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Leadwerks and steam

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Hello everybody,


I just purchased Leadworks 3.1 from steam, Now I have a question. To me it seems this program will not

work without steam, I need something that will work on it's own.


Is there a version of this that will work without steam?




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Not a good sing. They're constantly pushing for Steam edition. If this happens I will have to look for another engine. It's such a shame that this wonderful project, from what it seems, is steering towards a single distribution platform.

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Either way, if you buy something via Steam, you need Steam to download it.


I understand why steam is being pushed as it makes distribution so much easier, but luckely the game you are making is not tight to the steam platform.

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Distribution systems like steam are the future cutting out the middle man this is a good thing.

Becouse the middle man makes alot with out doing alot.


Also things like greenlight are great for inds.

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Steam IS the middle man. Why can't Josh sell the product to customers directly through his website? I see many positive side effects of Steam, but there are tons of issues as well. Personally I believe Steam is great for games, but not suitable for programming software distribution. At least I'm not aware of any big name engines pushed through Steam.

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Lets not jump to conculsions so quickly...


The store could be offline for any number of reasons, The services that collects the money, has problems or updating this section of the website with a new collection service.


I think Josh would give a heads up if everything was going to steam as is it would effect us here who have the standalone version.


Josh is pushing steam of course with his current vision of creating a community of users sharing resources through the workshop. It's not a bad idea, he has to make money and steam can be a big revenue generator.


I just rather take a wait and see approach till there is an official word on the future of standalone versions which there has been no word from Josh that he was abandoning the standalone version,.

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About CryEngine they failed with their new proposal, Steam was a decision to advertise their engine and spread it among modders, gamers, indies.

Steam helps a lot to LE3 advertising and distribution, on the other side some software are so popular they really don't need Steam to support them. Some have both : PC only and Steam platform like 3D Coat, but the non steam version has no DLL Steam related, it's really clean. Unfortunatelly LE3.1 has some core written and dependant on Steam that makes standalone needing Steam DLL and initialization.

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As long as we standalone users get equal treatment with regard to updates etc I will not complain, but there have been changes of plan before that affected some people badly.but Lets wait and see what happens.A little reassurance from Josh would help.

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One version is perhaps less work than having to make one more standalone version. I'm ok with Steam integration as this is a great publishing platform for PC.

Lot of people are looking for BSP levels , personnaly i'm waiting for vast and gorgeous outdoors with trees system and waving grass , and easy to use water system in LE3 instead. And hope we'll got before some LOD system and other official advanced effects ( DOF, fast SSAO, light scattering, godrays ).

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Just because something is distributed through steam doesn’t make it mandatory to require that steam is actually running to use the application this is left to the developer to decide.

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I did not realize that the version I purchased through steam was actually tied to steam (needs steam to start up and run).

If I had known this, I would not have purchased it. I'm not using this program to makes games, I want to try to use it to create and

animate some 3D machinery for presentation purposes.


It's not feasible for me to use this version of the program, I'm not connected to the net on my laptop most of the time. This means I will have to be connected to the net anytime I need to use the program.


I used Blitz3D for a while, but it's getting kind of cheesy looking now, as it really only works with md2 models, I was hoping I could replace blitz3D with Leadwerks.


I'm not to sure if that will be the case now.

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Thankyou, I did not know that. That may solve the whole problem, I will try that later when I get home tonight.

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That did not work either. After choosing offline mode Leadworks refused to run, states it could not connect to steam.

I then went to online mode and started Leadwerks, then tried to switch back to offline mode. It won't switch to offline mode while

Leadwerks is running.


What is the chance of getting the stand alone version or maybe getting the steam requirement removed from this software?


Do you think he would be opposed to using something like cheat engine on it to bypass steam at start up?

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Its is probably a sales and administration thing. Otherwise you would just get a key that would work with the Leadwerks Updater AND with Steam.

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I exit leadwerks, exit steam (all th way) unplugged network and started steam in offline mode, then launched leadwerks. Seems to be working allright at my end here.


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You are correct, my bad. I did click the offline on steam, but that was not enough. it was after you click offline, then at the bottom

of the steam page there is "off line mode". after I click on that, then It will work as you described.


Once again, thanks for you help!

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