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Initial move of a texture-locked prefab shifts texture

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When loading a prefab that was save with the texture lock on, and loading the prefab with texture lock on, the first move of the object will shift the texture.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Turn texture lock on.
  2. Texture object
  3. Save as prefab
  4. Delete object from scene
  5. Load prefab
  6. Move Prefab



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  • 6 months later...

Downloaded latest beta but my csg prefab buildings are still coming into the editor with streaked textures. If I run game they look fine, it's just in the editor. I've tried resaving the prefab but it still happens.





The steps below reproduce the streaky texture problem for me..


1) create a csg box

2) Texture it with materials/dirt/dirt01.mat (not sure if it matters which texture)

3) save it as a prefab

4) delete the existing box from the scene

5) drag the saved prefab from scene tree into perspective view

6) rotate it by clicking the Rotate Y button

7) Drag a copy by CTRL+Drag on the red x axis in perspective view


The copy should have it's texture streaked horizontally. I think I've gotten the problem by just bringing in a prefab without rotating as well but it's hard to give steps to reproduce.

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