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C4D Animation Import Problem

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Hi Folks,


I have set up a very basic animated model in C4D (R15 in my case) and exported to fbx. It is just a cube spinning on a platform (no rigging or whatnot). Upon LW import, the animation does not show up, tho. It imports well into UU3D and others.


The fbx can be found here: http://www.mikoweb.eu/tmp/LW_Testmodel.zip


Anyone got such animation into LW directly from C4D (R15 in my case)?

(I know I could/should try using e.g. UU3D or Blender as "middleware", but would love to get it in directly...)


Thanks for your comments.



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If i understand you correctly you made some kind of simple keyframe animation?

If yes, Leadwerks will not be able to use it. The animationsystem in Leadwerks is made for IK (bone/rigged) animations and so only those are supported.

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Strangely enough, if he opens that model into UU3D and then saves as MDL, it will work. UU3D must be able to convert it to the Leadwerks requirements.

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Thanks for your comments. Ah, I see - yeah, keyframe animation is the word. So, I will try to rig that thing and then see how it goes.


For clarification: Yes, I did export with animation and that could be interpreted by UU3D. I did not export again from UU3D and try with LW then afterwards, tho.

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