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[Feature Request] Reset World Origin

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Just a suggestion for Josh and the folks behind Leadwerks 3.

Give us the ability to make large and seamless open worlds in Leadwerks.


Here is what I am talking about -


Basically I want to have a very large game world that is not limited by either 32 or 64 bit and does not give jitter /

when we start to go out of recommended world bounds as well as no loading screens apart from the initial Loading Screen.


Proposal - Reset the players origin point based on where they are in the world.


How can the leadwerks team accomplish this?


1. A Master Level - A Level that travels with the player controller - Contains a skydome or skybox and any other necessary things that will go with the player controller everywhere. This also acts as a “Root” Level.


2. Sub Levels - Sublevels are a way of arranging things in the Editor (See Below).


3. An Editor for arranging levels in their proper order. (Details below)


Has a render window that shows the world in its current state and position in the world.

Contains Transform widgets on the X and Y axis but not the Z in the transform window for adjusting your sublevels.

Has a list of worlds as well as a box that will allow people to add your level to the list of active sublevels.


4. Adjustable Streaming Volumes

When a player crosses over into a streaming volume it should:

  • De-Spawn the previous level.

  • Load the new level

However we have one more requirement which is:

  • Reset the player(s) origin to 0,0,0 so this needs to be taken into consideration.
  • If the player(s) are doing certain activities such as flying, swimming below water or similar the Z Axis should not be reset so this should be exposed via the API.

Like any volume within leadwerks it should be adjustable.


How would we design our worlds if this were to be implemented?

Same way as before - However you will want to design them in an open fashion.

Design your world in chucks basically - Similar to this.


Here are some reading material on the matter -

Scott Bilas - The Continuous World of Dungeon Siege

Gamasutra - Dungeon Siege postmortem

Unreal Engine 4 - World Composition User Guide

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