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first timer full of nulls I think

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ok I installed leadwerks and


in top view or any other if I right click it throws me out

Segmentation fault


if I make cube and right click it it throws me out:


--: command not found


it's little annoying trying to learn if everithing that is not how I should do with engine it just crashes.


also using Linux mint 17 - xfce witch is fork of Ubuntu.


ugh IF I press file it crashes

*** Error in `./Leadwerks': free(): invalid pointer: 0x0bf701c8 ***



I think there's some dependency I'm missing, ...

witch was not included in the install.sh

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Unfortunately I can't accept bug reports from anything other than Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit at this time. It sounds like this is stuff related to dependencies/packages, so I can't investigate it. (If it was just a general bug unrelated to the OS, then it would probably be investigatable.)

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