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Kickstarter for affordable motioncapture


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This unfortunately pushing our shipping schedule one month behind for anyone who has not received their units so far.


They just need to be a little more transparent with the issues and stop it with the comments like "It is NOT a mass produced product churned out on an assembly line in millions of units. Backers who do not understand these concept...". If anyone did not understand the concept/production scope required, I would say it was the Perception Neuron team - who got their project fully backed based on a promise to deliver in February.


At this point I fully expect to actually receive the kit close to the anniversary of when I backed the project. It still looks like a great product and I am eager to try/use it, but their handling of the problems are not making me a fan of the company.

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Received mine a few days ago, my first impressions opening the neat casing is wow. The attention to detail is truly impressive


- Comes in an attractive case.

- Neurons come in a nice metal casing static bags for everything else.

- Gloves are comfortable and came with x 2 pairs in a smaller and larger size, easy to transfer the wiring from 1 glove to another as it's all done with velcro.

- SD card included.

- Adequate labeling of parts, diagrams, manual.

- Software seems cool, I think they added in a pro license for a year or something with a stretch goal too.


I haven't put it together yet as it's a tender issue at home with my lack of communication that I made this purchase unsure.png . For now all I can do is look at it.



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Looks like a nice package ! Have been watching this company since I came across the kickstart information.


Have looked into this package compared to the IPI Soft package (which I have a basic license for + 4 PS eye's and 2 kinnect sensors) and The Captury's package. For my next investment I think I will go for a package like this. My impression is that it requires less calibration and have fewer (second to none) problems with occlusion (some drifting but that is in long sequences and I'm just looking for short captures).


Hoping You can share some experiences with this package.



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I've had hardly any time to look it it but did manage to set up and suit up a few days ago.


The initial setup and suiting up takes a while, but as I get more confident it will get quicker not doubt. It's quite comfortable and nonrestrictive to wear. The look of the wires strapped all around you would not be a good look in public however!


I'm limited to a USB connection to the suit and the computer. I didn't realise you need to buy a power pack if you want it completely wireless. So add on another 20-30 bucks or so, with a quick purchase on ebay, which I'll do soon.


Once everything was connected and calibrated the output of my movements can be seen and recorded in real time in the 3d viewport were close to perfect, if not perfect. I did a quick export of the bvh into Modo and the animation appeared dead on.


So far 98% happy, little disappointed about the power pack, but that's pretty minor.

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  • 8 months later...

Hi tjheldna


How are You doing with this package ? Saw on the forum at Noitom that there where some issues with the build quality (mostly complaining about the wiring). Have You any impression of this ?


I'm currently using Ipisoft which I find ok but limited in some actions (like fighting using high kicks etc. I'm 45 and not too flexible and still I outperforms the limitations of the software....). Looking into The Captury too but I got some feedback about that they are going to change their price model and licensing in may. Captury are quite expensive since it is a subscription software and all hardware much be purchased in addition). As i understood the information I've got, they will introduce probably some ne wprice models were the cost will be reduced compared to what the basic edition costs now (not sure how that will affect the package in features and support for cameras).




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Hi neseir,


My overall opinion of it is really good, but don't think its a quick fix for animation. You still need to go in and edit/fix/optimise the mocap data and this in itself is a skill. If you want to see some mocap it's done I used the glove for 'The Borrower' in the workshop.


Havant had much issues with the wiring. I have had problems with removing the sensors though as in some slots they have got jammed and have put nice little scratches while doing it (as you are supposed to remove them). I'm pretty sure as time goes on these faults will be addressed or already have.It also takes a while to get suited up so I don't use it all the time.


Saving data to a memory card isn't available yet (memory card slot hardware is though) so for now you are limited to the radius of your wifi or usb connection. Once saving to the memory card venturing out will then be possible. All can be hidden by clothing except the head and gloves.


That all being said it produces better results than I can do by hand and feel like it was money well spent. As a caveat I was in the first 100 to kickstart it so I got it at a ridiculous cheap price. I've never used decent a camera system for mocap so I can't compare sorry.,

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