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Display issues in Textured + Lighting

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When I apply a material to one of the imported models, the models stop being displayed in the Textured+Lighting render mode.


I've tried this on my own machine and one of my colleague's, and the issue is reproducible.


Additionally, it would seem any characters that have a face rig get deformed when in Textured+Lightning render.


Is threre any reason why this might happen?

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More information:


I'm using Blender's ASCII-based FBX exporter, as the Blender exporter and the FBX binary exporter don't seem to produce usable results with my setup.


This might have something to do with the issue I'm seeing.

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Correction: The Leadwerks exporter does get the animations. From what I can tell, the model exports just fine. It's the moment any textures are applied, whether they were the correct ones we made, or ones available from the engine, bits of the character would fail to display, or the face will distort.


Here'a screenshot with lighting enabled: http://studioslune.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/screenshot14.jpg


Here's one without: http://studioslune.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/screenshot15.jpg


Any ideas?

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