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Animated Mesh With Collsions

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I was wondering, is it possible to create an animated mesh with collisions for Leadwerks? Or do i need to make a post in suggestions?


I want to create an automotive hydraulic lift and use the built in method of using a convex object in the mesh named collision to provide the collision properties.


The Idea was to animate the collision alongside the mesh to provide physical environmental interaction. Failing this i would settle for a static collision with just the mesh (see the forklift_finale.mdl in the Left 4 Dead 2 hammer editor model browser. Turn on Collision Model, switch to the sequence tab, select lowerawning.)


I am finding that at least in shade 3d, all objects that are skinned get a new surface and the collisions no longer work. Can someone good at blender try this out?




3d modeling and animation software Shade 3d, Ver 14 Standard. FBX2013



Version without animations but with collision




Version with animations and collision:





The Obj version of the unanimated model for those that want to try animating it.


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Animations imported from animated model are not "physics animations" , but visual animations, could you add physic collision shapes or not.

To use collision and physics interaction you must import static non animated model parts as different objects. Than use physics on individual models with individual collisions, and code physics forces, sliders etc ... to create interactive physics animated system.

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