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Is there any way to get a key/mouse button directly in Lua?

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The title says it all.


It seems like I would have to iterate through all valid keys/mouse buttons if I just wanted to know what was just pressed/what is held down without having any expectation of what should be pressed/down.


I just wanted to find out how Leadwerks deals with keys not found on a US keyboard like (Ä, Ö, Ü) and mice with more than three buttons.

I couldn't find anything that would just get an input event and tell me what it is.


This would also be very useful in dealing with options menus for key rebinding though this is still doable with iterating through all valid keys it just seems simpler and more powerful to just get the input event.

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Also, the documentation doesn't seem to say anything about checking for mouse wheel scrolling (in Lua). Am I missing something?

This seems like something very basic missing.

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