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Raycasting / Pick help

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I'm trying to translate my raycasting experience in Unity and Blender GE to Leadwerks, but I'm having a hard time connecting the dots. My test scene includes one cube on the ground, and another cube next to the first (on X axis) and raised above the ground and above the height of the ground cube so that when the game starts, the raised cube falls next to the ground cube. I have a lua script attached to the ground cube and I'm trying to cast a ray from the ground cubes position to a position farther down the x axis so that the raised cube will intersect when it falls.


This is my code in the UpdateWorld function. I get an blank error window. I'm very inexperienced with Leadwerks, so I may be going about it all wrong, but this is what I've gathered from the docs.


Thanks for any help you can provide.


function Script:UpdateWorld()
self.position = self.entity:GetPosition()
self.right = Vec3(self.position.x + self.right.x, self.position.y, self.position.z);

local pickInfo = PickInfo()
local clear = true
local world = World:GetCurrent()
local context = Context:GetCurrent()

local pos = self.camera:Project(Vec3(self.position))
local pRight = self.camera:Project(Vec3(self.right))
context:DrawLine(pos.x, pos.y, pRight.x, pRight.y)

if (world:Pick(self.position, self.right, pickinfo, 0.0, true)) then
clear= false

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To me it looks like you are referencing a variable that doesn't exist yet:

The line

self.right = Vec3(self.position.x + self.right.x, self.position.y, self.position.z);

uses the variable self.right.x, which isn't defined yet, I guess.

Try using a constant there (something like

self.right = Vec3(self.position.x + 100, self.position.y, self.position.z);

) and see, if it solves the issue.

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[self.right] is defined outside of the function as:


Script.right=Vec3(1, 0, 0)--Vec3


I found the problem, I had accidentally used a lowercase in the [pickInfo] variable in the Pick function. It's working now.



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That solved the raycast problem, But I'm still having issues drawing the line for debugging. I'm getting an error with no error message on the following line:

local pos = self.camera:Project(Vec3(self.position)) 


I have the camera defined outside the function as:


And I linked the scene camera to this property in the editor.

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The problem is that self.position is already a Vec3, so you just need to remove "Vec3"

local pos = self.camera:Project(self.position)


Also note, that your value of right.x will increase each frame, as in the first one it is:

right.x = 1 ==> position.x + right.x = position.x + 1

right.x = position.x + 1 ==> position.x + right.x = position.x + position.x + 1

right.x = position.x + position.x + 1 ==> position.x + right.x = position.x + position.x + position.x + 1


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Looks like my duplicated cube had a duplicate of the script and the Camera was not bound to the exposed entity property.


Removing the script on the second cube, and removing the Vec3 cleared the errors.


I moved my self.right setter to the Start function.


Thanks for helping, sorry for the Leadwerks noob mistakes!

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