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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, The TriggerChangeMap doesn't seem to work with the VRPlayer script. How can I continue to a new map in VR? Thanks, Maaco
  2. I am asking myself how to make a sphere that intersects with an other object notice that it did ? The problem with that is that, - I need no character physics shape, i want to keep the physics shape of the sphere. - Also I want no collision sice it would make no sense in the game I am currently making. It works with A character physics shape and a trigger, but the cylinder that is the only option with the character mode is not usable as said. To make it clearer, heres a screenshot of my game. It is an endless procedual generated game, the sphere is made visible on purpose. (to see if it should intersect) The Sphere is controlled by the mouse, and when it hits the white object, it has a flickering effect and a life less but not change the movement when colliding.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm trying to write a trigger script that's dependent on light level hitting a specified object. I need to get the overall light level hitting the object, from both the scene objects sources & the player's flash light. While returning the result as a float value. Has anyone been able to sus out how to do this with lua? Would appreciate any help people are willing to give.
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/download/dm6d64ri0476tz5/WinRARbySlastraf.rar Above a link to my project (~40 mb) In the start map there is a folder in the scene editor called spawners. there are some spawners and a spawncontroller. the spawners themsleves are able to spawn crawlers into the scene, the spawncontroller is able to increase the maximum amount of enemies in the scene every new round. My problem is that there are still spawning crawlers and i dont know why, The method SpawnEnemy() in the zombiespawner script doesnt get triggered nowhere and i am very confused. Thanks for reading and helping Friedrich Pm: textures are missing for small download size
  5. Hey everyone. Here again. With another questions. I'm sure not the last time. I started with Qbasic and am slowly learning c++ and .lua. I was wondering if anyone had a script where; player touch-->call .wav file (I know this is probably the most basic way of saying it, so I hope you all can understand my request.)
  6. So, I want the player to enter a collision trigger and that trigger makes it shows a picture, kind of like this script for text but instead of text, it shows a picture. How can I do this? Script.ObjectDescription = "" --String "Object Description" Script.DisplayTimeMax = 5000 --Int "Display time" Script.Used = "0" Script.DisplayTime = 0 Script.DisplayEnabled = false local font1 = Font:Load("Fonts/True Lies.ttf", 20) function Script:Use(context) self.Used = "1" self.CurrentTime = Time:GetCurrent() self.DisplayTime = Time:GetCurrent() + self.DisplayTimeMax end function Script:PostRender(context) if self.Used == "1" then App.context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) App.context:SetFont(font1) self.DisplayEnabled = true if self.DisplayEnabled == true then if self.DisplayTime > Time:GetCurrent() then App.context:SetColor(255,255,255) context:DrawText(self.ObjectDescription, 100, 600) else self.DisplayEnabled = false self.Used = "0" end end App.context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Solid) end end
  7. I'm trying to make a trigger that will detect collisions with characters, scene and props, but it seems like trigger response type works only for characters. Collision:SetResponse(10, Collision.Scene, 2) Collision:SetResponse(10, Collision.Prop, 2) Collision:SetResponse(10, Collision.Character, 2) self.entity:SetCollisionType(10) This makes my entity work as trigger for characters, but it collides with props and scene. Using 1 as a third parameter makes it collide with everything, using 0 makes it collide with nothing. Is it a bug or intended? Or am I doing something wrong?
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