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LETheora by Niosop

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A post here about theora made me remember the previous LE2.31 implementation done by community member Niosop, who graciously provided a route for us to put *.ogg videos into LE via entity scripts. After updating his scripts to LE3.2 Indie scripts, I was able to get it working.



I had planned on posting it via the workshop but I had a number of issues with it. One of the issues was that I couldn't get it to expose the script variables in the properties dialog when you attached the needed workshop script - so no easy way to select the video you wanted to play.


In any case until that is sorted, here are the updated LETheora scripts with the example tv model that was created by our dear late community member





The script is set up to allow you to pick an *.ogg video via the properties dialog after you attach the 'video_entity.lua' script to the mesh you want to view it on. In the case of the 'Old-TV' model, you would attach the script to the child mesh named 'Screen', then pick the *.ogg file you want to play.

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I know it is old but i just remembered this cool library + model and modified the scripts a bit so it has some more options + flowgraph connections.

Since the new Leadwerks editor does no longer allow attaching a script to a child of a model i added a field where you enter the Childs-Name where the video should be attached to.


now we really only need synced audio playback.



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