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Found 5 results

  1. What would be the best way to make a raycast between two points visible ? It is needed for a mechanic inside the game (no debug DrawLine) local selfpos = self.entity:GetPosition(true) sprite:SetPosition(selfpos+(other:GetPosition(true)-selfpos)*Vec3(0.5, 0.5, 0.5)) So far I came up with this. In this case other is an entity at the second point. It will place an object in the middle of the two Points. The question is how I rotate the model (plane) that it looks toward the Camera without many lines of code, and be reasonable efficient ? And then how do I scale it so that it will have its edges at each point ?
  2. I am very interested in buying Leadwerks Engine from Steam (only place it seems to be avaiable). However, I am completely new to game design and programming but have watched some videos on Youtube and just bought a C++ class on Udemy. I understand that using Lua and visual scripting will be easier to learn than C++ (described as hard to learn for beginners) from what I've read online. I have GIMP and Blender as my DCCs. Blender is hard to get into for me as I find the interface unintuitive but it is the only free option and I know about all the tutorials on Youtube about it and I plan to watch more. My PC is Windows 10 x64, Intel i5 6400T (w intel HD 530 graphics, so no Geforce or anything fancy), 8 GIGS RAM and 1TB 7200rpm harddrive. I think it will be sufficient since all of the Leadwerks games I've been playing from the game launcher play well on my PC, even with Intel HD 530 graphics. My question is this: Can I make a FPS game with enemies and item pickups as 2d sprites and also the FPS player weapon(s) as sprites.? Is there a flipbook to animate the sprites in Leadwerks? From what I've read online, in a true 3d engine the sprites in a FPS have to be flipped to face the player at all time otherwise obviously they will not be visible from certain angles since they have no depth. Is this hard or CPU intensive to make? I would assume that a FPS game with sprites is going to be less-resource heavy to run (and easier to make since 3d modeling in Blender is very intimidating while I can make sprites in GIMP and I know about getting rid of the background with Alpha color or something like this) than 3d models, am I right? Thank you for the support
  3. Hi, API reference does not mention anything but can sprite have a shadow ? Thanks
  4. Hello! I'm trying to apply a material to a sprite, but the texture does not look the same on the material and by itself. Here is a difference: As you can see, the material somehow ignores/destroys the blurry aspect of the texture and gives it straight edges. I'm using the Editor/sprite.shader. Is there a way to keep the blur of the texture when the latter is applied to a material. Thank you! P.S. Here are material settings:
  5. Have anyone code simples whis using sprites(Like a model, for bullets, for example)? It all, that i need
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