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Multiplayer Integration

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Iam new @ Leadwerks and have some questions about multiplayer integration.

What is the simplest third party multiplayer tool for a first person shooter. Enet ?


I have read something about steam peer to peer network. But they work only in Steam Games.

That was perfect for me but where i can find a documentation about the steam peer to peer network?


Thanks for the help and sry for my bad english

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Has anyone gotten the c# wrapper for RakNet working?

If (you have && you give me a copy) { I love you forever;}


Writing the server in c++ has made me pull my hair out to the point where I'm now looking for libraries that work in both c# and c++, but RakNet is the only one (with a decent license), but you have to do a lot of strange things to get it going.


I've tried APlayStudio, but there's very little docs, and keeps crashing for me.

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It's actually really easy to get RakNet to work in C++. Just add the entire source code to your project. Don't screw around with the libraries because then it can be a pain to set things up.

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