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Day and Night Cycle shader

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having a scaling issue


want to make it at least 2x bigger but when I do it disappears the playing


Any ideas?

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Hi Shadmar,

The shader is incompatible with Particles. The shader draws over particles. In the editor it's fine, but during gameplay when the shader is actually used the shader draws over the particles resulting to this:

You can see the particles are cut up after the outline of the buildings. 

I have confirmed that it is the day and night shader that's causing this issue by simply disabling the day-and-night shader to see if the particle system would work correctly again and it did.

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Is there a way to have this work when there is constant camera switching?

Whenever our player switches from first to third person, or vise versa, or changes camera for cutscenes, it crashes the game with the newest version of the script.

It only does it during a camera switch (we call to destroy our current camera and create a new one)

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Could you not camera switch and instead just snap the camera to the pos/rot it needs to be?

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