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Tutorials on C++?


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So, I recently purchased leadwerks indie and stardard edition, very happy, the UI isn't what I would call "new user intuitive" But none-the-less, I still think its fine.


But, I have noticed that this site, and the forums, and anything relating to leadwerks, is completely devoid of C++ tutorials, with the exception of the one on the leadwerks site.


And, an introduction is all good, but there is nothing on it, I a mean, I can't even find a C++ tutorial on camera controlling. Where are all the tutorials, or did I waste the extra $75 (it was on sale) thinking that C++ was the better alternative?


Also, I apologize, this is more of a general discussions question, I don't know why I thought it was fitting in programming. Sorry.


And please don't take this as anger, I am happy and willing I just thought there would have been a bit more documentation.

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Zancie, before Leadwerks 3.1, there were a bunch of tutorials that incorporated C++ development. If I can find them, I will send them your way. If you want to develop primarily in C++, your main source of information would be in the Documentation->Command Reference section of the page. This can be found in the nav-bar at the top of the page. Every officially-supported feature/functionality will be there with C++/Lua code examples.


On a second note, I am working on a project programmed entirely in C++ with Leadwerks that is going to encapsulate developing a game project in Leadwerks from start to finish. The project will feature a Camera system, a Screen/State system, a Resource system, networking system etc... that can be expanded upon and used for a variety of other projects. At the completion of the project, there will be accompanying documentation that will outline the development life-cycle of the project (not necessarily start-to-finish tutorials) however, information that people entering Leadwerks, or any game development suite can follow.


On a third note, if you have questions, search the forums or ask existing developers. We are all very open and love to talk about game development and Leadwerks. I do stand-by my initial statement that a lot of development-related questions can be solved through researching the leadwerks API documentation. Happy Coding!

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Hi Zancie,


There are C++ users here and I for one are one of them. C++ came a while after Lua so in the future I have no doubt there will be more. The documentation has a C++ and a Lua example if you take a look. It's also quite easy to rewrite lua code into C++ if that helps.


If you have a question about something in particular just post it and more than likely someone will be happy to help!

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Well, I guess I didn't search the command reference to thoroughly, I apologize if I seemed angry or anything, I am very happy to be working with leadwerks and this was a major boost to my mood!


Also, thanks to everyone, you all seem great, glad I get a good community to work with!

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Granted they are somewhat hidden.


Have fun coding.


All tutorials are updated to work with the latest Leadwerks version.



All source code can be downloaded here:



You're a life saver! These tutorials are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much!

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