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I've got a lot of trees on my map, and that's fine I've devised a way of lowering the polycount and render calls my dynamically making billboardish type models that generate on map load. But I need more view distance for the high quality trees, and at the moment it's only 10 resulting in between 25-100 high quality trees at once, and you can see the switch between low and high quality trees.

The tree low/high quality switch is done by discarding pixels from the low quality mesh if they are too close, and spawning the high quality tree.


Is there a way to setup my trees to be instanced, a lot of them have the same model, and instancing would definitely increase the FPS.

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Instancing is done by default. If you load the same model without any special parameters to the Load() function it'll be instanced. If you are placing trees in the editor by hand it'll be instanced.

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