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cpp Get Terrain shader at runtime

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Hey guys, I'm trying to get the shader for adjusting plane clipping values at runtime.

When I do:


Material* Mat = terrain->GetMaterial();


I get a null reference sad.png


What's the correct way of doing that?


Also, adding the terrain object to the documentation would be awesome ;)

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I believe, you have to use the surface. The following doesn't yield NULL:

Material* mat = terrain->surface[0]->GetMaterial();


Though I have no idea, what the index is for, maybe this can give you a push to the right direction.

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The index is used to access next surface if your model have 2 surfaces, the second one would be surface[1]

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Yeah, but what actually is a surface? Just a group of vertices? If so, what separates the vertices from one surface from those in another one? Are those just user-defined groups of vertices? So why would a terrain have multiple surfaces ("surface" is defined as an array of 5 within the terrain-class, so this isn't something simply inherited)?

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