpsplayer th footstep ) and also tried it with the noise.lua
  5. function Script:UpdatePhysics() Script.H=false Script.count = 100 ... if H == true then self.Stop() end end function Script:Stop()--in H=true local t = Time:GetCurrent() local bb = 500 if self.count[insert or modify code here] then if t == t+bb then bb=bb+t49 count = count -0.01 self.source:SetVolume(count) end else self:Disable() H=false end end This code is a modified noise script. This code doesnt work, I have a trigger at my map that uses Stop() with the flowgraph . So when I touch the trigger with the fpsplayer the pivot with this script attached the program crashes and says attemt to index local self ( a null value ) at the line marked. Is there an easyer way of just doing this without the timer that i didnt knew yet or does someone got a fix for this ?
  6. theonlysnowflake


    Is there a way to publish a game as a standalone without having to have OpenAL installed on the computer running the game? I want to submit a game to a game contest my school has, but it needs to be able to run just with the standard windows applications (like I send a .zip folder and they can just run the .exe file)
  7. I have two questions regarding sound: 1. What are listeners? I can't find any documentation on what they actually are or are supposed to do. 2. Has anyone tried the firepit workshop item? It uses a source object in the code, but the farther you get away from it the volume stays the same and sounds the same no matter your position towards it (and there is no stereo effect, like if one ear is closer to the sound than the other, although this might not be implemented). I checked that it's a mono sound, so this behavior seems odd to me since the sound gets positioned at a certain point (so it should be 3D sound). Basically, it sounds like an ambient sound. What are 3D positioned sounds supposed to do?
  8. It would be nice to be able to click on sound icons to play a sound in the Assets tab in the editor.
  9. I've been following the Project Saturn Tutorials and got to the point with the barrels but I get the Error: Attempt to get Length of Field 'sound' (a nil value) How do I fix it. --[[------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a simple script to provide an impact sound for a physically interactive object. ]]--------------------------------------------------------------------- Script.soundfile1=""--path "Sound 1" "Wac file (*.wav):wav|Sound" Script.soundfile2=""--path "Sound 2" "Wac file (*.wav):wav|Sound" Script.soundfile3=""--path "Sound 3" "Wac file (*.wav):wav|Sound" Script.soundfile4=""--path "Sound 4" "Wac file (*.wav):wav|Sound" Script.threshhold=2--float "Threshhold" Script.maxfrequency=300--minimum delay between sound plays Script.range=20--float "Range" --Global values ImpactNoiseLastSoundTime=0-- This will be shared among all instances of this script and ensure we don't play too many sounds function Script:Start() self.sound={} for n=1,4 do local filepath = self["soundfile"..tostring(n)] if filepath~="" then local noise = Sound:Load(filepath) if noise~=nil then table.insert(self.sound,noise) --self.sound[#self.sound+1]=noise end end end end function Script:Collision(entity, position, normal, speed) if speed>self.threshhold then if #self.sound>0 then local collisiontype = entity:GetCollisionType() if collisiontype==Collision.Prop or collisiontype==Collision.Scene then local t = Time:GetCurrent() if t-ImpactNoiseLastSoundTime>self.maxfrequency then ImpactNoiseLastSoundTime=t local n=math.random(#self.sound) local noise = self.sound[n] self.entity:EmitSound(noise,self.range) end end end end end
  10. Hello, I would like to know more on how to exactly add sound into Leadwerks. As far as I know there is a lot of vague information when it comes to loading sound into a game in Leadwerks and I would like to know how to do so. What I want to know is how exactly do you load sounds into a map? Is there a way in which I can create say a pivot, attach a script that plays a sound for things such as music or ambience?
  11. Hi, When a source has finished playing it gets released every frame. This is a problem, if you want to find out, if it has finished playing, as you can't keep the source (even if you add n AddRefs() for the source, the source will be gone n frames after it finished playing). You can see this by adding a global static variable: [App.h add as class-member] static Source* src; [App.cpp] Source* App::src; [App.cpp: App::Start()] Sound* s = Sound::Load("Sound\\Footsteps\\jump.wav"); Entity* e = world->entities.front(); e->EmitSound(s); src = SoundDriver::GetCurrent()->sources.front(); src->AddRef(); src->AddRef(); src->AddRef(); src->AddRef(); [App.cpp: App::Loop()] printf("Time: %f, Refs: %i\n", src->GetTime(), src->GetRefCount()); Will lead to the following output: (...) Time: 0.074989, Refs: 5 (...) Time: 0.000000, Refs: 5 Time: 0.000000, Refs: 4 Time: 0.000000, Refs: 3 Time: 0.000000, Refs: 2 Time: 0.000000, Refs: 1 And an access violation after that, when accessing the GetTime()-method of the source. The expected behaviour would be, that the RefCount is decreased only once, so if I added Refs before, I have to release it myself. I even tried, setting "src->autorelease = false" but that didn't change anything.
  12. Doe anyone know if you can stop a looping Entity:EmitSound() method without releasing the entity, then start the sound again back in loop mode? It looks like EmitSound automatically creates a Source and the entity manages it. Is there some way to get reference to this Source to call Source:Stop()? EDIT: Nevermind, I'll just create and manage the Source manually.
  13. How do I stop the sound? I can not find any Stop(). Sound* sound; sound = Sound::Load(wav_file); sound->Play();
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