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Found 7 results

  1. I would like to report an issue I have had with LE3 since day one. Not sure if anyone else has the same experience. As the title explains, some of the surfaces jitter (as in up and down) when camera is up close and is rotating. This happens with the standard materials and tutorial maps as well. When the surface is lit and has a normal map it looks like the diffuse is locked but the normal map jitters. In the animation below you can cleary see billboard jitter (in this case just the diffuse texture).
  2. Hi Josh, I would like to see more flexible commands surround the surface class. This will make real-time modification of large dynamic meshes much easier and hopefully faster, allowing for more control of what type of games that can be made. AddVertices(vec3** positions) RemoveSurface(int index) RemoveSurfaces(int* indexes) RemoveVertex(int index) RemoveVertices(int* indexes) RemoveTriangle(int index) RemoveTriangles(int* indexes) SetTriangleIndice(int index, in a, int b, int c) Creating a grid of only 256 x 256 vertices seems to take a lot longer than if programming it in a bare C++ OpenGL application using VBO's. Is there a reason for this? Thanks.
  3. I've been playing around with some ideas for vertex editing, or possibly creating a blend shape/morph/shape key animation system.
  4. When i create surface it look like it does not reflect light — very-very dark. What parameter setting it?
  5. I see that I can Surface::AddVertex. Is there a way to remove a vertex from a sruface or I have to rebuild it from scratch every time I want to remova a vertex? I'm asking it because I'm trying to implement some voxel manipulation framework. At the moment, I rebuild a whole chunk when a single voxel is removed. Is it the only way to do it? Thanks!
  6. Hi, in the Leadwerks Beta (3.3) the Lua example from the Command Reference "Surface::Add" shows an other result as the CPP example. Screenshot attached.. lua in first picture cpp second one
  7. So, I was trying to find out why my game's framerate wasn't the best, and I came across an unexpected discovery. When I have 6 separate car models in game, the framerate plummets. However, if I use the same car model, the framerate is more reasonable. Anyway, I was just wondering, is this supposed to happen? I mean I only have 6 AI cars currently, but the performance seems a bit low. The FPS drops about 75% (like from 40 fps to 10 fps or something like that) once all 6 models are added.
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