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Found 6 results

  1. Hello. Function in Vehicle class "SetAcceleration" don't work after update. The car stand still and isn't driving, only work steering function and is moving by inertia. I used lua script for create vehicle. Please, help me! Code of my test script: function Script:Start() vehicle = Vehicle:Create(self.entity) local tiremodel={} table.insert(tiremodel,4) for i=0,3 do tiremodel[i]=self.entity:FindChild("w"..i) tiremodel[i]:SetShape(nil) if i < 2 then vehicle:AddTire(tiremodel[i],true) else vehicle:AddTire(tiremodel[i]) end end vehicle:AddAxle(0,1) vehicle:AddAxle(2,3) if vehicle:Build()==false then Debug:Error("Failed to build vehicle.") end vehicle:SetEngineRunning(true) vehicle:SetTransmissionMode(true) vehicle:SetHandBrakes(0) end function Script:UpdatePhysics() local steering=0 if window:KeyDown(Key.A) then steering=steering+30 end if window:KeyDown(Key.D) then steering=steering-30 end vehicle:SetSteering(steering) local gas=0 if window:KeyDown(Key.W) then gas=gas + 0.1 end if window:KeyDown(Key.S) then gas=gas - 0.1 end vehicle:SetBrakes(0) vehicle:SetHandBrakes(0) vehicle:SetAcceleration(gas) end
  2. Restarted my networking framework yet again. This time I gave it a new name 'Hexe'. The old name was 'Overwatch'. It was named long before the Overwatch game came out. It was based off the Half-Life Overwatch. It oversaw the players, ai spawning, contained a secondary path-finding system, but had no networking as it was not native to the LUA side of Leadwerks. 'Hexe' is German for 'witch'. I don't really know why I chose the name but I have the feeling I will be able to put it to good use. Maybe I'll even mix in some Anglish into it. This restart occurred because the framework became too cumbersome. I had the entity synchronization working correctly, but it did not differentiate between player and an object in the world. That wasn't really that bad, what made messed it up was that a lobby system and teams were needed and there was no space to squeeze any other components into the mix. This rewrite will focus on the player/client and foremost. The components that are currently being written or are complete are: The server browser. This was a side project created out of necessity. I did not want to have to hard code the ip every time. Anytime I wanted to test multiple clients I had to change the code depending on which computer was running the server. PITFALL: Since Leadwerks does not expose the servers local ip address via code, you will need to get it manually from you computer, or use some creative workarounds Network Manager Hexe is split up between a server class and a client class. Both classes use a network manager class that can automatically handle hosting or connecting to a server. The network manager currently handles the handshake and the beginnings of the lobby system. When a client joins it initiates and handles the handshake between the server and client. It also raises events so the server or client can react accordingly if need be. After the handshake is completed, the network manager starts the lobby system The connection handshake. This is was saved from the last version. It makes sure the server and client are using the same protocol version. It will then register the client on the server and give it an incremental number (similar to the source engine) that allows the client state to be manipulated The Lobbying system: This is completely new. After the handshake is complete, it will send a command launching the lobbying system. The network manager only makes sure that a client is in the servers lobby and nothing more. The client and server manually handle the team creation and player switching on their own. Teams are not part of the network manager because it would require large amounts of rewrites depending on the type of game being created. When the lobbying system is complete the client input will be added. So far things are going well and maybe soon I wont be staring at console output for feedback.
  3. Hi guys, I get some weird behavior with my project. Maybe it was not the best idea to update my project files, but since the 4.2 beta update I get the attached crash screen, when I start my game with debug mode. When I start it normally, then it crashes sometimes and somethimes not, which is very weird. I also had to change some of my code, which worked before the update. Were there any syntax changes or is there any documentation, if the update changes some major stuff, regarding the lua coding? I think this is really annoying and makes Leadwerks not very enjoyable to use . Can you help me? Maybe I am doing something wrong.
  4. When I launched Leadwerks today it performed and update, however when it finished downloading and installing the files Leadwerks did not load, there are no errors displayed. When I select launch "Leadwerks Game Engine", it displays the message that it is preparing to launch, the windows then disappears and does not launch - it does nothing at all. I have been running Leadwerks since 30/08/15 (566 hrs) without any major issues until now. Can the upgrade be undone (uninstalled).
  5. So it's time for me to upgrade my projects to the latest Leadwerks 4.1 Beta, and as always I feel like it's going to be a headache, going through and replacing/editing the overwritten files. Does anyone have any tips/tricks that make this process any less of a headache? My projects getting to be quite large, and sometimes I forget to overwrite certain files. Would it be safe to just drag and drop my old code/script files over the new ones? I don't see a problem with this but maybe there is and I'm just missing it? don't know... anyways thanks in advance.
  6. I apologize if this has been asked before (I tried searching, but nothing useful has come up). Anyway, in the editor after I updated Leadwerks, I get this error repeated many times. Basically, my whole scene in the editor has no shadows. Error: Uniform "shadowmapsize" is not a vec2 value. Am I doing something wrong? (I'm not sure if this is bug or a new "feature"). Note that it does work in game with the same shaders and such (except DOF, but i doubt that has anything to do with it).
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