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In-Depth tutorials for Lua scripting in leadwerks ?

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I know general discussion may not be the proper place to ask a question like this, But i have been making a good advancing in knowing what Leadwerks can do, I was following a person that teaches how to create a project in Leadwerks and i noticed that when we started writing scripts.. That i totally and i mean totally don't get any thing At ALL, So please i will request a hard yet Simple request


I want Lua tutorials that when i follow, Understand, learn, Memorize i become able to start Coding my lua game or atleast understand what people write in there project.


I hope any one helps cause i know this is hard to ask since leadwerks is a nice engine not as old as unity so finding such tutorials may take time so please don't waste your time if you don't find any and thank's for any one who will or try to help. :)

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To be honest it helped to progress from -10 to 0 .. Those tutorials haven't manage to make me be able to create my own script, My idea is to create a simple yet fun to play horror game with much puzzles so all my work will be about ,

If player approches block 1 , Spawn etc .. If player press E near etc .. then do etc.. If if if Player do etc .. And so on.. When i check else , if statement in the tutorials who ever is explaining is explaining Extremely shortly and yet speaking like if i have a back ground in lua script coding, and in one of tutorials in the start of example code i keep seeing function : no entity .. I don't know what both Function here means or no entity means. Please am sorry my answer looks disappointing but please i want your help don't quit on me :)

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I offer 1 on 1 Lua for Leadwerks training. Only $10/hr. Feel free to send me a PM if you are interested. I help get people up and running and understanding quickly.

Interesting but i would like to just ask 2 things before Pming you, Do you have a set of videos can be sold Like GTGD Tutorials set of videos for C# and unity and blending etc.. for 14 dollar, Do you have any tutorials that i can view to see how you explain ? or you got a set of videos that i can buy, cause am slow understanding and love to take my time so i would prefare to buy your tutorials.. And of course thanks for your offer nd i will be waiting for your help.

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