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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone. New to Leadwerks, what a fantastic tool! Question: has anyone developed a vr movement script that does not use teleporting? I have zero lua experience, trying to learn as I go. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Doogie
  2. Hi I'm new and started editing the VR tutorial built a cool map everything looks fine while in the application window but when I put my headset on the water, fog, and spotlights are fixed to my headsets camera so when I move my head the entire block of water moves with it its trippy and funny but I'm looking thru the script to fix this but figured you wouldn't want this to roll out by default but maybe I'm doing something wrong as well I started a new project with the VR Tutorial and still the same result. I love Leadwerks tho I'm having a lot fun! thank you!
  3. Not 100% sure if this really is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong but there seems to be no way for me to change /load a different map when using the VRPlayer script. I understand that the VRPlayer has no mass or collisionshape so triggers (like in this case the ChangeMap trigger) can't collide with the VRPlayer. That's why I started doing some tests using an (player independent) object to collide with the ChangeMap Trigger and a new map loads without a problem in the normal (FPS Player) setup. However when the same player entity has the VRPlayer script attached to it, the (ChangeMap)trigger does get activated but then the game crashes with the following error message: "modeOpenGL error GL_INVALID_OPERATION" This problem seems to be project independent: I've tried it with different (also some default) projects and always get the same error. I also tried it on two different computers and got the same error (First on a Intel i7-7700/Nvidia Geforce GTX1070 and on a second system with a Intel i7-3770K/AMD Radeon R9 fury X, all drivers being up to date) In both cases I was using a Rift for VR. So I was wondering: has anyone managed to load a new map while using the VRPlayer script?
  4. Hi, I have some switches and doors (SwingingDoors) that have Use function and calls to open or light up the rooms. But now I want that when my VR controller collide with the door or the light, first detect that I can "interact" with it (atm painting a Sphere...) and when I click on controller trigger, call to "Use" function of the collided entity (door or switch). Now, I replicated the code from FPSPlayer to interact with the E Key, and is "working" but is very awful I'm trying to write what I'm doing (very very very bad) on VRPlayer function Script:UpdateWorld() local pickInfo = PickInfo() --Usable object with Trigger Button: DANI if VR:GetControllerButtonDown(VR.Right,VR.TriggerButton)==true then local p0 = controller:GetPosition(true) local p1 = Transform:Point(0,0,self.useDistance,controller,nil) if self.entity.world:Pick(p0,p1, pickInfo, self.pickradius, true) then --Looks for any entity in the hierarchy that has a "Use" function local usableentity = self:FindUsableEntity(pickInfo.entity) if usableentity~=nil then --Use the object, whatever it may be usableentity.script:Use(self) end end end self.canUse = false pickInfo = PickInfo() local p0 = controller:GetPosition() local p1 = Transform:Point(self.useDistance,self.useDistance,self.useDistance,controller,nil) if self.entity.world:Pick(p0,p1, pickInfo, self.pickradius, true) then if self:FindUsableEntity(pickInfo.entity)~=nil then self.picksphere:SetPosition(pickInfo.position); self.canUse=true else local mass = pickInfo.entity:GetMass() if mass>0 and mass<=self.maxcarryweight then self.canUse = true end end else self.picksphere:SetPosition(0,0,0) end
  5. Hi, The TriggerChangeMap doesn't seem to work with the VRPlayer script. How can I continue to a new map in VR? Thanks, Maaco
  6. Hello; Using Leadwerks Editor 4.5 with VR enabled (VR:Enable()in script). I have only the left eye rendered. Is there an extra step to do ? Like updating the shaders ?
  7. Hey all, I'm playing with VR and I wanted to create something you'd find in Robo Recall in which the player can change the direction they want to face after a teleport. I did the becon rotating and it was all ready to go until I found out that no matter If I rotated the camera or player, OpenVR took priority on what was north south east and west. Is there a way to do this in lua and/or C++? I have a Oculus Rift with very limited play space so I wanted to have this feature for playing around.
  8. When enabling VR mode (using Rift) the Sensors are displayed. How can we override this so these objects are hidden? And a C++ or LUA question, can we copy the VR buffer to a desktop window?
  9. hi all, is the c++ version of leadwerks the only way to do VR ? or can i just change the mail lua .script to work with htc vive ? like this ? Enabling VR in your game could not be easier. Just use the Window::VRDisplay creation flag when you create your game's window, and you're done. Really, that's all it takes: Window* window = Window::Create("My VR Game",0,0,1024,768,Window::Titlebar|Window::VRDisplay); Or in Lua: local window = Window:Create("My VR Game",0,0,1024,768,Window.Titlebar + Window.VRDisplay) cheers
  10. I just came across this on reddit r/oculus and wanted to share. This particular solution promises SteamVR support using Riftcat. I'd love to see how it works at CES this year. They have a demo video .
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