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[Lua] dynamic libraries not enabled

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I get "Lua Error: error loading module 'plugin/libLua-test' from file './plugin/libLua-test.so':|dynamic libraries not enabled; check your Lua installation" When I try to load my own library.


This thread http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/10566-require/page__hl__require suggests that turning off sandbox will do the trick - I've tried it both in the LE editor and in c++ neither makes any difference.


Since he made it work I'm thinking this could be the linux version having different lua permissions?


Or is removing the sandbox check mark and doing


in App::Start() before loading the map not enough to turn off sandbox?

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Anyone with linux can download the very exciting plugin here;




I put it in a subfolder named "plugin" but you can stick it anywhere - just adjust the path acordingly




it exposes the functions "sayHi" and addTwo(....);










Seems to suggest that there is a missing define in the linux build

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Did you disable the sandboxing option in the editor options?


That was the sandbox checkmark I was refering to yes

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