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Official Leadwerks Exporter for Blender

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1. the Error "Couldn't find exportable Objects" comes if the selected Object has a Parent.

Workaround: Unparent the object you want to export.


2. it would be awesome if the exporter would remember the checkboxes I checked (export only selected models) even when the last export went wrong... (the "export only selected" should be default in my opinion..)


anyway a good exporter - keep updating!



Max Aigner

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Hi, further to my previous post, I have a test .blend, a very simple cube mesh, with 2 bones, an IK target bone and a single action.




and the result:




When i export this to leadwerks using the leadwerks blender exporter, load it in the model viewer, and assign a material with animation support e.g. the crawler material, the animation does play, but I get the mesh flickering in and out of existence at various frames.


I am on ubuntu 14.04, using leadwerks 3.3 from steam, blender 2.72 and the latest blender exporter from this site.


Hopefully you can reproduce and/or suggest a fix for me, I would really like to get this resolved as a solid pipeline for doing armature-driven animation from blender is essential to my work.


I Also have this issue.

I run Blender and Leadwerks on Linux.

I have tried to do the Blender Work and exporting in Windows and importing in Leadwerks on Linux, but with the same result. I havent tried to Import on Windows Leadwerks since i dont have a Windows machine with OpenGL 4 support :(

I am running my Windows build environment in Virtualbox. So i can run Blender and build the solution in Visual studio.

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Its not just the model viewer.

The model from the Crawler works fine in the Leadwerks model viewer and the model imported from blender does not work in game.


If i can't do animations with Blender and import to Leadwerks. Does any one know another solution that can be used?

This is really a showstopper for me right now sad.png

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